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Pak Urdu Media Digest – Oct 28, 2022

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Pak Urdu Media Digest – Oct 28, 2022


  1. Former Chief Minister of Punjab Hamza Shahbaz has said that the real purpose of Imran Niazi’s long march is to create anarchy and unrest in the country. He is talking negatively against the national institutions because they had refused to obey his unconstitutional demands. Strongly criticizing Imran Khan, he said that the press conferences of DG ISI and DG ISPR have raised questions on many aspects of Arshad Sharif’s Murder. We hope that the investigation will bring out the facts. (Intekhab Daily)
  2. The Chief of Jamiat Ulema e Islam and leader of PDM, Maulana Fazal Ur Rahman has said that now even the national institutions have come openly against Imran Khan. Speaking to the media he said that Imran Khan’s march is not an Azadi march but a vagabond march. And today when we are having an important Pak-China meeting about economy in Islamabad he has announced the long march. Maulana said that China knows that our government will remain for a few more months but it is ready to invest in the country. He said that Imran Khan does not want that the country should stand on its feet. (Ausaf Daily)
  3. Chairman Jamaat-e-Islami Sirajul-Haq said that the army’s withdrawal from politics is a requirement of their oath. In the past, institutions had harmed the country by bringing them in parties. Addressing a press conference in Chiniot, Haq said that political parties also forced the  army into politics. He said that it is the right of every political party to hold a long march. The solution to the country’s problems is clean and transparent elections. He further said that without electoral reforms, a clean and transparent election is not possible. (Ummat, Nawai Waqt, Daily Jinnah)
  4. PTI Information Secretary and former federal minister Fawad Chaudhary has exposed the reason why the journalist Arshad Sharif had to leave the country. He was compelled to leave the country as he was threatened. He had written a letter to the President on 12th July 2022, stating that his and his family’s lives were in danger. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government   did not force Arshad to leave the country. In fact, he did not want to go out. But when Rana Sanaullah filed 16 cases against him and banned him from speaking on TV or participating in any program, he decided to go out to speak freely. The government wanted to kill him after putting him in jail. We all know the history of Rana Sanaullah. He is alleged to have got killed 22 persons. The suggestion of ISPR should be welcomed and an impartial investigation of the murder of Arshad Sharif should be done. (Intekhab Daily)
  5. Russia has offered to sell three million tons of wheat to Pakistan at a price of USD 372 per ton, which is one dollar per ton less than the bid received by the Trading Corporation of Pakistan. The price of wheat at the international level is 380 US dollars per ton. If Pakistan signs the agreement with Russia, Pakistan will save three lakh dollars. (Jang)
  6.  Balochistan Assembly passed resolution calling for teaching in local languages like Balochi, Barahui, and Pashtun in the province. (Qudrat)
  7. Naseerabad JUI Gen. Sec. Sardar Asadullah Khan Imrani has alleged that the Balochistan Administration has completely forgotten flood affected people and it is because of the support given the Frontier Corps that people in Naseerabad are getting some relief. (Qudrat)
  8. Balochistan Interior Ministry Advisor Mir Ziyaullah Lango has said that   a special unit is being created for the security of foreigners.  Negotiations are being held with the angry Baloch leaders within the framework of the constitution. He added that the elements involved in terrorism will be brought to justice. Afghanistan’s land is being used for terrorism in the province. (Jasarat)
  9. The police in Machh in Balochistan have arrested two sisters of Wadood Satakzai, who were missing for a long time. According to reports the sisters were protesting for a long time against the disappearance of their brother Wadood Satakzai and demanding to find him. They had also raised their voice for all the missing persons and against the atrocities of the Death Squad. Police had arrested both women without giving any reason for the arrest. (Intekhab Daily)
  10. After 11 months, ‘Give Rights to Balochistan Movement’ staged a sit-in again on the main highway of Gwadar Port. The activists reached Gwadar from Makran. Addressing the dharna, the leader of the Give Right Movement, and JI Balochistan Chief, Maulana Hidayatul Rehman, said that the provincial government did not keep its promises and did not fulfill our demands. Rehman said that against the non-fulfillment of the agreements with the provincial government and the non-resolution of the problems of Gwadar district, we have started a protest sit-in again, which will continue for an indefinite period. (Jasarat)
  11.   A young married woman was arrested from the metropolis’ Sector 5, New Karachi area on the charges of blasphemy after she allegedly desecrated the Holy Quran. The area residents staged a protest and blocked the road outside Bilal Colony police station, demanding the security personnel hand over the accused to them. To control the security situation, the area police closed the doors of the police station, beefed up the security and immediately shifted the suspect to a safer place. (Ummat, Daily Jinnah, Daily Express)
