Anti-Xi Jinping zero-policy report ‘deleted’ a day after publication:  Liberty Times

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Anti-Xi Jinping zero-policy report ‘deleted’ a day after publication:  Liberty Times

In what is no more than the first ever critique of President Xi’s zero covid policy, Chinese think tank, Beijing Anbang Consulting Company published a report that “It is time for China to adjust the virus prevention and control policy”.  

The report was posted on Anbang’s WeChat and Sina Weibo platforms on Aug. 28, but both platforms deleted the report the next afternoon.

Founded in 1993, Anbang Think Tank has served the Central Financial and Economic Leading Group of the Communist Party of China and provided research and advice to government agencies and financial institutions.

Anbang’s report did not say whether it represented the thinking of officials dissatisfied with the “zero-clearing policy.” China’s zero-clearing policy has caused a spike in economic and human resource costs.

The report did not offer any specific recommendations for change, but stressed that preventing the risk of economic stagnation should be a top priority for China, noting that the Economy is recovering after the United States, Europe and Japan loosened restrictions on epidemic prevention and control, media reports said.

It is widely expected that China’s armed lung prevention and control measures will last at least until October or November, after the conclusion of the 20th Party Congress.

Anbang’s report pointed out that due to the impact of epidemic prevention and control policies, China’s economy is at risk of stagnation.

China’s economy grew at just 2.5 percent in the first half of the year, less than half of the official annual target of 5.5 percent###.

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