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Books by Meher Baba

October 21, 2009 admin 4

Click on headings under each book’s description to view pdf files of the entire book. You will need Adobe Acrobat reader to view these files. Pleaseclick here to download Acrobat Reader and follow the instructions on your computer. Quit your browser after installing it and return to this page. All Read more ………

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Bhau’s Internet Chats

October 21, 2009 admin 1

Bhau, as V S Kalchuri is addressed by Meher Baba lovers all over the world, has had the privilege of serving the Avatar of the age as His night watchman for years. Bhau is a Marathi word. It means elder brother. Bhau is a living symbol of true elder brother. Read more ………

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Some Web Sites Dedicated to Meher Baba

October 21, 2009 admin 0

India Avatar Meher Baba Trust Bhopal Hyderabad trustMeher Delhi Centre Meherabad Properties Inc Australia Avatar’s Abode Meher Info Norway Oslo Site USA Meher Baba – Avatar of the Age meherbaba. com List Serve & Talk Sheriar Books Order books by and about Meher Baba online! The Sheriar Foundation Searchlight Read more ………

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Pakistan: The South Waziristan Migration

October 15, 2009 admin 0

The possibility of militants conducting attacks or bringing much-needed capability to grassroots cells means that the South Waziristan migration, which has almost certainly already begun, will give counter terrorism officials from Boston to Beijing something to worry about for the foreseeable future.