Amartithi is special: Bhau Kalchuri

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Amartithi is special: Bhau Kalchuri



Amartithi, the day Meher Baba dropped his body has unique significance, says, Bhau Kalchuri,  chairman, Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust.

The day expresses  Meher Baba’s Universality. It is also a reminder to the humanity that people of different faiths and religions should live like brothers and sisters, he said in his welcome address prepared for the Amartithi celebrations.

The text of the address has been released to the media on Monday.

Given here is the Text of the Address

My dearest Brothers and Sisters,

On behalf of the Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust, its Board of Trustees, the Meherazad Mandali and those volunteers who are doing selfless service to the Trust, I welcome you and bow down to you on this day of Amartithi.

Bhau Kalchuri

Bhau Kalchuri

Amartithi is the day that expresses Beloved Avatar Meher Baba’s Universality.

While the Avatar is in the body, He does His Universal Work in the material world and inner worlds, collecting the sanskaras of each person who comes into His contact, as well as the sanskaras of those who do not meet Him in His physical form.

On Amartithi, we remember the day that Beloved Baba stopped meeting people physically. But His Universal work continues (though still, we cannot truly understand what His Universal Work is).

There are five Perfect Masters, and the work they do under the Divine Plan is divided up amongst them. The Avatar’s work is to give a Universal Push to Creation, and this Push cannot be given by the Perfect Masters. That is the reason He comes in man-form, to do the work of giving the Universal Push that the Perfect Masters cannot. And what is this Universal Push?

The Avatar gives a push in consciousness right from the gas state, through the stone, metal, vegetable, worm, fish, bird, and animal forms on through to human beings. A Perfect Master gives a push to the people in his circle or to dogs or cats or parrots he has as pets, not to all. The Avatar is the One who has to come, age after age, in order to give all a Universal Push.

In the world you find religions that follow different Avatars, but He is not a different one. Just as Zoroaster and Meher Baba are One and the same. In every age, the same One comes, but though He is One and the same, His name, face, color, every aspect is changed. He is made to meet the situation of the time, and according to the situation, His work also changes.

But people don’t understand this. We are all brothers and sisters, but people create differences between religions and then kill each other. It is just like two brothers fighting and killing each other.

We should not differentiate among religions. And today, Amartithi, is the day that we will remain fully aware that He comes age after age as the same One. We are all blessed that we have come to know this fact. So we should not follow religions but instead follow the Truth of these religions.

Though the Avatar drops His body, He remains alive and does His Universal Work, remaining infinitely active for one hundred years. During this period, whether people call Him or don’t call Him, He helps them. But then, after one hundred years, He takes rest, and only when His lovers call Him does He help them.

Beloved Baba dropped His body forty-one years ago, and fifty-nine years are there remain until His Universal Manifestation. He is infinitely active for these fifty-nine years, as He was active when He was physically present. After this, when people call Him wholeheartedly, He will be present. He will not take any time at all to be present. He is always present and always lives in the present. Know well that He knows everything all the time, and He always hears what we need.  He is infinitely powerful, and He is infinitely blissful all the time. All days for Him are Today. No tomorrow and no yesterday, only Today. This Amartithi is also Today, without yesterday or tomorrow.

How can “today” become “Today”?

When we forget tomorrow and yesterday.

So, Today is the day we know the fact of “So Hum” [“I Am”].

Whatever He is, we are that, we are the same, I Am. Only this thought should be in our minds: we are One. We should not keep any other thoughts there but “So Hum,” in order that we can find the Truth.

What a great fortune this age has received that He has disclosed many secrets! We have to believe whatever He has said. I am disclosing this truth before you all, blessed ones, and Beloved Baba will be very, very pleased to hear this.

Let us bow down to Him and pray,

“O Beloved, what You have done for us! Now we will work according to your Truth and follow it though love, honesty and service, in order to make our lower selves weaker and weaker and our higher selves stronger and stronger. We know that You will accept our prayer and feel happy to give Your blessing, so that we may get our place in the one-quarter on the ship that will take us directly to Your abode.”

Jai Ho! Jai Ho! Jai Ho! Our dearest Beloved Meher Baba, the Avatar of the Age.

With all love and Jai Baba to you,

In His Love and Service,


Dictated Sunday, 13th December 2009