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Pointers from the churning in Maharashtra

By Malladi Rama Rao As the nation is engrossed in the 3M plus 1N equation, interesting developments are taking place in the political landscape of Maharashtra, which may have a bearing on the Delhi scene. Their message is loud and clear. It is that when it comes to power politics, there is no political untouchability. Who took the initiative for a likely realignment is not material at least at the outset. What is important is the fact that parties of the Right and Left of Centre deemed it fair and proper to float the realignment balloon when the state is

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Not looking Beyond The Nose

By M Rama Rao Delhiites are an exceptionally lucky lot. They are an island where every want from water to onions is met even before the morning dailies hit you with screaming headlines over shortages. The latest war cry in the national capital is against the VIPs, and the police deployed for their security. The city police commissioner maintains that security is provided on threat perception but there are few takers to his claim; the issue has become a statistician’s delight with the government admitting that there is one policeman for 253 citizens in the capital while twelve cops protect

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