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Fate is man’s own creation pursuing him from past lives; and just as it has been shaped by past Karma, it can also be modified, remolded and even undone through karma in the present life.
To be merely an idealist is hopeless; to be merely a materialist is also hopeless. It is necessary to create a balance between the two.
Revenge follows hatred and forgiveness follows love. Without love none can cultivate the noble habit of forgetting and forgiving. You forgive a wrong done to you in the same measure in which you love the wrong-doer.
The devotee seeks the pleasure of his own devotion, while the disciple’s only duty is to obey the commands of the Master, which is much more difficult.

Devotees select their own Master and surrender to him. A Master selects his own disciples.
Therefore, many can become devotees, but only a few can become disciples