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The sadhana that is useful for a particular aspirant is bound to be related to his sanskaras and temperament; and so, although the spiritual goal for all is the same, the sadhana of a given aspirant may be peculiar to himself.

As a rule an introduction is required between people who do not know one another. Such introduction is not felt to be necessary when there is a give and take of love between persons, for hearts need no introduction.

An affinity can be felt between strangers, a feeling of having known one another before. This feeling is because of their connections in previous lives.

No one requires an introduction to me, for no one is a stranger to me. However, I am a stranger to most, and those coming and remaining in my presence do not do so without introduction.

As a matter of fact, they have come with many introductions — for many times in previous lives have they been introduced to me and have gone away and forgotten me and met me again. All these introductions are their introduction to me this time.