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Pak Urdu Media Digest, Mar 13, 2023

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Pak Urdu Media Digest, Mar 13, 2023


  • Jamaat-e-Islami Amir Siraj-ul-Haq has announced the Balochistan Rights Movement. Addressing a press conference in Quetta after the oath-taking ceremony of the newly elected council of Jamaat-e-Islami Balochistan, he said the movement will cover all villages and cities in the province. Siraj-ul-Haq said accused the government of Balochistan with oppressing the people. On the one hand, there are announcements that CPEC is the guarantor of the country’s prosperity  but on the other hand, in Balochistan and especially Gwadar, which is like the backbone of the China-Pakistan Corridor, people are being heavily oppressed. The local people started a movement for their demands under the leadership of Maulana Hidayat ur Rehman; they have held a sit-in for two months, but the government tried to sabotage this movement by force. The people of Gwadar earn halal sustenance by catching fish but the government deprived them of their employment by allowing outside trawlers, and putting up security gates in front of people’s houses. No one can accept this disrespect. The people of Gwadar are asking for water, education, health, and employment. This is their right which the constitution of Pakistan has given them. Siraj-ul-Haq asked the government to accept the demands of the people, stop illegal trade, and close the check posts. Influential people are earning crores due to the ban on trade on the Pak-Iran border, but even food is not available to the local people. The same is the case with the trade embargo on Pak-Chaman border.  Pakistan is losing more than Afghanistan.  He said that the process of turning the majority into a minority by evicting the local residents of Gwadar from the area is unacceptable. We have no demand other than that the government should implement the Gwadar agreement. We warn the rulers that Maulana Hidayat ur Rehman, the soul of ‘Give Rights Movement’ should be released. People should be given their rights. Otherwise, the government will be responsible for the consequences.  (Jasarat)
  • Addressing a press conference in Quetta, Chairman Jamaat-e-Islami Siraj ul Haq said that Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif announced that he will sell clothes but his clothes are safe while the nation has become without clothes. Due to the incompetent rulers, people have lost even two meals a day. He further said that the Sardar involved in the murder of three people has been granted bail, but Maulana Hidayat ur Rehman is not being released. (Nawai Waqt, Daily Express, Ummat)
  • Former Finance Minister Miftah Ismael has said that nobody can change the situation in Pakistan unless the system is reformed. It does not matter who is ruling the country, Imran Khan, Nawaz Sharif, Asif Zardari, or a military ruler. Nobody can change the present system. Only reforms can do it. He said that now he will not take part in electoral politics. He said that we have seen many leaders but we have not seen the needed change in the lives of the people. He said that more than half of our children are not attending schools which means that in the future we will have a large number of illiterate youths. (Intekhab Daily)
  • Former Prime Minister and leader of ML-N Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has said Pakistan had held 10 elections after 1973 and they all were stolen. Those who agree to obey the orders were sent to Parliament. They are not the real representatives of people. I have never seen a situation like today. Everybody in the country is worried and has lost all hope. Everybody is asking what is the solution to the problems. I know nothing about the economy but politics has become bankrupt.  What is happening today is not the result of the activities of the present government or former government. It is the result of continuous wrong decisions and violation of the constitution. I have been part of the system for 35 years and I am also responsible for it. If the people who can solve the problems are stopped from going to Parliament, then who will solve the problems?  When the politicians don’t pay taxes how can they impose taxes on the people?  (Dunya Daily)
  • Maulana Mohammed Khan Sherani has said that sabotage is not an accident but a well-planned conspiracy. The strategy is very simple. First, develop terrorism with full force then make plans to handle it slowly in such a way that the war against terrorism continues, and the terrorism never dies, but its circle goes on increasing. Speaking at a Jirga he said that the British and other western powers are still ruling the Muslim world. In these countries, the rulers behave as the guards of Western interests. In these circumstances, we can’t expect anything good from our rulers. (Intekhab Daily)
  • Two government contractors of Quetta Mir Goram Khan and Mir Abbas have alleged that the contracts for Quetta city were awarded to outsiders and favourite contractors of the government officers while the real approved government contractors were ignored. It is the worst kind of nepotism. They asked the Chief Secretary of Balochistan, the Anti-Corruption Department, and NAB to take notice of this injustice. Take back tenders of the development work from the bogus companies and give them to deserving contractors. Otherwise, we will be forced to protest.  (Intekhab Daily)
