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Pak Urdu Media Digest, July 27, 2022

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Pak Urdu Media Digest, July 27, 2022


  1. When political matters reach courts, their fate is as undecided and controversial as the fate of the Punjab chief minister’s election or fate of the decision to convene Punjab assembly session. In such matters, one side is happy with the court’s orders while the other side is unhappy. The matter would not have assumed ugly form it has acquired now if parties in the fight had taken a decision after deliberations in house or on floor of assembly, political temperatures would not have risen and economy not kept deteriorating each passing day. Also fingers would not have been raised against courts’ verdict nor there would have been threats of boycotting court proceedings. In the Punjab chief minister election case, instructions given by PML-Q Chief, Shujaat Chaudhary, were different from the ones given by the parliamentary leader of PMLQ. It is for the apex court to decide as to whose directives between party head and parliamentary head are to be considered as binding on party lawmakers. We understand that like other political cases in the past, this case too would be resolved for the time being, but new and more questions will keep cropping up. If the apex court thinks the parliamentary party head is more important and has a more decisive role, then what will be the status of party head who is competent enough to issue party tickets to reach assemblies? Such cases can become reason enough for chaos in parties. For now, it is up to the apex court as to how it resolves this matter so that both democracy and political stability remain unscathed in country. (Pahenji Akhbar Edit, July 26)
  2. On the one hand, the alliance government in Islamabad is trying to steer the country out of current critical times and on the other hand, PTI and key institutions keep raising obstacles in the way of the PML-N- led federal government. Whatever be the truth in the charges against PTI and key institutions, both sides, PTI and PDM, are not ready to reconcile; both refuse to sit together and see eye- to- eye to find a way out. Sadly, no one cares for crores of poor in the country despite huge loans being taken in their name. It is perhaps rulers’ good luck that there is no such magnetic   personality, who can bring these crores of poor together. If there were any revolutionary personality who would have mobilized these hungry crores against rulers, conditions would have been different. The rulers would have been on the run with no place to hide. Our hungry poor have not got any such strong leadership and their plight continues but the question is: How long? If current uncertainties continue any longer, people will one day introspect and would react. The politicians and key institutions need to sit together and find a way out before people start unleashing their fury. Any delay in sitting together and delay in finding a suitable solution will only aggravate conditions. All stakeholders need to give up their egos for the larger good of common man in country. (Ibrat Edit)
  3. We think the latest power hike is an anti-people decision.   Instead of putting more burdens on people every other day, the government should try to improve the functioning of various departments especially electricity department. (Sindh Express Edit)
  4. Government ranks giving hollow hopes to people will not serve in the long run because ground realities are visible to naked eye. Pakistan’s economy is practically destroyed. The dollar, which once stood at 62 rupees, has now reached 233 rupees and it seems that the policy of free-floating will take the dollar above 250. The price of gold is also increasing, and the governor of the State Bank is saying that nothing has been badly affected. Two things cannot be true at the same time. All trade organizations, including importers and exporters, and investors are worried that the dollar is not being controlled. (Edits, Jasarat, Baad-e-Shimal, Aeen)
  5.  The Army has played a key role in dealing with the problem of terrorism that Pakistan has been facing in the last two decades, but the situation is once again becoming alarming. A continuous increase in terrorist incidents is being seen in the former tribal areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan. In a recent incident, Balochistan Liberation Army abducted and martyred Lt. Col. Laiq Baig Mirza in Harnai district, while Daesh and other militant organizations targeted security forces in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. There have also been reports of attacks on polio teams in the districts of North Waziristan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The army has responded to these attacks by conducting intelligence-based operations against militant groups.  According to the Public Relations Department of Pakistan Army, this was the main topic of the Corps Commanders Conference held yesterday under the chairmanship of Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa. Senior officers of the army expressed their determination to bring the terrorists to book and ensure security. The conference made a comprehensive review of the situation, paying special attention to the border and internal security. The Army Chief appreciated the successful counter-terrorism operations and paid tribute to the great sacrifices of the officers and men to ensure the safety of the people. The sacrifices of the Pakistan Army for the sake of the country’s security are certainly very valuable, but without solving the root causes of the problem of terrorism, a sustainable solution is not possible. (Edit Jang)
