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Posts published in February 2010

Agni-III test fired successfully

Agni-III Test Fired
Agni-III Test Fired

India on Sunday morning successfully test fired its nuclear-capable Agni-III ballistic missile. The test  took place from the Wheeler Island, off the coast of Orissa. The missile has a range of  range of more than 3,000 km.

This is the fourth  test for the Agni-III which is  17-metres long, 2 metres in diameter and 50 tonnes in weight. It is  powered by a two-stage solid propellant system.  It can carry a payyload of 1.5 tonnes which is protected by heat shield.

The trajectory of the missile  was monitored from a network of telemetry stations, electro-optic systems and  radars located along the East Coast, at Port Blair and by Naval ships anchored near the impact point in the down range area.