China FO Presser

China FO presser – Dec 28, 2023

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China FO presser – Dec 28, 2023

China Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mao Ning held a Press Conference on Dec 28, 2023. Excerpts

AFP: China’s Embassy in Myanmar today reminded all Chinese nationals in Laukkaing to evacuate soon. Can you share more information with us, including the possible further mediation by the Chinese side?

Mao Ning: The current security situation in the Kokang self-administered zone in Myanmar is severe and complex. We would like to remind Chinese nationals not to travel to northern Myanmar and call on Chinese nationals already in the area, especially those in Laukkaing Township, to move to safety or return to China as soon as possible and take safety precautions.

China believes that maintaining the momentum of ceasefire and peace talks serves the interest of relevant parties in Myanmar and helps ensure peace and tranquility at the China-Myanmar border area. China hopes that relevant parties in Myanmar will exercise maximum restraint, actively ease the situation on the ground, together realize the soft landing of the situation in northern Myanmar and take concrete actions to protect the safety and security of Chinese projects and personnel in Myanmar.?

Shenzhen TV: The UK-based Financial Times reported earlier that China is imposing a lengthy approval process and strict requirements to impede projects that lay and maintain undersea cables through the South China Sea. This has forced cable companies to reroute and bypass the South China Sea. Nikkei also reported that owing to the lengthy approval by China’s competent authorities, the progress of some cable projects through the South China Sea has been slowed down. What’s your comments??

Mao Ning: Undersea cables are critical infrastructure for global data flow and carry around 99 percent of the world’s intercontinental communications traffic. They are the most important type of information carrier in international communications. Over the years, China has enhanced international exchanges and cooperation in cyberspace and actively advanced the construction of undersea cables and other types of global information infrastructure. China has implemented the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea in letter and in spirit, and issued the Sea Areas Administration Law, the Marine Environment Protection Law, the Provisions Governing the Laying of Submarine Cables and Pipelines, the Provisions Governing the Protection of Submarine Cables and Pipelines and other relevant laws and regulations, which identify countries’ rights and obligations in laying cables in waters under China’s jurisdiction in accordance with the law. They provide sound legal safeguards to international undersea cables that travel through waters under China’s jurisdiction.

China welcomes and supports other countries and telecommunication companies in laying international undersea cables in waters under China’s jurisdiction. We encourage such collaboration between Chinese companies and their foreign counterparts. China will continue to work with the international community to strengthen bilateral, regional and international dialogue and cooperation, actively advance the building of global information infrastructure including undersea cables, jointly protect the cables, and boost global digital connectivity. We will jointly build a fairer and more equitable, secure, stable and vibrant cyberspace and a community with a shared future in cyberspace.