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Pak Urdu Media Digest, Mar 9, 2023

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Pak Urdu Media Digest, Mar 9, 2023


  • Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is brooding to leave his post of Foreign Minister to pay his full attention to the Punjab elections. A schedule for the Punjab assembly elections is declared. The former President and Co-Chairman of PPP has gone to Punjab for the selection of the candidates. According to party sources Bilawal has decided to drop all other activities and pay full focus on Punjab election campaign in Punjab. For this purpose, he will resign as Foreign Minister. The other top leaders of the PPP have also suggested the same. (Intekhab Daily)
  • Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah has said impartiality of the judiciary has now become suspicious, and questionable. Addressing a press conference, he said that Imran Khan knows that he does not have any argument in his defense. He has lost all excuses. Even then if he is treated leniently by the judiciary then questions are going to be asked. He said that if Imran Khan does not appear on 13 March then according to law, he should not be given more relief. How long Imran Khan is going to hide? One day he has to come out. Rana said that Imran’s leg is in plaster for five months. He is 72 years old and unable to walk. But he is able to lead a rally. No more excuses. The fact is that Imran Khan does not respect the law. He should come to court, answer money laundering charges, and accept the court verdict. (Islam Daily)
  • Digital census is becoming a joke; the government does not seem serious, which is why the census staff is not being provided security due to which they are not being allowed to enter in many areas. Census staff are protesting but the government is not paying attention.  According to the census staff. villagers say that if the previous census did not benefit them, what will be the benefit now? There is a signal problem in many areas, due to which they are facing problems. Due to the high cost of petrol, a staff member has given up the use of motorbikes as he is spending more petrol than what the government is reimbursing him. So, he has hired a donkey and is doing the census on it. (Jasarat)
  • Army Chief General Asim Munir toured Gwadar and met local elders in Gwadar. Chief Minister Balochistan Abdul Quddus Bizenjo and Corps Commander Quetta Lieutenant General Asif Ghafoor were also present on this occasion, according to the Public Relations Department of the Pakistan Army (ISPR). In Gwadar, the Army Chief was briefed on the security situation, operational preparations of the formation, and CPEC security. Asim Munir emphasized the socio-economic development of the region and said that the armed forces are committed to   establishment of peace in Balochistan. Army chief also announced education, solar system, fisheries, water, health, and sports projects for Balochistan. (Jang)
  • Warrants were issued in Quetta for the arrest of Imran Khan. Balochistan police have reached Lahore for Imran Khan’s arrest. According to police, Imran Khan will be taken in custody as soon as he steps out of his residence at Zaman Park. Cases have been filed against him in Balochistan under several charges including electronic crimes by one Abdul Khaleel at Quetta’s Bijli Road Police Station. He charged Imran Khan with levelling baseless charges against institutions. The complainant also said Imran Khan has been spreading hatred against institutions’ officers. Imran speeches are as good as attempts to disturb law and order. And enclosed Imran Khan’s recordings along with his complaints. (Sindh Exp.)  
  • Elections to the Punjab assembly will be held on April 30 but the issue of polls in KPK is still undecided as the Governor has sought one more week for the purpose. Meanwhile Federal Law Minister told a press conference in Islamabad that the Home and Defence ministries continue to have doubts about elections. (Sindh Exp.)  
  • The Petrol Division   says country is left with petrol and diesel that will last for 21 days and 36 days respectively. It also rejected reports about obstacles being faced in the fuel supply chain in the country. (Sindh Exp.)  
