A- bombs’ era over says Iran President

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A- bombs’ era over says Iran President

Tehran: Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in Tehran that A-bombs’ era is over as no one wants to use them. In an interview to Russian NTV network said the Islamic Revolution is first of all a humane revolution and that aspect has influenced the cultural, political and economic aspects (of it).

“It is a new approach towards living. It is a new approach towards human relations and social behaviors.”

Pointing out that Islamic Revolution has thus far had very great achievements for the Iranian nation and the human society, he said, “31 years ago Iran was under the hegemony of a harsh dictatorship. Lots of the Iranian nation’s interests were sacked by the aliens and a large part of Iran was suffering from full poverty. Both the collective personality and the rights of the Iranian nation used to be looted by the aliens. Foreign military advisors were deciding over the entire affairs of our country, and (they) were meanwhile belittling our nation.”

Ahmadinejad added, “The hegemonic powers had turned Iran into a safe haven for themselves and considered Tehran as a complementary factor for their hegemonic policies in the Middle East. They believed that their plans for exertion of their hegemony over the Middle East were being implemented by Iran perfectly well.

“The Iranian nation, without gaining any tangible benefits from that role playing, was subjected to their hegemony’s pressure and was shouldering its expenses, while enjoying no position either in the region, or in the world,  under such conditions that the Iranian nation is a civilization builder, history builder nation.”?