  12. Addressing the protest rally outside the Karachi Press Club, President of Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat (Karachi) Allama Rab Nawaz Hanafi and other leaders said insults of the companions of the Prophets have been going on continuously for some days in Pakistan. The enemy is taking advantage of our soft tone; the law enforcement agencies are neglecting effective action on the continued abuse.  Due to this our tolerance is running out. (Jasarat)


  1. The press conference by DG, ISI, along with DG, ISPR, was the most important event especially as Pakistan was getting embroiled more and more with the atmosphere of anger, disgust, hatred, charges and counter-charges at high places. Both these officers replied to all the questions put forth from media persons. The media persons were candid and probing in their questions and the officers replied very patiently.  It was also conveyed through their answers that the country did not have any fears of external threat and if there was any threat, it came from internal instability. This is also a fact. Country’s key institutions have been targeted since few months. One particular section is crossing all limits in their attacks on the institutions despite so many leniencies being shown to this section. The country would not have come to the current state of affairs if this section were not shown leniency.  If no leniency was shown in the beginning itself, this section would not have dared harm the country and our institutions’ image. Anyway, we think the press conference by DG ISI is a timely development; we also look forward to authorities making concrete efforts to bring an end to the atmosphere of mess and unease around”. (Ibrat Edit)
  2. In view of the current political situation in the country, the press conference of DG ISI and DG ISPR is unusual but is of great importance.  For the first time in the history of the nation the Chief of a secret agency has had a direct conversation with the media. A judicial commission should be constituted to start its work without any delay; a transparent investigation should also be carried out and those responsible should be brought to the fore so that no one may suffer any kind of harm from this incident and situation. The leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf, Faisal Vawda, also held a press conference, in which he stated many things which must be considered. whether one agrees with these things or not.  Imran Khan has also announced a long march; the political environment is very hot; politics seems to be taking a strange direction. (Edits – Daily Pakistan, Jehan Pakistan, Nai Baat)
  3. PTI Chief Imran Khan is about to mount a long march to Islamabad. People are not much amused by such actions as they are worried for their daily bread and butter; they want that the governments should control life threatening inflation. There is no doubt that actions like Long March would only add to the problems of the common man. (Edits in  Baad-e-Shimal, Daily K2, Aeen)
  4. The mysterious murder of Arshad Sharif, a strong critic of the present government and a prominent anchor has created chaos in national politics. It is being said that Arshad Sharif had to leave the country suddenly due to government repression. Immediately after the murder of Arshad Sharif in Kenya, Imran Khan announced his proposed long march. The government is afraid of political protests and approached the Supreme Court to stop Imran Khan’s proposed long march, but the Supreme Court rejected the government plea. (Edit Jasarat)
  5. Sindh sugar cane growers are being ill-treated every year. They are being blackmailed by sugar mill owners every year. It is time Sindh authorities start listening to grievances of the growers and the sugar cane growers should get sufficient enough as procurement prices for their yields so that they can undertake sugarcane sowing, again. (Sindh Express Edit)
  6. Despite being a wheat-growing country, Pakistan has been facing food shortage for the past four years and is meeting the demand through imports.  According to government estimates, the country will have to import 25 lakh tons of wheat in the coming days. This import has to be done at a time when global prices have reached their highest level due to the Russia-Ukraine war. Imported wheat to Pakistan may also be expensive because on the one hand the foreign exchange reserves have decreased to the level of 7.5 billion dollars and on the other had the rupee has depreciated against the dollar. According to economic experts, if the situation of continues  this way, it will increase the difficulties of consumers. In these circumstances, the government is trying to purchase wheat under the barter system. The Russian trade delegation, which is on a visit to Pakistan these days, met with Federal Minister for National Food Security Tariq Bashir Cheema on Wednesday, and both sides agreed that Russia would help Pakistan in meeting the demand for wheat. Pakistani rice is of good quality and Russia is looking forward to increasing its import. This seems to be a better solution. However, in order to meet the nutritional deficit on a sustainable basis, it is necessary to bring reforms in the agricultural sector and give incentives to the farmers to step up wheat production. (Edit Jang)