  • In Gwadar, just like all over the country, inflation has broken the back of people, just before Ramzan. The prices of food items have skyrocketed and everything is out of  reach of the common man, while the authorities concerned are nowhere to be seen. Prices of all essential items have gone up, causing the citizens to scream in agony, and they are extremely distressed. The authorities responsible for providing relief to people are nowhere to be seen. The citizens say if the current situation continues, problems for fasting people will increase during the month of Ramzan. It is clear that during the blessed month of Ramzan, a particular group of traders creates a false shortage and increases prices arbitrarily in Gwadar. (Intekhab Daily)
  • Two security guards were killed and one injured in an explosion near the convoy of Sardar Khan Rand, son of Sardar Yar Mohammad Rand, a member of the Provincial Assembly in Bolan district of Balochistan. According to Levies officials, Sardar Khan Rand was killed. They were coming from Dhader when an explosion occurred due to explosives planted on the roadside near Nushman in the area between Dhader and Sunni.  On receiving information about the blast, Bolan Deputy Commissioner Samiullah Agha and other officials reached the spot. A combing op was launched immediately.  (Nawai Waqt)
  • Unknown persons attacked the police vehicle in Nushki with grenades. The incident took place near Nushki Bazar and the police personnel miraculously survived the grenade attack. Police opened fire on the fleeing accused, but they managed to escape. (Daily Express, Ummat, Nawai Waqt)
  • Motorway Police thwarted an attempt to smuggle a large quantity of arms near Motorway M1 Burhan. According to the police, the recovered weapons could have been used in a terrorist act. The police spokesman said that Motorway police signalled a suspicious vehicle to stop near Burhan but the accused managed to escape by leaving the car. The police checked the car and a huge number of weapons were recovered after a search. (Daily Express, Ummat)
  • An officer was martyred in an attack by terrorists on a Frontier Corps check post in the Bakka Khel area of Bannu. (Jasarat)
  • The Special Protection Unit of Sindh Police established for the security of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is being further expanded for which the recruitment of 1500 posts of Grade 7 of Police Constables (Male) is taking place. Candidates having domicile of any district of Sindh have been declared eligible for recruitment. (Jang)
  • A search operation is underway to recover the kidnapped police personnel in the Kache area of Sindh province. SSP Irfan Samu told the media that Bhiyo gang kidnapped 2 policemen from check post Dadar, after which several hideouts of dacoits were demolished and set on fire. He said that there is an intermittent exchange of fire between police and robbers. 300 police personnel and 40 commandos are participating in the operation. He further informed that several detained suspects have been transferred to an unknown location. SSP Irfan Samu says that all the entrances and exits of Kache have been sealed. (Jang)
  • Information Secretary of PPP Sindh Senator Aziz Dhamra has stated that PPP is the representative party of the minority community. Protection of the rights of minorities is one of the key planks of PPP manifesto.  He expressed these views along with MPA Naveed Anthony while participating as a special guest in a function organized by Chaudhry Yaqub Aziz, General Secretary of Minority Wing, Hyderabad District. (Urdu Point)
  • In Peshawar, load shedding continues due to which citizens are suffering.  Sui gas is missing in Hayatabad Phase 3, Tajabad, Sewol Quarter, Nothia and other areas of the city, which is causing problems to households. (Urdu Point, Daily Pakistan)
  • Peoples Rights Forum (PRF) ended its sit-in in Azad Patan Bridge and has started reaching Islamabad where a protest was organized at 2 pm in front of the Parliament against inflation and wrong policies of the rulers. PRF has been protesting under the banner of all party conferences since 8th March. (Kashmir Dharti)


  • Following Sindh High Court’s orders, Sindh government has decided operations to be jointly undertaken by army, rangers and police against dacoits in areas around Sindh-Punjab and Sindh-Balochistan areas. The Sindh government has also passed a budget for equipping Sindh police with latest weaponry. Till now, several policemen have lost their lives during operations largely for the reasons that dacoits are better equipped with weapons compared to the police and also for the reason that the dacoits come to know about police operations well in advance. This has often resulted in failure of police ops. The first thing that needs to be done for the success of operations is that dacoits’ networks that inform them about operations in advance need to be dismantled. Police also need to keep an eye on who are facilitators of dacoits. In order to get rid of dacoit menace, police need to keep an eye on sources who provide dacoits with latest weapons besides where dacoits take shelter once police ops are launched”. (Ibrat Edit)
  • Before taking over the reins of the country, the parties in the PDM government kept blaming the PTI government for the steep inflation, but what have they done after taking over from the PTI government? Inflation keeps rising and prices are unprecedentedly steep these days. It seems the current government is out to cripple people. Be it dollars, be it power, be it gas, be it petrol, be it vegetables, be it any other essential day- to – day basic need, everything has started costing a “bomb”. On one hand, prices have started rising even before Ramzan and on other hand, parties in the PDM government keep behaving as if they were still in the opposition. (Sindh Express Edit)
