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China is still building re-education camps in Xinjiang: New Report

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China is still building re-education camps in Xinjiang: New Report

The United States has found the Chinese government to have committed genocide in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, while the Authorities in Beijing have countered the West’s deliberate smear and “interference in China’s internal affairs.” Gulbahar Haitiwaji, a Uighur survivor in Xinjiang, pointed out that the authorities forced imprisoned Uighur women to be sterilized twice a year for “preventing the flu” and were forced to learn to sing “red songs” (songs praising the CCP) all day long, and that the punished people were shackled and tied to metal rings when they went to bed at night without knowing why they were punished.

Survivors are accused of deceiving the world

VoA reported that 55-year-old Hetivaji was imprisoned in a “re-education camp” in Xinjiang for three years, where malnutrition had left her 15 kilograms and her eyes turned off for 24 hours without turning off the lights. Even after leaving the re-education camp, she still dreams almost every week that she has been arrested. She came forward to accuse the Chinese government of “deceiving the world” with lies and was even building more such camps.

Like a dog being tethered for ten days without access to the toilet

According to reports, At the end of 2016, Haitivaji, who had lived in France for ten years, received a phone call from the other party, claiming to be an accountant of the Xinjiang Oilfield Company, asking her to return to Karamay City in Xinjiang for retirement procedures. After being tricked back into Xinjiang, she was first held in a police detention center, where she had to sleep on a wooden bed at night, where the punished were shackled and tied to the edge of the bed, and some were tied for three months, “tied like dogs.”

Learn red songs every week like robots

Hetivaji was once tied up for twenty days, unable to go to the toilet for ten days, during which he was also subjected to fatigue interrogation, each time the accusation was different, one said to be the mastermind of the terrorist attack, and the next time he became acquainted with the terrorist attack mastermind. Hetivaji was fabricated on charges that her husband and daughter were terrorists, but she did not inform the government.

In June 2017, Haidi Waji was sent to a “school” where the environment was worse than the detention center, “we were like robots, getting up very early every day, going to eleven hours of class”, and had to learn a red song every week.

The United Nations confirmed the existence of forced labour

In August 2019, with the efforts of his family and the assistance of the French government, Hetivaji successfully left Xinjiang and returned to France, and since then has repeatedly recounted his personal experience on anonymity, testifying to foreign governments and human rights organizations. After she wrote a memoir and published a book about the re-education camp, she never contacted her family in Xinjiang again, had no way of knowing whether they were still alive, and could not return to her hometown in this lifetime.

According to the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) database, there are 385 suspected re-education camp facilities in Xinjiang. The UN special rapporteur released his conclusion this month, pointing out that slavery such as forced labor does exist in Xinjiang.