China FO Presser

China FO Presser -June 19, 2023

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<strong>China FO Presser -June 19, 2023</strong>

China Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mao Ning held a Regular Press Conference on June 19, 2023
Some excerpts

Xinhua News Agency: Recently, the Chinese government donated grain and prefabricated houses to Syria. President of Syrian Arab Red Crescent Khaled Hboubati and Syrian government officials attended the handover ceremonies held in Damascus and extended heartfelt thanks for China’s kind assistance. Could you offer more information?

Mao Ning: After the powerful earthquakes hit Syria in early February this year, China immediately activated its emergency humanitarian assistance mechanism and provided Syria with supplies and cash aid worth a total of RMB 30 million. To support Syria’s post-quake reconstruction efforts, China accelerated the delivery of emergency food aid programs and provided 225 additional prefabricated houses worth RMB 10 million.

Going forward, we will continue to work with the international community to support and assist the Syrian people in overcoming difficulties, recovering from the disaster and advancing post-quake reconstruction.

CNR: It is reported that the Ugandan police said on June 17 that anti-government group Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) attacked a school in Uganda on June 16, killing 41 people. The Spokesperson for the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres condemned the attack. What’s China’s comment?

Mao Ning: China strongly condemns violent attacks against civilians, especially students. We mourn for the innocent victims and offer our heartfelt sympathy to the injured and the families who have lost loved ones. China opposes all acts of violence and terror and will continue to firmly support Uganda’s efforts to uphold national security and social stability.

Reuters: New Zealand Prime Minister Chris Hipkins has said that he will lead a trade delegation to China on a visit during June 25 to 30 and that he’ll be meeting President Xi Jinping?as well as Premier Li Qiang. What are China’s hopes for this visit by the New Zealand Prime Minister? What kind of trade partner is New Zealand for China? And also, is China keen to increase trade with New Zealand?

Mao Ning: I do not have anything to share on the specific visit you mentioned. Let me say broadly that China values the relations with New Zealand and looks to enhance cooperation with New Zealand in trade and other fields.

AFP: Will US Secretary of State Antony Blinken meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping today?

Mao Ning: About Secretary Blinken’s meetings and talks while he’s in China, we will release information in due course.

AFP: What do you think of Secretary Blinken’s visit to China so far? Has it been constructive or somewhat disappointing??

Mao Ning: Since Secretary Blinken arrived in China, he has held talks with State Councilor and Foreign Minister Qin Gang and met with Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Director of the Office of the Central Commission for Foreign Affairs Wang Yi. We have released detailed readouts on both events. You may refer to them.

Reuters: US President Biden has said he hopes to meet President Xi in the next several months. Are there any plans to arrange this meeting over the coming months? And if so, will the plans materialize this year?

Mao Ning: I have nothing to offer.?

CCTV: Reports say that Japanese police recently arrested a researcher of Chinese nationality. What’s China’s comment?

Mao Ning: China noted relevant reports and is paying serious attention to the arrest. We have expressed serious concerns to the Japanese side via diplomatic channel and asked Japan to duly protect the lawful rights and interests of Chinese nationals. We hope that Japan will respect the rule of law and the principles of market economy and fair competition and foster a favorable environment for China-Japan scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation.?

RIA Novosti: Russian President Vladimir Putin showed the initialed draft Istanbul agreement on resolving the Ukraine issue to leaders and representatives of several African countries at their meeting in St. Petersburg on Saturday. The draft agreement listed China, the US, the UK, Türkiye, France and Belarus as Ukraine’s security guarantors. Has China agreed to be a security guarantor for Ukraine?

Mao Ning: China’s position on the Ukraine issue is consistent and clear. We are committed to promoting talks for peace and facilitating a political settlement of the crisis in our own way.

AFP: Premier Li Qiang is on a visit in Germany today. Last week, the German side noted that some of China’s practices don’t serve Germany’s interest. What message will Premier Li Qiang send to the German side?

Mao Ning: About Premier Li Qiang’s visit to Germany, we have made an announcement and shared our expectation for the visit. Information about his visit will be released in a timely way. Please check back for updates.?

Bloomberg: Do you think Secretary Blinken’s visit will encourage others to come and visit their counterparts in China and increase bilateral interaction?

Mao Ning: China and the US are in touch about dialogue and exchange at various levels. I do not have anything to share on your specific question.