  • The annual rice production in Pakistan is more than 70 lakh tons, out of which 40 lakh tons are exported. In 2020 alone, the country earned more than two billion dollars in foreign exchange from rice exports. According to the Rice Export Committee of the Federation of Trade and Industry of Pakistan, the export of basmati rice decreased by 29 percent and non-basmati rice by 25 percent in the eight months of this fiscal year. On the other hand, Indian rice exports increased at the same rate. The trend of decrease in the export of Pakistani rice did not come out only in the current financial year. It started since 2021 when the consumption of Pakistani rice in the world market decreased by a record 38 percent. The main reason for this is that India is globally selling its rice at 200 dollars per ton less than Pakistan by increasing the cultivated area and production with focus on continuous research, while the rice cultivated area in Pakistan is limited. The production cost of rice in Pakistan is higher than that in India due to the limited area under cultivation. Exporters are citing this difference as the main reason for the decline in Pak basmati rice sales. The reduction in regulatory duty and the search for new markets has become the need of the hour. (Edit Jang)
  • In this era of Pakistan’s economic crisis, the report of the State Bank of Pakistan undoubtedly deserves attention. It shows that the remittances sent by Pakistanis living abroad in the first 8 months of this fiscal year i.e., between July  and February were 17. 99 billion   There marks a decrease of 10.8 percent recorded in the remittances in the same period last year .which was 20.18 billion.. (Edit Jang)
  • The Election Commission has issued the schedule for the election of Punjab. Political parties began their election campaigns after the announcement of the schedule. But the government is not permitting the only opposition party PTI to run its election campaign. Section 144 was imposed on the 8th of March just at a time when the PTI decided to take out a rally. The same thing was done on 12th March. Roads were closed by putting containers and Rangers were deployed. The deployment of rangers shows that the government is yearning for bloodshed. But the PTI does not want bloodshed; it believes in a peaceful democratic campaign. No doubt Pakistan is passing through a very critical phase of its history of 70 years. A former British ambassador Craig Murray has alleged that the American secret agency CIA had pulled-down Imran Khan’s government so that the political and trade relation between Pakistan and Russia would not be strengthened. (Edit-Intekhab Daily, Edit-Dunya Daily)
  • What happened in Zaman Park, Lahore on March 8 cannot be called a political act. PTI worker Zille Shah’s precious life was lost. Whether Zille Shah met with an accident or was killed by Police violence, the question is, do political forces always need such incidents to gain public sympathy? (Jehan Pakistan Edit)


  • Pakistan’s current scenario is much akin to the title of English novel ‘Perfect Storm’. If we take a look at Pakistan’s current political, economic, diplomatic and constitutional issues, we get to see the state of storm heading towards our country and the state of economic default looks inevitable. Pakistan needs 11 billion dollars by June 2023 to repay external loans and also to meet the import bills. Right now, the country’s forex reserves are barely three billion plus dollars. We need 36 billion dollars for the new financial year, 2023-24 to avert a state of default. We are yet to get an instalment of 1.3 billion dollars from the IMF. Besides harsh terms, the IMF is now putting fresh conditions that Pakistan should get guarantee from friendly countries like Saudi, China, UAE, and the US that they all will extend loans to Pakistan if IMF sanctions a loan. It is because of such a scenario in the country that the international rating agency, Moody’s, has given Pakistan the worst economic rating in Pakistan’s history, that is CAA3, and this means Pakistan is just one step away from a state of default. Dollar today is costing Rs.280 in Pakistan, inflation is at 40 per cent, and such conditions together are breeding a state of anarchy.  We see political parties fighting one another. There has been no government in Punjab since last year. Imran Khan, with help of a few powerful institutions keeps giving sleepless nights to the PDM government. And, now all the parties in PDM have also started falling apart, each trying to protect its respective interests. Another big problem before the country is the KPK and return of terror and separatists’ attacks there which is directly connected with Pakistan’s backyard that is Afghanistan. At one time, the establishment looked up to tribal parts of FATA and even Afghanistan as the country’s front yard.  Is it not the failure of policies of strategic depth which began 50 years ago with radicalization extended right up to Afghanistan? Most noteworthy aspect right now is Pakistan’s isolation at global diplomatic level. It looks like America, other Western countries, and their institutions do not want to talk to Pakistan now. Why has America started looking away? Right now, America’s “war against terror” chapter is over.  