  • On the call of the Sukkur Union of Journalists, a protest was staged at the local press club against the closure of ARY News and harassment of journalists. SUJ president Imdad Buzdar led the protest.  Speakers said the current government is busy taking away the right to freedom of expression, which is why the license of ARY News was suspended.   (Jasarat)
  • In an intelligence-based operation conducted by the security forces in Datta Khel district, eight terrorists were killed in the fierce exchange of fire, according to ISPR.  Arms and ammunition were recovered from the slain terrorists. (Nawaiwaqt, Ummat, Daily Jinnah, Daily Express)
  • In Dera Ismail Khan district, one policeman was killed and four others were injured in an attack on the police who were deployed for the security of the census team. Dera Ismail Khan Police Spokesman Yaqub Zulqarnain said that the incident took place in the area of Darbin Police Station in Gera Mastan. A search operation has been launched to arrest the attackers. Some unidentified gunmen opened fire on the police van. The outlawed Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan claimed responsibility. (Daily Jinnah, Nawaiwaqt, Ummat)
  • Constable Gul Faraz was killed while ASI Hayatullah, Constable Aftab, Constable Mohammad Naeem and driver Sabir were seriously injured as a result of firing of terrorists on police deployed for census security duty in Dera Ismail Khan’s Daraban Police Station area. (Urdu Point)
  • As a result of an attack by unknown persons on the Dali Levies check post in Washik area, one official was martyred and another was injured. The attackers managed to escape after being injured. On retaliatory action by the Levies, the assailants were injured and fled.   (Daily Express, Nawaiwaqt)
  • According to Levies sources, terrorists blew up a mobile tower with explosives at Nimargh, about 50 km away from Kalat city. Levies is inspecting the scene and conducting further investigation. (Ummat)
  •  The Anti-Corruption department of Rawalpindi has registered a case of fraud against two PTI leaders. One of them is Aamir Kiani, a former federal minister and the other is Imran Ismael, a former governor of Sindh. They are accused of cheating people by advertising about an unregistered, unrecognized housing society. The owner of the society, and Fahad Kiani, the son of Aamir Kiani, are also named in the case. Society doesn’t have the NOC of RDA. Despite that, it was highly publicized and people were cheated. (Islam Daily)
  • Negotiations between the IMF and Pakistan will be held today. Yesterday there was a discussion between the IMF and the Governor State Bank in which  a briefing was given on the arrangements for meeting the country’s foreign exchange reserves and financing needs. A final decision is likely to be taken after today’s talks. (Nawaiwaqt, Ummat)
  • International Women’s Day was observed as Violence against Women’s Day in Balochistan. The Baloch women protested in front of the Quetta Press Club. They condemned the forced disappearance of Baloch men and women for the last two decades. The protesting women said that previously only men were abducted but now they have started abducting women also. They complained that forcefully disappeared women are subjected to violence and torture and are sometimes killed. This forceful disappearance should stop. They demanded that the government should bring back the disappeared persons. We, the Baloch women are treated respectfully in our community. We don’t like to come on the roads to protest. But the security forces have compelled the women to come on the road to protest, the protestors said.  (Intekhab Daily) 
  • Pasban Democratic Party Vice Chairman Azam Minhas and Women Wing President Aziz Fatima have stated in a joint statement that it would have been better if Foreign Minister Bilawal Zardari had gone to jail to meet Dr. Aafia on Women’s Day instead of giving a statement in New York. After seeing Aafia’s inhumane treatment with his own eyes, he would talk about human rights violations. (Urdu Point)
  • As in other districts of the Pakistan, in Lower Waziristan, the Government Flour has become the source of livelihood for District Administration and Food Department, the deserving poor are hungry for a piece of bread.  Due to the conspiracy of the Local District Administration and the Food Inspector flour is being secretly sold by mafia dealers at high prices which are unaffordable by poor people. (Urdu Point)
  • Vaccinators doing corona duty in Sindh province have been deprived of their salaries for the past 8 months. Dozens of vaccinators protested in front of the Karachi Press Club for the third day. (Urdu Point, Daily Pakistan)


  • Even after more than one and a half months, the Election Commission has not been able to give the complete results of the local elections in Karachi. The Election Commission is also supposed to give the dates for the elections on 11 deferred seats to fill the local bodies, but the schedule has not been given yet. Amir of Jamaat-e-Islami Karachi, Hafiz Naeem-ur-Rehman has announced holding a protest dharna in front of poll body office. He is also planning to knock at the courts to get the rights of the people of Karachi.  The behavior of the Election Commission gives the impression that it is the protector of the interests of the Sindh government. In the current political scenario, the neutrality of the Election Commission is the first requirement to protect the democratic system. (Edit Jasarat)
