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God has experienced three states of consciousness: Forgetfulness, Helplessness and All-powerfulness.

In the state of Forgetfulness, God – unconscious of His infinite power, bliss and existence – was perfectly at peace. This state can well be compared with the sound sleep state enjoyed by a person. It is a state of oblivion.

In the state of Helplessness, God, being unconscious of His infinite nature, experiences helplessness. He is worried and vexed. He finds no peace. He seeks forgetfulness because of His great anxieties and calamities. He even takes to drinking alcohol. Why? He wants to forget himself. The first experience of forgetfulness has such an effect that now in this state of helplessness, oblivion becomes His second nature.

If an ordinary man did not sleep for a month, he would either go insane or there would be a serious breakdown in his nervous system. Thus man tries to restore his state of forgetfulness through sleep. But while asleep he does not forget himself consciously, but unconsciously.

The state of helplessness increases day by day, and when it becomes limitless helplessness, it is turned into All-powerfulness. Here God consciously forgets Himself as the limited individuality and experiences infinite existence, power and bliss. This is All-powerfulness.