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The drama of the continued life of the individual soul has many acts. From the viewpoint of the worldly existence of the soul, a curtain may be said to be drawn over its life after the closing of each act. But no act yields its real significance if it is regarded as complete in itself. It has to be viewed from its wider context as being a link between the acts already performed and the acts still to come.

Its meaning is entwined with the theme of the whole drama of which it is a part. The end of the act is not the end of the progressive theme. The actors disappear from the stage of earth only to reappear again in new capacities and new contexts.

The actors are so engrossed in their respective roles that they treat them as being the be-all and end-all of all existence. For the major part of their continued life (running into innumerable incarnations), they are unconscious of the closely guarded truth that the Author of the drama, in His imaginative production, Himself became all the actors and played the game of hide and seek in order to come into full and conscious possession of His own creative infinity.

Infinity has to go through the illusion of finitehood to know Itself as Infinity, and the Author has to go through the phases of the actors to know Himself as the Author of the greatest detective story, worked out through the cycles of creation.