  • Army Chief General Syed Asim Munir’s two assurances are encouraging in many ways and their positive results are expected in the interest of the country. One assurance came in the form of a meeting with a delegation of businessmen and the other in the form of a refusal of a meeting of a political nature. In both gestures, the message is that the Pakistan Army supports efforts to get the country out of the quagmire of serious problems, but will not interfere in political affairs. (Edit Jang)
  • On the one hand the issue of cutting of Karoonjhar mountains continues to be unresolved and on the other hand works have started to extract stones from picturesque Bagotoro mountains on Sevan Road in Jamshoro district. According to locals, the civic administration has started these works using heavy machinery. The loot of Sindh’s resources, be it Karoonjhar or Bagotoro mountains or other natural resources continues. Such a loot jeopardizes Sindh’s geography. If Sindh is not done justice on issues like population survey or cutting of (Sindh’s) mountains, it will change Sindh’s demography and geography and not just us but our coming generations also will suffer consequences. Hence, the Sindh government needs to take into account apprehensions of Sindh people on issues like population surveys and thus show respect to Sindh peoples’ feelings. Sindh government should put up its case before federal government and should play its role in retaining scenic beauty of Sindh by taking tough action against individuals and companies tampering with Sindh’s scenic beauty. (Kawish, Edit, March 8)  
  • There is a need to do something concrete for implementation of laws made for protection of women. Benazir Income Support Program can be counted amongst good works, but it is essential to make women self-dependent on a permanent basis. We also need to do something to address issue of harassment of women at major educational institutions; we also need to ensure that there is a conducive atmosphere for educational activities; we also need to implement court orders against anti-woman jirga system. (Kawish, Edit, March 8)
  • If we are sincere about coming out of current economic crisis, then we will have to stop unnecessary expenditure. Also, we will have to assure overseas Pakistanis that their remittances will help crores in country who have been facing tough times due to steep inflation at home and hence instead of holding back their remittances due to any political prejudices, overseas Pakistanis should keep sending their remittances. We should also put up such appeals to those who have moved their resources and wealth abroad and will have to tell them that if they want to see Pakistan stay forever then they should bring back their resources and funds back into Pakistan. We also have to give emphasis on betterment of agriculture and industrialization in country. Nothing can stop us from making progress if we succeed in doing all this. (Ibrat, Edit) 
  • One thing we have to keep very clearly in mind is that as long as our economy is not made people friendly, nothing else is going to help us. Blindly following IMF terms and conditions for the sake of their loans will only aggravate instead of resolving our issues and peoples’ woes. Need of hour is framing policies for relief to the people. (Sindh Exp., Edit)  
  •  The government has used its full force to crush the ‘Save Judiciary, Save Constitution’ rally of PTI on 8 March. Police used water cannons and, batons, and burst teargas shells to disperse the rally. Roads were closed by putting containers. Water cannons were used against women also. Probably some chemical was mixed in the water because the women victims had complained of a burning sensation. Canal road of Lahore had become a battlefield, where people and police clashed. Police was firing teargas shells, while the mob was throwing stones at them. the PTI had taken permission from the District Deputy Commissioner for the rally but the government-imposed section 144 banning the assembly of four or more persons just when the rally was about to begin. This illegal step was an attempt to incite people. The police was using brutal force but PTI controlled its workers from becoming violent. It is very difficult to say how long people will control themselves against the cruel and oppressing acts of the government. Rana Sanaullah is the Home Minister of the country. His duty is to protect the lives and properties of the people, but his statements are provoking people to take to violence.  The PDM government should realize that people have not accepted it. They know who are responsible for the ills of the country. The government should realize that power never remains with anyone forever.  (Edit-Intekhab Daily)