  7. The tragedy of Pakistan is that its politics did not develop according to its needs. The weak economy has taught only one thing to the rulers that is take loans from anywhere. The lenders have their own priorities. They want surety that their loans will be paid back. For that, they impose conditions to increase the prices of petroleum products and electricity tariffs. So that their loans can be paid back by the income through the increased prices. Pakistan had taken 22 times loans from the IMF and every time it accepted the lender’s terms. And the result? The economic problems are not solved but increased. A country with a weight of so many loans on its shoulders can never become Switzerland but will become Nigeria. A weak economy develops political instability. That is what we are suffering from. (Edit-Intekhab Daily)
  8. Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif met the Saudi Crown Prince during his three-day visit to Saudi Arabia. During the meeting, he requested Prince Mohammad bin Salman to take immediate action for the release of the Pakistanis arrested for the April 2022 incident that took place in the Masjid-e-Nabwi, Madinah. The Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman accepted the request and ordered the release of all the Pakistanis involved in the riots. Saudi Arabia not only claims friendship with Pakistan but also gives practical proof of this friendship by helping Pakistan in every difficult hour.   Despite the harsh criticism and ridicule of the opponents, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s request for the release of these people from the Saudi jails shows the breadth of his heart. His initiative is highly commendable. (Edit, Nawai Waqt)


  1. Like many others in the country, we also shuddered at the very thought as to where will the country’s conditions head to with Imran Khan’s Long March. It looked like his Long March was going to succeed. But, the way ISI and ISPR chiefs held an unexpected press conference yesterday it has left an impression that conditions are not as bad as we feared. This is the first time that DG ISI, held a presser. The press conference exposed the hollowness of all political narratives and statements from Imran Khan. His supporters might believe it or not, this press conference has won over many a mind in the country, especially of those who are the country’s well wishers. Both these officers DG ISI and DG ISPR made it clear in their press conference that it was aimed at apprising the media about conditions and circumstances connected with the death of popular journalist Arshad Sharif in Kenya. ISPR Chief said the conference was convened at such a juncture when it had become necessary to separate fact, fiction, opinion and views with the ultimate aim of bringing truth before people. From the facts that have now come out in press conference, it has only exposed true colors of Imran Khan. Now, it remains to be seen as to his followers and fans to react and see Imran Khan’s real face coming to light from yesterday’s press conference. (Comment under the heading Ibrat Desk in Ibrat, Oct.28)
  2. It is too early to say as to which way Pakistan politics will head after the press conference by ISI Chief and ISPR Chief. Will this historic and stormy press conference raise obstacle in Imran Khan’s Long March starting from Friday? Though Long March is yet to take off, many apprehensions and rumors like people dying in large numbers in Long March or it leading to martial law in the country have already started though any debate on martial law or dictatorship should not take place especially after a press conference addressed by army spokesman.  Will this Long March be so severe that it can have an impact not just on the government but also on the establishment? Social media is also full of posts with many fears associated with Long March. The only thing that can make Long March take an ugly turn is if the army is brought into action to stop the Long March. We must keep this fact in mind that the majority in the army is from Punjab and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. Federal Home Minister Rana Sannaullah has said FC will be in forefront to stop Long March and the army will be behind the FC.  So far, the army has not cracked down on protesting people. Army will not like to confront people especially when majority of these protestors are from Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is not possible that the army cracks down on its people from Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for political reasons. The army can be reluctant also because it fears being targeted on social media in case of its crackdown. The Pak Army would not like to earn any bad name for the sake of the PDM government. It has said blunt no to anything which brings it in direct or indirect confrontation with people. It has also asked the FC not to act against people. We should recall times when TLP was taking its protest march, the government had asked FC to stop the march but FC did not take any serious action. So far, there is no clear indication as to what will be the army’s stand /army role vis a vis Imran Khan’s Long