India of Kangana, Vir Das

November 25, 2021 admin 0

by Atul Cowshish We always believed that India has more diversity than other countries—in race, religion, caste, class, communities and what not. But going by a current controversy, two distinct classifications are possible—one pronounced by Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut who apparently ridiculed India’s Independence and the other by stand-up comedian Read more ………

Mighty Modi’s U-turn on Farm Laws

November 20, 2021 admin 0

By Tushar Charan Prime Minister Narendra Modi might have thought that his ‘U-turn’ on thhe three controversial farm laws would go down well with the farmers but not only it has failed in that respect but has opened up possibilities of more such protests by determined civil society groups staring Read more ………

Listen to New Life, New Humanity

November 14, 2021 admin 0

Interestingly, not much is in public domain about Meher Baba’s work for the uplift of the marginalised sections though they were considered as Harijans (children of God). His intervention proved beneficial to Harijans politically and socially.

Sidhu Hits Amrinder Out of Ground

September 20, 2021 admin 0

by Atul Cowshish Navjot Singh Sidhu, who as former Indian opening batsman knew where his off stump is, succeeded in hitting his rival, Chief Minister Capt. Amrinder Singh, out of the ground in Punjab. But now he must brace himself up for a tough test in the weeks ahead. He Read more ………

No Option for Pakistan via-a-vis Afghanistan

August 13, 2021 admin 0

Even as one of his many advisors was boasting and bluffing about Pakistan having an ‘option’ if the US continued to spurn it, Prime Minister Imran Khan, former playboy-cum-cricketer, was lamenting before an audience of foreign journalists at his residence that the US saw Pakistan as nothing but a ‘scavenger’, Read more ………

Nepal: Deuba wins trust vote, faces an uphill task

July 20, 2021 admin 0

Nepal created history on Sunday with the Supreme Court reinstated Parliament expressing confidence in “Acting” Prime Minister Deuba. It also marked curtains down on the Sharma Oli saga of anti-India rhetoric, and China card politics that have pushed the landlocked Himalayan nation to the precipice twice within six months. With Read more ………

Chasing Achhe Din, PM Modi style!

July 16, 2021 admin 0

To refurbish his sagging global image in the face of his failure to tackle the second wave of Covid-19 crisis effectively, Prime Minister Modi recently inducted in his ministry, qualified professionals belonging to different caste and sub-caste groups. This was a commendable move that is sure to boost his public Read more ………

US imposes new sanctions on China over Uyghurs

July 13, 2021 admin 0

The Biden administration has clamped further sanctions against China for alleged human rights abuses against the minority Uyghur Muslims in the Xinjiang province. The punitive measures are part of the hardening US position against China, which already stands accused of committing “genocide” and “crimes against humanity” with recourse to ruthless Read more ………

Meher Baba & Practical Spirituality

July 8, 2021 admin 0

Meher Baba, known as Silent Master, observed silence for 44-long years from the 10th of July in 1925 till he dropped his body on the afternoon of the 31 st day of the Year 1969. His Avataric Mission, to quote Meher Baba himself, is “to sow the seed of love Read more ………