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How a Brexit Would Undermine Europe’s Balance of Power

By Adriano Bosoni Britain’s approaching referendum has led to rampant speculation about the economic and financial consequences of a vote to leave the European Union. And indeed, in the wake of a Brexit, uncertainty — the archenemy of economic growth and financial stability — would abound. But if Britain withdraws from the Continental bloc, its primary effect would be geopolitical, shaking the balance of power in Europe to its very foundation and forcing the bloc to rethink its role in the world. The Franco-German alliance is the cornerstone on which European power dynamics rest. Conflict between the two drove three

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Common ’Loot’ Games Carnival Begins…

By Atul Cowshish New Delhi (Syndicate Features): As the Common Wealth Games carnival gets a glittering opening, silencing at least partially the Kalmadi bashers, it is difficult to resist the temptation to give a passing thought to the scale of India-bashing in the once all-powerful English-speaking white world of the Commonwealth. Much of the criticism was undiplomatic, irrelevant and uncalled for. An open rebuff becomes necessary in such situations. But New Delhi chose silence to add to the shame that the shoddy preparations had already brought to the nation. The Commonwealth Games (CWG) is more of a relic of colonial

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On the way to Myanmar’s democracy Nirvana

By Malladi Rama Rao Myanmar goes to polls on November 7 to elect its new law makers and new government, according to the brief announcement carried on the state radio and TV on Friday, Aug 13. The junta describes the one-day ballot as the final step in the roadmap to democracy, which is a very elaborate seven stage plan of Senior General Than Shwe to establish ‘discipline-flourishing democracy’ in the country. How far the forthcoming one-day election will be free and fair is any body’s guess. Political parties are denied breathing time to put their act together for contesting the

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