March. The court has allowed Long March and in such a backdrop, the army cannot do anything which can lead to more disturbances. The only thing left with the government can be arresting Imran Khan to keep peace and to ensure law and order conditions. But who will control conditions likely to arise from Imran Khan’s arrest? If the PDM government in Islamabad were that courageous and strong to arrest Imran Khan, by this time there would have been Governor’s rule in Punjab. If there was Governor’s Rule in Punjab, it would have made Imran Khan to think of other options. Imran Khan’s Long March turns into a big Wrong March when establishment charges against him and says he is no longer “sadiq and ameen” and blames him for making the country’s most sensitive institution/army controversial. Till today, Pakistan army has not convened any press conference concerning one individual and now that army has said in other words that Imran Khan is an unreasonable politician, will Imran Khan’s Long March succeed in its mission? The current times are extremely sensitive in the country’s history; such a defining moment was never felt in the country’s history, never ever before. (, Aijaz Mungi   in Sindh Express)
  1. The Long March will take off on Friday after funeral prayers for slain journalist Arshad Sharif on Thursday. Thus, though both these issues like Long March and Arshad Sharif death are different, look connected. The Arshad case is a very sensitive matter and whatever Imran Khan has been talking about Arshad’s killing that he knew about this threat and that he had advised Arshad to go abroad, can entangle him in legal matters. The way Imran Khan has been targeting institutions on this matter the establishment will not sit quiet for long. While it remains to be seen as to how the establishment reacts, the biggest and most noteworthy statement from Imran Khan is that his doors are always open for talks. If Imran Khan succeeds in mobilizing people in large numbers, say one lakh or more then it will indeed be a tough task for the government to control them. At this juncture, it cannot be said if Long March will enter Red Zone area or not, because there are many ifs and buts involved, but if Long March turns into a dharna outside Red Zone, no one knows how many days that dharna will continue. If we recall PTI dharna in 2014, it was held for more than 100 days without any success as it had failed to topple then PML-N government despite support from establishment and round the clock TV coverage. Conditions today are much different. Whoever wins in the tug of war between the PTI and the government, it is surely going to affect the country and the people adversely. It can only further delay rehabilitation of flood-affected people, and it can result in more damage to our economy. Keeping in mind conditions prevailing in the country today, one fears big doom befalling the country derailing democracy and our political system. In the continuing fight in pursuit of political interests, people and national interests are nowhere in sight as this fight is now being given new names like: jihad, for genuine freedom, freedom from slavery, fight for right and truth and lot more.  (M B Soomro in Pahenji Akhbar, Oct.27)
  2. How to bring prosperity to Sindh’s interiors and villages? Mafia groups have total administrative support. How can the agricultural economy be kept protected from these mafia groups? To make matters worse, national and mainstream media is confined to urban Sindh. Government’s focus is only on Karachi while nexus amongst politicians, bureaucrats, business community and contractors thrive at the district level. In such a situation, the nationalists, civil society and intelligentsia will have to come forward and take interest in agriculture, infrastructure and other developmental works in the interiors. We are living in times of knowledge economy and social media. Extra-ordinary movements by youth on social media can make them effective pressure group whereby they can become effective and formidable voice for putting pressure on authorities to change their policies in accordance with times and needs. (Mahsaan B in Kawish., Oct.27)
  3. We don’t need a Chanakya or Arthsastra to teach the art of ruling to our rulers. Their experience of 75 years has taught them enough. They know what to do when something unexpected happens. From the murder of Liaquat Ali Khan to the murder of Arshad Sharif four steps are common in our system of politics. First, condemn the murder in the strongest words and offer sincere sympathy to the family and relatives of the victim. Second, issue a statement to the press, which was first typed in 1947 and is being used today, only the name of the victim and rulers is changed. Third, the claim that the criminals will not be spared and the blood of the victim will not go wasted. Fourth, a high-level commission is formed which will expose the faces of the criminals. But if you look at all the high-level commissions you will see that the net result of those commissions was zero. Who was held responsible for the murder of Liaquat Ali Khan, Benazir Bhutto and the tragedy of model town? It is just a ploy to pacify the people. And now people are so much fed up with these commissions that they have lost their faith in commissions and even the judicial system. (Babar Awan in Dunya Daily) ####