China FO Presser

China FO Presser – Dec 12, 2023

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China FO Presser – Dec 12, 2023

China Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mao Ning held a Regular Press Conference on Dec 12, 2023

  Some excerpts   

CCTV: On December 11, Argentina’s new President Javier Milei met with President Xi Jinping’s Special Envoy and Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress Wu Weihua. Could you share more details on that meeting?

Mao Ning: At the invitation of the government of Argentina, President Xi Jinping’s Special Envoy and Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress Wu Weihua attended the inauguration of President of Argentina Javier Milei in Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires. On December 11, President Javier Milei met with Wu Weihua.?

Wu Weihua extended President Xi Jinping’s warm congratulations and best wishes to President Javier Milei. President Javier Milei thanked President Xi for sending the special envoy to attend his inauguration, and asked Vice Chairman Wu to extend his sincere greetings and best wishes to President Xi. He stressed that the new government of Argentina attaches high importance to its relations with China and will continue to firmly follow the one-China principle and the Argentine side stands ready to further promote the in-depth exchanges and cooperation between the two countries in various fields including economy and trade and cultural and people-to-people exchanges.?

Global Times: It is reported that IMF First Deputy Managing Director Gita Gopinath said on December 11 that around 3,000 trade restricting measures were imposed last year, nearly three times the number imposed in 2019. If the global economy fragments into two blocs, including predominantly the US and Europe in the Western bloc and China and Russia in the Eastern bloc, the global losses are estimated to be about 2.5 to 7 percent of global GDP. What is your comment?

Mao Ning: Trade protectionism is not conducive to the free flow of factors including goods, services and capital, distorts resource allocation, and undermines consumers’ interests. It does no good to the production efficiency and the recovery and development of the world economy. What is concerning is that some countries have been pushing for decoupling and severing of supply chains under the pretext of security, and imposing trade restriction measures in the name of “de-risking”. This will only make the world even less safe and bring more risks.

As President Xi Jinping stressed, in an increasingly interdependent and integrated world where countries form a community of shared interests, openness, inclusiveness and win-win cooperation are the only viable option.

China is always committed to building an open world economy and steadfastly promoting high-level opening-up. We always believe that absence of cooperation is the biggest risk and failure to develop is the biggest security threat. China stands ready to work with all parties to realize common development and prosperity through equal consultation and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Associated Press of Pakistan: On December 11, Indian Supreme Court announced a decision endorsing the Indian government’s unilateral step to change the status of Jammu and Kashmir region, which is a clear violation of UNSC Resolution 122 which decided that the final settlement of the Jammu and Kashmir issue can only take place by UN-supervised plebiscite. What is China’s response?

Mao Ning: China’s position on the Kashmir issue is consistent and clear-cut. The Kashmir issue, left from the past, needs to be resolved peacefully and appropriately in accordance with the UN Charter, Security Council resolutions and relevant bilateral agreement. Parties concerned need to settle the dispute through dialogue and consultation so as to maintain regional peace and stability.

Bloomberg: Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said the US will take the strongest possible action to protect national security when asked about how the Commerce Department will respond to Huawei’s chip-making breakthroughs. Do you have any response to her comments?

Mao Ning: We have made clear our position on US chip export controls targeting China on multiple occasions. Such abuse of export control measures seriously harms Chinese companies’ legitimate rights and interests, destabilizes global chip industrial and supply chains, violates the principles of market economy and fair competition, and serves no one’s interests. We firmly reject this.

The US needs to act on its commitments of not seeking a decoupling from China and not seeking to halt China’s economic development. We will be watching closely relevant developments and resolutely defend our legitimate rights and interests.

Bloomberg: One more on Raimondo on a separate issue. She said the US is looking into specifics of three new AI accelerators that Nvidia is developing for China. Earlier this month she vowed to restrict any new chips that give the Asian country AI capabilities. Can you give any response to that?

Mao Ning: We firmly oppose the US’s abuse of export controls and malicious attempts to blockade and keep down China.

AFP: China’s official media reported today that President Xi is now in Hanoi on a state visit to Viet Nam. Could you update us on this?

Mao Ning: General Secretary and President Xi Jinping is paying a state visit to Viet Nam starting from today. More information on the visit will be released in a timely manner. Please check back for updates.