  6.  The best solution in the Punjab deputy speaker case before the Supreme Court is that political forces must decide their issues within Parliament; they must end the habit of going to the Supreme Court. If the issue goes to the Supreme Court, then everyone must accept the decision of the Supreme Court whether one likes it or not. (Daily Pakistan Edit)
  7. Federal Finance Minister Miftah Ismail still says that the price rise will be controlled in the next few weeks. He issued heart-warming statements before, but the decline in the currency is not stopping anywhere. It is not known what formula the finance minister has, by following which he will turn the declining economy on the path of growth in a few weeks. The kind of political instability that the country is currently facing is having negative effect on the country’s economy as well. Until there is political stability, the dream of economic stability will remain a dream.  It is imperative that the government makes a serious effort to pull the economy out of the pit of depression. Just issuing statements cannot solve the problems. (Edit Nawa-i-Waqt)


  1. Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan offered to mediate between the government and the opposition to end the political crisis. Addressing a press conference in Lahore, Chairman Jamaat-e-Islami Sirajul-Haq said that Jamaat-e-Islami is ready to host talks between the government and the opposition at this time. (Daily Jinnah, Ummat, Daily Express, Nawai Waqt)
  2. Jamaat-e-Islami Amir Siraj ul Haque has stated that Parliament is already disrespectful. After the Election Commission, the judiciary too has also been made controversial. There is no such institution left in the country, which people are ready to trust. For the first time people are criticizing the judges of the Supreme Court by taking their names. To end the crisis, political parties in Parliament should start a grand dialogue, and, if all agree, Jamaat-e-Islami is ready to host the dialogue for the sake of the country and the people. (Urdu Point)
  3. Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan Central Sec. Gen. Ameer Al-Azim said that IMF, World Bank and America are committing criminal acts to capture Muslim world’s resources through their pawns. He alleged that the leadership in Pakistan, current and former, are pawns of these satanic forces. Azim also urged the youth to expedite their efforts to become self-reliant and independent because freedom from the clutches of IMF- World Bank – America would bring prosperity to Pakistan. (Siasat)
  4.  Amir of Jamaat-e-Islami (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa), former senator Professor Muhammad Ibrahim Khan, international affairs expert Professor Dr. Munis Ahmar, and well-known analyst and senior journalist Dr. Syed Nawaz Al-Hadi responded to this question of the Jasarat, ” Why the Muslim Brotherhood has been declared a terrorist organization by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates?”.  In their view, to protect the royal system, the Muslim Brotherhood was declared a terrorist organization. Saudi Arabia and the UAE together with General Al-Sisi overthrew Mohammed Mursi. After 9/11, they used terrorism for their own interests to block the way to democracy. The demand for an Islamic ideological state is considered a crime worldwide. (Jasarat)
  5. Despite the differences between the US and Afghanistan, significant progress has been made on the release of frozen assets. US and Taliban officials have offered each other proposals to release billions of dollars of assets of the Afghan central bank frozen in an overseas trust fund, which is an indication of an attempt to get Afghanistan out of the economic crisis it is facing. (Jang)
  6. The Jamaat-e-Islami has issued a legal notice to the Election Commission to pay Rs 50 crore as compensation for making false accusations regarding the postponement of the local elections on July 24. A legal notice was issued by Amir Jamaat-e-Islami (Karachi) Hafiz Naeem-ur-Rehman. The Election Commission immediately apologized for this allegation. Rehman said that Jamaat-e-Islami was the only party that had filed a petition in the High Court regarding the holding of local body elections as soon as possible, while other parties tried their best to postpone the local body elections on July 24. After the announcement of the municipal elections, all parties included in the select committee went to the High Court and demanded the postponement of the elections. In the High Court, other parties, including the Sindh government, stood against Jamaat-e-Islami in favor of not holding local body elections. Jamaat still demands that local elections should be held immediately. (Jang)
