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The Healing hours: by Surendra Bhatnagar

THE AYODHYA JUDGEMENT Equality sounds good. Humanity aspires for equality, but at the same time has created social classification based on division of labour. The nature loved growth, structural differentiation and class divisions. How can this lofty ideal of equality … Continue reading

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Chinese leadership meeting squashes talk of political reform

By John Chan ( signs of a debate in ruling circles in China, the central committee plenum of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in Beijing from October 15 to 18 did not announce any significant steps toward “political reform”. The … Continue reading

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9/11 was part of ‘unfolding’ global plan for spiritual awakening, says Indian Professor

MEHER BABA SPEAKS By Malladi Rama Rao The terrorist attacks on New York’s iconic twin towers of World Trade Centre in September 2001 were part of unfolding Avataric Divine Plan for global awakening and resurrection’, says a leading Indian academic. … Continue reading

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Pamir peace deal- China,Kashmir and Obama problems

A study by Imagindia Institute says none of President Obama’s objectives of protecting the physical and economic security of the U.S. from major harm in 21st century by the terror emerging from the vast lawless lands of Afghanistan and Pakistan … Continue reading

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Elegant Summary Of Krishnamurti’s teachings

Reviewer: Malladi Rama Rao “Though he remained an enigma through out his life, just a few days before his death in 1986, Krishnamurti made the most revealing statement on his own view of himself. And he unequivocally seemed to confess … Continue reading

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Options After the Ayodhya Verdict

By ALLABAKSH New Delhi (Syndicate Features): The judgment delivered by the special bench of the Allahabad High Court at Lucknow was received by many within the country—politicians, intellectuals and the intelligentsia–as one that provides an opportunity to end the bitter … Continue reading

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Common ’Loot’ Games Carnival Begins…

By Atul Cowshish New Delhi (Syndicate Features): As the Common Wealth Games carnival gets a glittering opening, silencing at least partially the Kalmadi bashers, it is difficult to resist the temptation to give a passing thought to the scale of … Continue reading

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CWG: Is it worth hosting the Games

By Ramu Sharma New Delhi (Syndicate Features): The mess that was the preparation for the Commonwealth Games is hopefully sorted out. At least that is the impression from the reaction of the visiting teams after the last ditch cleanliness drive … Continue reading

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Mystic Poet Scholar With Long Locks

By Sadia Dehlvi Khwaja Bandanawaz Gesudaraz was once carrying the palanquin of his Master, Shaykh Naseeruddin Chiragh Dilli, on his shoulders. His long locks of hair got entangled in the wheel but he chose not to wince, continuing the journey … Continue reading

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