China FO Presser

China FO Presser -July 26, 2023

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<strong>China FO Presser -July 26, 2023</strong>

China Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mao Ning held a Regular Press Conference on July 26, 2023

Some Excerpts

CCTV: “Global South” has been an international buzzword lately. We saw that Director Wang Yi put forward China’s proposal on greater Global South cooperation at a BRICS meeting. Do you have more to share on this??

Mao Ning: The Global South is the family of emerging markets and developing countries. While attending the Meeting of BRICS National Security Advisers and High Representatives on National Security in South Africa, Director Wang Yi put forward a four-point proposal on strengthening Global South cooperation. The proposal calls for joint efforts to end conflicts and rebuild peace, to promote development through revitalization, to seek progress with openness and inclusiveness, and to pursue cooperation in solidarity.

Wang Yi stressed that independence is the political hallmark of the Global South, development and revitalization its historical mission, and justice its unyielding pursuit. Global South countries need to join hands and contribute their share to world peace and common development. China is a natural member of the Global South and will always be part of the developing world. We stand ready to work with emerging markets and fellow developing countries to act on the Global Development Initiative, the Global Security Initiative and the Global Civilization Initiative, and forge a human community with a shared future.

Global Times: Today, the Wuhan Municipal Emergency Management Bureau issued a public statement and the Wuhan Public Security Bureau put up a bulletin. According to them, the Wuhan Earthquake Monitoring Center suffered a cyberattack, which was detected by China’s National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center and Chinese company 360. Global Times reported that preliminary evidence indicates that the cyberattack had come from the US. What is your comment?

Mao Ning: According to the statements from relevant Chinese agencies, a hacker group with overseas government background launched a cyberattack on the Wuhan Earthquake Monitoring Center, which is a serious threat to China’s national security.

We condemn the irresponsible attack. China will do what is necessary to safeguard our cybersecurity.

China Daily: Lately, US officials, including National Security Advisor, Secretary of State, Secretary of Commerce and spokesperson for the White House National Security Council have commented on the so-called “Chinese cyberattacks against the US.” Officials from the US National Security Agency even said that espionage is what nation-states do. Are the statements released today by relevant Chinese agencies a response to US remarks???

Mao Ning: The statements from China are objective and professional. They simply stated a fact. This is inherently different from the accusation and smear against China from the US. The US government is engaged in malicious cyber operations against not just China but countries around the world, while blaming China for so-called “hacking attacks.” This is textbook double standards and political manipulation.

Cybersecurity is a common challenge. By politicizing and weaponizing cybersecurity issues, the US is disrupting the global effort of jointly addressing the challenge through dialogue and cooperation and hampering the mutual trust among countries. The US needs to immediately stop its wrongdoing and work with the rest of the world to make common rules through dialogue and cooperation and abide by these rules, and safeguard peace, security and stability in cyberspace with a constructive and pragmatic attitude.?

CRI: It is reported that Kim Jong-un, general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) and Chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK, visited the cemetery of martyrs of the Chinese People’s Volunteers (CPV) in Hoechang County and presented a wreath before the grave of Mao Anying. Do you have any comment??

Mao Ning: This year marks the 70th anniversary of the armistice of the Korean War. On the upcoming occasion of the 70th anniversary, the DPRK’s top leader Kim Jong-un visited the cemetery of martyrs of the CPV in Hoechang and paid high tribute to the CPV martyrs, which shows that the party, government and people of the DPRK deeply cherish the formidable feats of the CPV and that China and the DPRK are carrying forward the traditional friendship in the new historical period.?

China and the DPRK are friendly neighbors connected by mountains and rivers. Consolidating and growing bilateral relations serves the common interests of both sides and is conducive to peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula and the region. Guided by the important consensus reached by the top leaders of the two parties and countries and in accordance with the requirements of the new era and the aspiration of the two peoples, China stands ready to work with the DPRK to strive for new and greater progress of China-DPRK relations.

The Paper: Renowned Japanese writer Seiichi Morimura passed away aged 90 years old on July 24. He was the author of many bestsellers, including the reportage “The Devil’s Gluttony” that exposed the crimes of the Japanese army Unit 731 which was part of the forces that invaded China. What’s your comment?

Mao Ning: We mourn for the passing of Mr. Seiichi Morimura and extend our sympathies to his family. Mr. Morimura was a renowned Japanese writer with a sense of justice. Many of his works are about upholding justice and human conscience. His reportage “The Devil’s Gluttony”, in particular, gave an in-depth account of Japan’s crimes of germ warfare against China. We commend the courage of those with insights in Japan who faced up to and exposed historical truth. Japan needs to draw serious lessons from the history of its militarist aggression and take effective steps to get rid of its toxic legacy.

Shenzhen TV: A high-level international forum on mangrove protection opened this morning in Shenzhen. Do you have information on that? What outcomes can be expected from the forum?

Mao Ning: A high-level international forum on mangrove protection opened today in Shenzhen. The forum aims to galvanize global consensus and efforts for mangrove protection. A joint statement was adopted this morning. It encourages governments to incorporate the protection and sustainable use of mangroves into national plans to achieve strong ecological, economic and social benefits. A special fund was launched to improve mangrove protection worldwide.

The forum is an important step implementing the outcomes of the 14th Meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties to the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands (COP14) held last November and China’s recent national conference on ecological and environmental protection. It fully demonstrates China’s commitment to advancing international cooperation on mangrove protection and building a clean and beautiful world.

Beijing Youth Daily: It was reported that Fiji’s Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka has canceled his plan to visit China due to an injury. What is your comment?

Mao Ning: The Fijian side has informed China that Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka has to postpone his visit to China due to an injury. We understand and respect the decision. We extend our sympathy and wish him a speedy recovery. We will stay in touch with Fiji on matters regarding his visit.