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True love is very different from an evanescent outburst of indulgent emotionalism or the enervating stupor of a slumbering heart.

It can never come to those whose hearts are darkened by selfish cravings, or weakened by constant reliance on the lures and stimulations of the passing objects of sense.

But to those whose hearts are pure and simple, true love comes as a gift through the activising grace of a Master. Such love is energising and life-giving.

It breaks asunder the narrowness and the prejudices which separate man from man.

It inspires man for selfless and creative action which contributes to the well-being of all, without distinction of caste, color, race, nationality, creed or sex.

It lifts him from the slavishness of sanskaric attachments to the unhampered freedom of the divinely conscious soul.

And it initiates him into the dynamic harmony of life in eternity.