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Astronomers speak of time in terms of billions, trillions and aeons of years. Even these figures are not adequate for their mathematical calculations, and they may be required to coin new terms.

If I were to try and explain in astronomical terms the beginning and end of time, it would never depict the beginning and end of time in eternity.

There is always an ‘ago and there is always an ‘after’ to every point in time. The yesterdays of the past and the tomorrows of the future hinge on a point in time which is the now of the present moment in eternity.

In a flight of imagination, imagining the beginning and the end of the now of the present moment in eternity, one can at the most either add or subtract a measure of time; but this would be nothing more than an adding or erasing of zeros. No amount of swing – even of aeons of cycles – in the sweep of time can give an iota of concept of any beginning or end of the now in eternity.