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Books by Meher Baba
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GOD SPEAKS. This unparalleled exposition on the theme of God and Creation explains how God, the sole Existence and Reality, comes to know Himself through the medium of His own imagination or dream. Encompassed in the discussion are such topics as: God’s whim to know Himself, the evolution of consciousness, reincarnation, the drop-soul’s involutionary journey through the seven inner planes, God-realization, the spiritual hierarchy, and the ten states of God. (Includes 11 charts.)

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<i>God Speaks</i>
DISCOURSES. Meher Baba’s Discourses throw the light of true knowledge on many of life’s most perplexing problems. Inspiring and practical, the Discourses provide an ever-fresh framework of spiritual perspective on the challenges of everyday life.

The Five-Volume set, God to Man and Man to God, the Sixth Edition and the Seventh Edition are online now. Read Books

THE EVERYTHING AND THE NOTHING. This collection of 65 short messages, based on answers to questions that Meher Baba gave out in personal interviews during the early 60s, is rich with insights of a poetic and inspirational nature into the life of love for God. Titles include: “The Lover and the Beloved”, “The Pearl Diver”, “Maya the Showman”, and “The One and the Zero.” Read Me The Everything and The Nothing
IN GOD’S HAND. This facsimile edition reproduces in full color a 39-page manuscript in Meher Baba’s own handwriting, probably authored in 1925. The subject matter is metaphysical, concerning God as Natural Light, Natural Darkness, Unnatural Darkness, and Unnatural Light. It’s the longest-known handwritten manuscript by a Master who, through most of his life, neither spoke nor wrote. In God’s Hand provides a remarkable glimpse into the nature of God and into the mind of the God-Man.Part 1 is a large file, due to the many pages containing graphics, and will take some time to

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In God's Hand
LISTEN, HUMANITY. Edited and narrated by Don Stevens. Created and published under Meher Baba’s supervision, this book’s central section is comprised of nine discourses by Meher Baba on such subjects as death and immortality, sleep, war, freedom, the spiritual path, and love. An opening section by Don Stevens describes a sahavas program with Meher Baba in 1955, and a closing section discusses the question of Meher Baba’s Avatarhood.Read Me Listen Humanity
GEMS FROM THE DISCOURSES OF MEHER BABA. This book, published in 1945, contains selected passages from the “Discourses” of Meher Baba, first published in the issues of the Meher Baba Journals, by The Meher Editorial Committee, Meherabad, Ahmednagar, India.topRead Me Gems
LIFE AT ITS BEST. The 57 short messages in this collection were given by Meher Baba to the public in the course of his visit to America in the summer of 1956.Read Me Life At Its Best
BEAMS FROM MEHER BABA ON THE SPIRITUAL PANORAMA. The publication of God Speaks in 1955 gave rise to questions on particular points of metaphysical detail. Meher Baba’s answers to these questions were compiled into the 13 essays of this book. Sample titles include: “The Advancing Stream of Life”, “The Interplay of Souls”, and “From Eternity to Eternity.”

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Beams from the Spiritual Panorama
SPARKS OF THE TRUTH. Twenty powerful dissertations on the spiritual path, the nature of the soul and the meaning of life. Pointed and pithy, these messages in many ways shake up some frequently held misconceptions about the spiritual life. Compiled by C.D. Deshmukh

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SPARKS FROM MEHER BABA. A collection of short statements from Meher Baba on a variety of subject related to spirituality, such as “God,” “The Purpose of Life,” “The Soul,” “Good and Evil,” and others. The quotes were selected by Meher Baba’s Western disciples, Kitty Davy and Delia de Leon and was first printed in 1962.

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THE PATH OF LOVE. This excellent anthology of short messages includes many of the major statements and declarations that Meher Baba gave at public gatherings during the course of his ministry. Several important messages include “Meher Baba’s Call”, “The Universal Message”, “The Highest of the High”, and “Meher Baba’s Sermon.”

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The Path of Love
MESSAGES OF MEHER BABA. The Messages gathered here by Adi K. Irani have been grouped in two sections: 1) those delivered in the East, and 2) those delivered in the West. Each is addressed to the world at large or to a section of it, and deals, therefore, with current affairs, rather than the ups and downs of spiritual life. 1945

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INTELLIGENCE NOTEBOOKS. In 1926 Meher Baba gave out a rich body of explanations on the nature of the creation and the Divine Reality, recently published under the title Infinite Intelligence. The book is based on a two-volume manuscript, theIntelligence Notebooks, which, though not yet published in print form, is here made available as online digital facsimiles. There is also a concordance that matches up pages in the book with pages of the manuscript. Also find a file containing two text versions of the manuscript. top

Complete Infinite Intelligence Texts| Concordance
Intelligence Notebook I | pp.1-12 | 28-57 | 58-88 | 88-107 | 107-136 | 137-157
158-183 | 183-211
Intelligence Notebook II | pp.1-18 | 19-45

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