  7. The biggest obstacle in achieving the objectives of anti-national elements and ideological subversives is Anjuman Asataza Pakistan (Teachers Association). Ours is the only non-political nationwide organization which is using all its resources for the sake of the pleasure of Allah Ta’ala to eradicate hatred and enhance love in Pakistani society. These views were expressed by the central leaders, education experts, scholars and Sheikhs of the Anjuman Asatiza Pakistan while addressing a two-day training and educational convention organized under aegis of the Anjuman Asatiza in Quetta. (Urdu Point)
  8.  Awami Muslim League leader Sheikh Rasheed said in a statement that while people are dying due to problems, the government is playing media games. Fresh elections remain the only option. He further said that Hamza’s CMship has ended in Punjab. PML (N) is clearly going to split into two groups. One is in favor of clinging to power and the other is in favor of going to the polls. He said that the Shehbaz government is using bad language and threatening the Supreme Court. (Daily Express, Nawai Waqt, Ummat)
  9. China has reiterated its commitment to work with Pakistan to carry out all CPEC projects so that people of both countries can benefit. At his media briefing in Beijing, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian said that there was a consensus on the issues between the leaders of the two countries in this regard. China is ready to implement it. Pakistan and China have agreed on third-party involvement in CPEC and extension of CPEC projects to Afghanistan. (Daily Express, Nawai Waqt)
  10. Teachers of University of Karachi boycotted the semester classes complaining that school buildings are in a dilapidated condition, and several teachers were electrocuted.  The University infrastructure has suffered due to the negligence of authorities. (Ummat, Daily Jinnah)
  11. Due to the alleged negligence of the Iranian air traffic controllers, 2 PIA planes came face to face in the Iranian airspace at 5:54 pm on Sunday. One plane was coming from Islamabad to Dubai and the other was going from Doha to Peshawar. Warning from the by the automatic collision avoidance system averted the collision.  (Ummat, Daily Express, Nawai Waqt)
  12. A meeting of the Promotion Board from Brigadier to Major General was held at the General Headquarters under the chairmanship of Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa, in which 22 Brigadiers were promoted to the next ranks on the basis of seniority and professional skills. (Nawai Waqt, Daily Jinnah, Daily Express, Ummat)
  13. FIA Anti-Human Trafficking Circle of Islamabad arrested four suspects involved in human trafficking. According to Express News, officials said that on a tip off from a person who was deported from Turkey about the agent who had sent them abroad, he FIA agents arrested the accused from the Taxila area. (Daily Express)


  1. The lack of political leadership was felt more pointedly after witnessing proceedings in apex court on Monday. Keeping all other things aside, just assume if apex court considers Pervez Elahi as new Punjab chief minister, then the directions in which country is heading to, in financial terms, Pakistan will have two-three “Sri Lankas” and conditions will be much more worse than in Sri Lanka, extremely bleak and chaotic.   Who has written the script for this plot? If people start looking out for those responsible and accountable for the political economic crisis in the country, then country can have a new fascist phase. But, it cannot last long. We are not living in times of pre-World War II. We are no longer in 20th century either. Our country does not deserve that much “punishment” which our people are suffering today. (Kawish, Dr. Ayub Sheikh, July 26)
  2. On one hand the economy is in doldrums and political uncertainties are on the rise and on other hand, the Supreme Court is also being made controversial. Some strange feelings are on rise making us wonder if someone is indeed out to destroy our country. We are aware that there are external forces always out to finish off our country but now some such forces have cropped within too. Possibilities of civil unrest in Punjab are on rise these days and this in turn is triggering political instability across the country. The key institutions, instead of trying to set conditions right and restore normalcy look more responsible for aggravating such disturbing conditions. The Supreme Court had options and if it had acceded to the government’s demand of setting up a full bench, it would have helped cool down the situation, but sadly the chief justice did not accede to the demand for larger bench to hear the case. The apex court’s decisions will now be seen as controversial and there are strong possibilities of serious political reactions to apex court’s orders. There are other cases lying unresolved over years in courts .It is our own people/institutions responsible for the rise in peoples’ unrest. The missing persons’ families have been crying for justice for years, but to no avail.  