Imran Khan plays his political innings poorly

May 13, 2022 admin 0

Hari jai Singh* Going, going, gone?   Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has only himself to blame for the current crisis. AS Prime Minister, he was ruthless in tackling opposition leaders Asif Ali Zardari, Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif and Fazal-ur-Rehman. He had often threatened to send them to jail. Such behaviour is akin to that Read more ………

COVID Deaths: A WHOdunit

May 9, 2022 admin 0

TUSHAR CHARAN* The latest WHO report on Covid deaths in India is a suspenseful whodunit. The World Health Organisation says  the number of Indians who died due to Covid-19 was over 47 million which is 10 times higher than the figure released by the Modi government. The difference in numbers Read more ………

Khalistan- Patiala Reminder

May 9, 2022 admin 0

Rattan Saldi* The violent incidents in the historic city of Patiala in Punjab on 29 April have brought the almost dead issue of Khalistan to the fore. Four persons, including a Police Inspector were injured in the clashes between anti-Khalistan rallyists and those opposing them. Both sides were wielding swords, Read more ………

Looking beyond politics in the Kashmir Valley

May 8, 2022 admin 0

HARI JAI SINGH It is the same old story. Kashmiri Pandits and migrants continue to be the target of militants and Islamists in the Valley. The April 4 attack was the first on Kashmiri Pandits since October 2021 when militants had shot dead a prominent businessman, M. L. Bindroo, in Srinagar. Read more ………

The Ongoing Crisis in Sri Lanka

April 29, 2022 admin 0

Sri Lanka is facing its worst economic crisis since independence. The country’s population of 22 million have endured months of severe shortages in food, fuel, and medicine amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Prolonged power cuts have meant that many doctors are forced to treat patients by flashlight, and essential medical supplies Read more ………

Lankan Economic Woes – Courtesy Chinese Investments

April 18, 2022 admin 0

Sri Lanka’s current economic crisis—its worst in decades, has put the country on edge. People are out on the streets demanding resignation and accountability from the Rajapaksa government and asking for relief from economic hardships. The government imposed a state of emergency to deal with the crisis, but had to Read more ………

Ambitious Kejriwal Assumes He is Punjab CM Too

April 14, 2022 admin 0

Just weeks after his Aam Admi Party had stunned everyone with a spectacular victory in Punjab—a ‘full state’—he has angered and shocked many by appearing to act like the de facto chief minister of the border state

Modi Govt Must Heed Warning From Blinken

April 13, 2022 admin 0

The US secretary of state Anthony Blinken may have put it diplomatically when he said that the US was monitoring the rise in human rights abuses in India. But it was important that he said so at a joint Press conference at the end of 2+2 confabulations (between foreign and Read more ………