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No game-changer electoral game

By Malladi Rama Rao CONGRESS politicians of Delhi school seldom speak their mind. When they do, they are careful enough to not harm the interests of the high command and at the same time they ensure that their place under the Banyan tree is safe and secure. So much so, the comments of Chief Minister, Sheila Dixit (76), against the Delhi Police are good food for thought. On the Women’s Day, she lamented that her own daughter felt insecure in Delhi as it became a crime capital of India. She did not field the obvious question – if a CM’s

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Chopper-Gate: Truth Wrapped In Mystery

By Malladi Rama Rao Like Pontius Pilate, who asked about the Truth, and wouldn’t stay for an answer, A.K. Antony, the Tinopal White Minister, could not let the CBI identify the bribe takers in the Chopper-gate. And opted for a Joint Parliamentary Committee probe into the Rs. 362 crore pay offs. Antony wants to know the truth. “I want to know the truth, I will not run away. I want to punish the guilty (in the Chopper-gate)”, he told the Rajya Sabha on Feb 27. He asked the opposition not to politicise the issue, saying “We thought to satisfy you

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Name Change Politics in India

By Atul Cowshish & M Rama Rao New Delhi (Syndicate Features): As chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, the Bahujan Samaj Party supremo Mayawati had gone on an unprecedented spree to rename towns, cities, public places and institutions and justified it in the name of honouring the ‘forgotten’ Dalit icons of India. She changed names of many districts and built imposing monuments and extravagant parks and named them after her mentor, Kanshi Ram. Life-size stone statutes of elephants surrounded these parks which had giant-size statues of not only Kanshi Ram’s but hers also—quite an unusual thing. The Samajwadi Party government that

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