We are living in times of an unannounced second cold war between America and China and its allies. This makes three regions crucial. On one side we have Russia and Europe. By trying to extend NATO on the eastern side, America provoked Russia and has given military aid to Ukraine. Now that the Ukraine-Russia war is going on, America is busy mobilizing entire Europe under NATO military alliance. By extending big financial help to Ukraine, America wants to turn the Ukraine-Russia war into a big war. America wants to make Ukraine another “Afghanistan” for Russia. America wants to give big economic jolts to Russia by bringing several sanctions against Russia. America wants to see Russia as a weak State and wants to cut Russia from its close ally, China. In Asia-Pacific, or Hind-Pacific. America is trying to tighten noose around China through QUAD and India is its major ally to counter China in this region. Right now, America is trying to instigate China on the issue of Taiwan for one more war in the Asia Pacific aiming to make Taiwan another “Ukraine” for China. China’s deputy minister for external affairs has also said America is trying to copy paste NATO’s policies of look- east and gherao Russia in Asia Pacific which can mean threat to global stability. Third important region is Eurasia and Pakistan-Afghanistan is its part. By Eurasia, I mean western side of China and not India’s north, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran. In parts of China’s west like in the Middle East, there are people who are not of China’s origin; they are from Turk descent. They do not call themselves Chinese.  Today, when China is rising economically, diplomatically and militarily, it is not only challenging America in the Asia Pacific but is also approaching Eurasia for more land mass and strategic depth to win this war. China calls it a new silk route. Eurasia is one such region where America has cut down its presence after the America-Afghan war.  The basic reason for America’s unconditional exit from Afghanistan was the realization that its war was no more against terror but was against China’s march into Eurasia. American President, Biden, had very clearly said at the time of exit that the American targets had been achieved and hence they were withdrawing from Kabul. The fact, however, was American targets had changed and not achieved as claimed. In the Middle East, China’s key friend, Russia, is being weakened and on the other hand, there are Pakistan and Afghanistan to play a role in checking China in Eurasia. Now that “war against terror” is a closed chapter, and America wants to check the entry of China in Eurasia, America is no longer interested in aid to Afghanistan and Pakistan or in stabilizing democracy in these countries. Hence America has frozen assets of Afghanistan and has also stopped any aid, civilian or militarily, to Pakistan. According to one American scholar, American policy with regards to Afghanistan is based on Defensive Insulation which has created instability and security void so that groups and forces against China and Pakistan like TTP, BLA and East Turkestan Movement can get some space. America has made Afghanistan a big trap for its neighbours and these neighbours (read Pakistan) can neither ignore nor can enter into Afghanistan. At times, Pakistan makes air raids on TTP camps in Afghanistan and at times Pakistan delegations go all the way for talks in Kabul. TTP attacks from Afghanistan on Pakistan have gone up ever since America made its exit from Kabul and the major loser in these attacks is China. Hence, Afghanistan’s ties with China and Pakistan have been going from bad to worse with each passing day because the Taliban government is not dismantling TTP camps in Afghanistan. The Defensive Insulation policy aims at making one country totally helpless and using its emerging instability against neighbours and tightening its own security to protect itself from instability. America has made it clear that with modern technology it can check sitting at home any threat emanating from Afghanistan’s instability to America or to the world just as it has been doing in some countries with help of drone technology or with help from special forces’ operations. Is America planning the same program, Defensive Insulation, also for Pakistan, that is, to make Pakistan a helpless State and trigger more instability in the region?  America has been indifferent to Pakistan for a few years now. Also since a few years noose is being tightened on Pakistan through global agencies including FATF, giving behind the curtain help to anti-China forces in Pakistan and Afghanistan. All these and other developments make it look like being part of America’s policy of defensive insulation. One big reason for Pakistan’s current state of affairs is this American policy of Defensive Insulation. It remains to be seen as up to what extent defensive insulation policy is adopted against Pakistan.  Since its formation, Pakistan has been dependent on America and of late this aid has been suspended resulting in Pakistan being on the verge of collapse economically. In such a state, America and its allies   want to make Pakistan a dummy state by making it compromise on defence and security issues after depriving Pakistan of its key assets so that Pakistan can be of no help to China in the latter’s march towards Eurasia; in the second phase Afghanistan is trying big political disturbances and geographic changes in Pakistan’s region to restrict China’s movement. In such an emerging scenario, Sindhis and other oppressed sections in the region will have to gear up on their own and make new power equations instead of depending on ruling sections of the day so that Sindhis and oppressed sections can grapple with more troubled times ahead. (Pahenji Akhbar, Masroor Shah, March 10)
