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Love should be absolutely devoid of lust, and it should be steadfast and unchanging/

Did I ever tell you the story of Ramdas and Kalyan? Ramdas was a spiritual Master at the time of Shivaji. He had many disciples, the favorite among whom was Kalyan.

Ramdas wanted to test his devotion. He asked all his disciples to come together, and he pretended to be sick to the point of death.

He had put a mango over the knee-joint to simulate swelling, and bound it up. It seemed to be swollen like cancer, which Ramdas said it was.

Then he asked his disciples whether any of them would suck out the poison from the knee-joint, saying that whoever did so would die in his place, but that he would be pleased.

While all the other disciples hesitated, Kalyan arose immediately and sucked the knee-joint, but instead of poison, he sucked the juice of the mango.

This is love – to be ready to die for love of the beloved, for the happiness of the beloved