1 Min

Eat, dance, but forget yourself in the action and have me instead. This is action. When you (ego) go away entirely, I am one with you. So bit by bit, you have to go. Today your nose, tomorrow your ear, then your eyes, your hands, everything.

So better think of me when you eat, sleep, see and hear. Enjoy everything, but think it is all Baba. Baba enjoys it. Baba is eating it. Sleep soundly in Baba, and when you wake up, remember it is Baba getting up. The one thought will do. If you get a pain, then think it is Baba getting a pain. Then it will be all the time Baba.

Try to forget yourself and do all as Baba, and you will enjoy what you do. It is all bliss, all love. It is we who have created misery.


Real value of service is when there is an opposition to it. Your contact with me brings many difficulties to you. Still, if you hold on to my daaman, it is creditable.