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On the spiritual Path there are six stations, the seventh station being the terminus or the goal. Each intermediate station is, in its own way, a kind of an imaginative anticipation of the goal.

The veil which separates man from God consists of false imagination. And this veil of false imagination has, as it were, many folds. Before entering the Path, the man is shrouded in this veil of manifold imagination, with the result that he cannot even entertain the thought of his being other than a separate and enclosed finite individual.

The ego-consciousness has crystallised out of the working of the manifold false imagination, and the conscious longing for union with God is the first shaking of the entire structure of the ego, which has come to be built through the period of the false working of imagination.

The traversing of the spiritual Path consists in the undoing of the results of the false working of imagination, or the dropping of the several folds of the veil, which has created the sense of unassailable separateness and unredeemable isolation.