  • No one knows as to where the country is heading to. Things are too uncertain to make any predictions even for next day. Government writ gets weak in such conditions. Because uncertainty rules all departments and institutions, even petty issues amongst people turn into big confrontations. Recent clashes in the country’s universities are one such example. Earlier, it was largely believed that government’s affairs are being jointly looked after by the establishment, judiciary and civilian institutions/departments. Now, the establishment has publicly declared it will stay away from the country’s civilian affairs, and that political forces and parliament must decide matters amongst themselves. The civil bureaucracy is not the same as in the past; nowadays there are groups/factions within groups/factions. With regards to the judiciary, there are different views these days as to how much justice it does in its decisions / orders / verdicts. In a recent court decision calling for polls in Punjab and KPK, the government rejected full court decisions and on other hand, four out of nine judges in the bench said the issue did not call for suo moto notice. In fact, that is true also because this issue, of polls in KPK and Punjab, is basically a political matter. This issue could have been settled in parliament. These days the judiciary is very active because the government, despite being elected one, does not enjoy a good image and hence this void has given the judiciary more space. The judiciary will continue enjoying more space as long as the government does not set its home right. But, with just one department / institution / judiciary remaining hyper active, it can have negative fallout on political, administrative and government functioning. There are reports that the issue of disqualification of the President and acceptance of resignations of PTI members of the national assembly will also be heard by the Supreme Court. In fact, both these issues do not come under the judiciary’s purview. But, since parliament is not active, the judiciary has got an opportunity to interfere in parliament’s affairs. On foreign affairs issues, Bilawal has done well by setting right strained relations with countries like America and other countries in the West by earning some soft corner abroad for Pakistan. But, some changes in the region have made things confusing for the country. Pakistan is in a dilemma as to where it should stand with China or with America. China has recently brought Iran and Saudi closer. A new block is also coming up vis a vis Russia and middle eastern States. These developments threaten to weaken efforts being taken by Pakistan foreign minister, Bilawal, that is the reason that the Secretary General, UN has not given enough economic support despite Pakistan putting up its case in the UN global conference on climatic changes. At home, PDM wants to see Imran Khan behind bars. May be those who say that PPP and PML-N want to take revenge from PTI and Imran are right, but that apart, if polls are held now in KPK and Punjab, PTI will have an easy win in both provinces. Imran Khan is keen to have a meeting with the army chief but the establishment does not want to talk to politicians now. Imran Khan, instead of seeking solution to issues in the country, wants power that too with the help of institutions. With regards to the return of Nawaz Sharif, some sources in Islamabad say he is not coming back because one such pact/agreement has been done. Ever since PDM has taken over, its one-point anti-Imran Khan agenda has made Imran Khan more popular. People are looking up to the coalition government for some relief and telling them on face: Do something for people while you are in power today and unless you do something for people, how can you expect to come back in power tomorrow? (Pahenji Akhbar, Sohail S. March 12)
  • On Feb.4, 2023, plain cloth wearing police men came in a police van and took one Sindhi youth, Majid Hussain Hydari, from near Zim Zim area at Gulistan Johar, Block No.4 in Karachi. Ever since then, there has been no news about him. No government department or law keeping agency says they have Majid in their custody. The helpless parents approached Sindh High court, but to no avail. Like Majid, there are 80 such persons about whom “missing petitions” are being heard in courts. Majid is a well-qualified person, who after working for 13 years in Iraq, is working in Dubai as a senior planning engineer. He earns crores in yearly salary. Recently, he was back home on a three month leave and suddenly he went missing. No one knows the reasons but some sources say that he had collected some funds for Sindh’s flood affected persons and those funds were used on flood affected areas in Sindh. He had sent a container of blankets and other warm clothes for these affected floods. Majid’s father, Abid Hussain, is general secretary of one of the nationalist groups in Sindh, that is, Jiye Sindh Mahaz (Riyaz Chandiyo group). It seems Sindh is being made another Balochistan where people are forcibly made to go missing. Why is all this being done in Sindh and Balochistan? This “people going missing in Sindh and Balochistan” began during Musharraf times in 2004-05. An impression was created that Sindhis and people in Balochistan are pro-separatists. Taking advantage of this impression, political