3 die of Covid with no timely help in Tibet

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3 die of Covid with no timely help in Tibet

Three Tibetans have reportedly died of Covid-19 as they failed to get timely medical care, Radio Free Asia (RFA) reported citing sources.

“They died because they did not get the treatment they needed on time,” one source said, speaking on the condition of anonymity for security reasons.

According to the RFA source, the Chinese government has not reported a single Covid death in Tibet.

The Tibetan community has identified two of the dead as Penpa Tsering from Lhasa Toelung Dechen (in Chinese , Duilongdeqing), Ajho Penpa from Shigatse (Rikaze).
The third covid victim is said to be from Gyantse (Jiangzi).

Tsering, 62, was a doctor by profession. he died at home .
Authorities did not allow Ajho Penpa’s family to take his body cremate it for six days. “A sign that read ‘Covid positive family’ was then hung outside their door.”

Lhasa is under a lockdown since 30 days as covid numbers continue to rise with total cases till this Thursday put at 16,327.

The lockdown restrictions have drastically affected the day-to-day lives of the people due to food shortage.
Chinese authorities have set up several quarantine facilities,

These centres however lack medical care or sanitation facilities, sources told RFA, accused the authorities of “confining people together in quarantine centres whether they are COVID positive or not.”###