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As long as the mind exists the illusion also exists, even up to the very sixth plane, although the type of illusion which exists on each plane may be different. Mind is subject to imagination. It imagines and experiences imagination through places and states which imagination creates.

So long as mind exists, imagination also persists; and the imaginary places, planes, states and experiences also continue to engage the mind. Just as in the gross world there are places, states and experiences, there are imaginary places, states and experiences on the subtle and mental planes. Yet in both cases they belong to the illusion created by imagination.

However, when the illusion exists, there are within it six ingredients viz., time, space, law, nature, cause and effect. Of these six factors, law and nature are most important. Evolution depends on these six factors and its working is clocklike and without any deviation because of the unfailing interplay of these six factors. Although illusion is the product of imagination, the evolutionary working within that illusion goes on exactly as it should. The determinism is complete.

On the seventh plane the mind does not exist. Hence there are no places, states nor experiences in God-realization, just as such places, states and experiences are absent in the infinite unconsciousness. What exists in God-realization of the seventh plane is just uninterrupted and indivisible consciousness, without any form of burden or limitation.


Everything beyond need is a want and wanting inevitably leads to suffering