  • Governor Sindh Kamran Tessori visited the Karachi Central Jail and reviewed the facilities for the prisoners. He directed the prison chief to provide education and training facilities to the inmates. We endorse the Governor’s stand that Jail is not a penitentiary but is a house of correction. (Naibaat Edit)


  • According to some financial experts, IMF’s terms and conditions are tough but Pakistan cannot get the next instalment of loans without fulfilling them. Other global financing too will flow into country only after pact is done with IMF. Major reason for the delay in getting loan instalment is delay in the implementation of IMF terms and conditions. On foreign funding front, the IMF has also taken this assurance from Pakistan that it will address its current account deficit of 7 billion dollars. Pakistan also fears a deficit of five billion dollars during the current financial year. According to one media person who has been covering developments between the IMF and Pakistan, “IMF wants all such measures to be taken by Pakistan before going for talks in connection with pact”. This pact is being delayed when Pakistan needs the loan amount very badly. Also, once the IMF gives its amount, other foreign funding will also start flowing into country. Several containers are held back at ports due to dollar shortage. This is resulting in adverse impact on supply chain in country and this in turn leads to inflation. Who is responsible for delay in the pact between Pakistan and the IMF? To this question, financial experts say Pakistan is to be blamed for this delay. Loan is to be taken by Pakistan and hence Pakistan only has to abide by all the terms and conditions to get instalment of loan. The blame also can be put to some extent  on IMF for putting such harsh terms which directly affect common man and not the country’s upper class. The IMF has demanded to raise sales tax and Pakistan has done as directed by the IMF. But, the IMF has not made any demand for a windfall tax on the privileged/upper class. Ultimately, responsibility for delay lies on Pakistan because it is Pakistan which needs the loan and hence, we will have to accept IMF terms and conditions and also implement them. (Ibrat, Masroor G)     
  • If IMF is now ready to extend its next instalment of loan, as is being claimed by our finance minister these days, then why PM announced on Wednesday government decision to privatize Pakistan State Oil Company to pay Rs.2000 billion to domestic and foreign companies supplying gas and oil to Pakistan State Oil Company? How come these traders were suddenly remembered? The big supplier amongst them is Saif Al Rehman who is a personal assistant of Nawaz Sharif. Pakistan State Oil company was set up during Zulfikar Bhutto time after the Bangladesh war. Bhutto had set up this company on the advice of his duty-conscious finance minister, Dr. Mubashshar Hassan, so that oil could be bought from Arab States to check hoarding and profiteering at private petrol pumps. From Zulfikar Bhutto to Mohamad Junejo, the Pakistan State Oil Company made huge profits and kept enriching national exchequer every year. Suddenly in the Year 2000, it was caught in big debt trap. Who should be blamed for making this company a big debtor. The simple and only reply is: The same rulers who made Pakistan Steel Mills  and Sindh Sugar Corporation sick.(Sindh Exp., Dastgir Bhati) 
  • Army Chief General Asim Munir met with a group of big businessmen of the country. It is not very important to me what happened in that meeting. But more important is the fact, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar was present in this meeting. There was an opinion in the country that the establishment was not happy with Ishaq Dar’s economic policies. Ishaq Dar is also being seen as a problem in the current economic crisis. It is now clear that there is no mistrust and disagreement between Ishaq Dar and the establishment. The tradition of Army Chief meeting delegations of big businessmen is not new. The establishment can no longer keep itself aloof from the economic conditions of the country. Therefore, they participate in major economic decisions of the country. There is uncertainty in the economic conditions of the country today. The common man is in trouble. Who should they blame for their problems? Of course, the easiest for them is the current government. An environment is also being created that people are taking money out of Pakistan. They are ending their business from Pakistan. So, this meeting is definitely important in such an environment. It was the need of the hour. The message was important that the situation is not as bad as it is being made out to be. It is being criticized by the democratic sections that the army chief should not have anything to do with the economic affairs of the country. But from this meeting, everyone has got the message that the establishment and the government are on the same page in the current economic situation. Both are working together. So, there is no truth in the speculation that the establishment is angry. (Muzamil Suherwardy, Daily Express)####