These families have been crying before authorities that if their near and dear ones have been killed, then let bodies at least be handed over to families for last religious rites and also so that the families start giving up hopes of their return. The Pakistan judiciary is passing through very testing times today and this tough time upon Pakistan judiciary could be a result of curses of crores including families of missing persons. (Ibrat, Pir Makram Al Haque)
  3. Asif Ali Zardari’s visits to Islamabad followed by a visit to Dubai and recent court decisions on Punjab chief minister issue point to some big political development at any time. There are whispers around suggesting that Zardari has held meetings with key personalities in Dubai. The sources and whispers around indicate that Zardari has been given some new task. It is learnt that in days to come, some elements in the PML-N which is presently led by Mariam, might join the anti-Zardari lobby and this lobby may adopt an anti-establishment stand. It is likely that Fazl ur Rehman might also join this group in days to come. It is possible that in days to come Zardari, Shahbaz and Shujaat Chaudhary might come together to form a new alliance. Meanwhile, some political analysts are of the view that whatever Zardari is doing these days may ultimately harm PPP and the major beneficiary can be Shujaat Chaudhary. Ultimately, this new alliance of Zardari, Shujaat and Shahbaz might see Nawaz Sharif too out of ruling alliance to make it easy for the establishment to deal with Shahbaz. The apex court’s decisions are bound to trigger political crisis in country; let us wait and watch out as to where this political crisis takes country to. (Ibrat, Rehmat Allah)
  4. One major question cropping up in current times when apex court’s orders on Punjab Chief Ministership have led to varied whispers and debates around is: How long can the country tolerate with this kind of situation of uncertainty? How can there be any solution when decisions are not accepted and shown respect? On other hand, the current government in Islamabad is not that strong enough to survive odds and uncertainties in the pipeline. Hence, this government cannot stand up to challenge institutions. The developing scenario is unprecedented in the country’s political history. Power politics has never been allowed freedom to act and decide on its own. The power-hungry parties in the country have been having strange relations with the establishment. How long such a strange relationship of: “Like it or hate it, but you cannot ignore establishment can go on?” (Sindh Express, Omar Qazi)
  5. Voice of America (VoA) documentary reported that there are hundreds of girls under the age of 10 in a refugee camp and that some of whom have been sold. Another report states that 10 lakh children are suffering from diseases due to a lack of food. Earlier, international aid agencies used to provide food in Afghanistan, but this aid has stopped due to the policies of the Taliban government regarding women. The government of Afghanistan organized a grand jirga in Kabul to get legal status. The existing Taliban regime did not initially restrict women from studying in schools, colleges, and universities. Similarly, women were also allowed to work. But over time, the girls’ co-education schools were closed; then the shuttlecock burqa was made compulsory for female students in colleges and universities. Imran Khan’s government left no stone unturned in supporting the Taliban. Thus Kabul was again occupied by the Taliban and the Taliban government continued to implement its old policies. Afghanistan is one of the poorest countries in the world. Due to development policies of previous governments, the middle class has come into existence but its size is very small. Afghanistan is rich in mineral wealth. At present, mining generates an income of 600 million dollars. Iron, marble, gold, and coal are being mined in Afghanistan. Opium exports generate 416 million dollars in revenue. Last year, donations of 240 million dollars were also received from foreign institutions. But the Taliban government is failing to choose ways to build the state on modern lines. Perhaps they have become prisoners of their inflexible ideas and interests and consider modernity a threat to their narrative.  Due to this policy of the Taliban, they are not getting international support or financial aid. And this human tragedy is taking place there. (Dr. Tauseef Ahmed Khan – Daily Express) ####