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The separateness of individuals does not exist in reality but only in imagination.

The one Universal Soul imagines itself separate in itself, and out of this division there arises the thought of “I” and “mine” as opposed to “you” and “yours”.

Although the soul is in reality an undivided and absolute unity, it appears as being manifold and divided owing to the working of its own imagination.

Imagination is not reality. Even in its highest flight, it is a departure from truth. It is anything but the truth.

The semi-subtle sphere is the chain that links the physical material world to the subtle plane. During our habitual dreams we make use of the subtle body and in a sub-conscious way we perceive sensations belonging to the physical material world.

In certain conditions it is possible to make conscious use of the physical senses in such a way that we can contact the semi-subtle sphere. We can, through this fact, enter into communication with the spirits of the dead. These spirit communications have nothing to do with spiritual life, nor with subtle spirit, nor with the spiritual planes. There is a vast difference between the subtle sphere and the semi-subtle sphere.