cadre came to be suppressed and faced humiliations. This has been going on even after the Musharraf regime and even civilian governments could not stop them. Not only were they missing, but decomposed bodies of nationalist activists were also found after they were kidnapped. Whatever is happening today in Sindh and Balochistan is a very complex and deeply planned exercise. In fact, there are no separatist groups in Sindh and Balochistan. The only difference is that people in both these provinces are assertive of their rights. People going missing here have one and only question: What is my crime?” The families of missing persons are demanding nothing but a reply to the above question. Once the affected families get a reply, it will only make them have trust in authorities and their agencies. (Pahenji Akhbar, Shahid Jatoi, March 12)
  • Some quarters are “feeding” Imran Khan and asking him to stand firm. They are also assuring him that nothing untoward will happen against him. Several networks have been detected who have been helping Imran Khan from behind the curtain. The way chaos and disturbances keep taking place in Punjab, it will add to instability and this in turn will come in the way of the economy getting better; if conditions continue to remain like they are in Punjab, IMF might refuse to give any loans because the IMF is also getting feedback on developments in the country. Impression is also let loose that if some former officials (read generals) are put to court martial, it might add to chaos and instability. Hence, if we want to see things getting better, the first step should be to set the political scenario right. There is also another proposal that some noted and neutral social personalities acceptable to Imran Khan and others should make them (Imran Khan and PDM government) realize that if conditions are allowed to remain as they are then the country will head for a worse scenario. All is not well within ML(N) too. One faction keeps counting pressures under which the PDM government is functioning and another faction led by Mariam Nawaz keeps making speeches as if she were in Opposition. ML(N) looks divided and faction ridden these days. On other hand, PPP, instead of doing anything for the PDM government, is busy strengthening the itself. PPP thinks elections can be held any time and hence has started a “give and take” hunt searching for parties that it can be comfortable in times to come. Though polls are announced in Punjab and KPK, key institutions have alerted the election commission that things can derail anytime. It seems no one seems to be in control. If anything, untoward takes place, the situation can go out- of–control.  All is not well also in the establishment too as it too seems to be a divided house these days. In the current situation, the civilian set up needs help but it is not getting it; and on other hand with sloganeering from Mariam Nawaz that elections will be held only after justice is done to her father, there is a big fear that we might go back to old times of takeover.(Sindh Express, Allah Bux Rathod)
  •   PTI activist Zal-e-Shah   was arrested in front of the media cameras and after a few hours his body reached a hospital in Lahore. PTI held the Punjab government responsible for the death of Zal-e-Shah and the Punjab government filed a case against Imran Khan for Shah’s murder without any investigation. A federal minister told me that nowadays we have appeased police officers because, in the coming days, we have to fight against Imran Khan through the same police. Therefore, from the Home Minister to the caretaker Chief minister, all the people in power are covering up the brutality of the police. Those who want to defeat Imran Khan, should do it in the political field.  If Zul-e-Shah really died in a traffic accident, then why a judicial commission is not being formed to investigate the matter? (Hamid Mir, Jang)
  • Look at the Chief Ministers or the Prime Minister of India. They seem to talk only about development. On the contrary, when we look at our dear country, our heart sinks. Far from any level of planning here, the dirty steps of national degradation are clearly visible. What is the reason that the neighbouring country has gone ahead of us in every matter? They are getting rich. People are becoming prosperous. On the contrary, we are engaged in chaos, distraction and mocking each other. Corruption exists even in developed countries. Also, in all Asian countries. However, they are making progress. But in our country, every institution is busy cutting the roots of others. Now all this is happening openly. One embarrassing thing is coming out clearly. We have completely wasted the past fifteen years. It seems that the rulers and the benefactors were and are determined that the country will not develop under any circumstances. The economy is dying. If lies become a state policy, understand that more destruction is going to happen. Nawaz Sharif tried hard to bring real industrial revolution in the country. But tall fell victim to low level corruption and dwarfism. There is no shame in saying that Imran Khan had wasted political assets during his rule. It has come back to him with interest. Imran Khan’s political opponents also admit that he cannot be defeated politically. Pakistan’s economy has weakened to such an extent that it is impossible to lift it. But what to do? If the Chief Minister of Karnataka State is growing their economy more than the total GDP of our country, then imagine what our future holds. (Rao Manzar Hyat, Daily Express)