China FO Presser

China FO Presser – Nov 28, 2023

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China FO Presser – Nov 28, 2023

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin held a presser on Nov 28, 2023


CCTV: We noted that the UAE will hold the 28th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28) in Dubai from November 30 to December 12 this year. Can you share China’s expectation for the conference?

Wang Wenbin: COP28, which will open at the end of this month, will see the first-ever global stocktake since the Paris Agreement came into effect. It will be of milestone significance. China highly commends the UAE’s leading role as the host of COP28 in advancing green and low-carbon development and galvanizing global joint response to climate change. President Xi Jinping’s Special Representative, Member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Vice Premier of the State Council Ding Xuexiang will attend the World Climate Action Summit in the UAE.

China will work with all parties to support the UAE’s presidency and use the global stocktake as an opportunity to step up implementation, strengthen supporting measures and jointly build a fair, reasonable and win-win global climate governance system.

China Daily: The Global AI Governance Initiative China put forward not long ago has drawn extensive attention around the world. Can you share more with us?

Wang Wenbin: President Xi Jinping announced China’s Global AI Governance Initiative at the opening ceremony of the third Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation. The Initiative has received high attention and positive comments from the international community.

It is widely recognized that the Initiative fully embodies the vision of a community with a shared future for mankind, meets countries’ need for AI development, and has made unique contribution to the healthy, safe and orderly development of AI. Some developing countries noted that AI rules-making cannot be determined by a few developed countries. It is important to increase the say of the Global South and build a fair and equitable international governance system in the area of AI. Many countries have expressed their willingness to enhance exchange and cooperation with China in AI.

China stands ready to take the implementation of the Initiative as an opportunity to carry out communication, exchange and practical cooperation with various parties on global AI governance, and ensure that AI develops in a way that advances human civilization.

Shenzhen TV: It’s reported that as the ocean discharge of the Fukushima nuclear-contaminated water started by the Japanese government enters the third month, TEPCO recently started damage identification and compensation of domestic victims of the ocean discharge. What’s your comment?

Wang Wenbin: The ocean discharge of Japan’s Fukushima nuclear-contaminated water bears on the health of all humanity, the global marine environment and the international public interest. Japan needs to take seriously domestic and international concerns in the same manner, especially strong concerns of neighboring countries, communicate with stakeholders with a responsible and constructive attitude and address seriously the legitimate demand for damage identification and compensation from stakeholders.

With more Fukushima nuclear-contaminated water being dumped into the sea, the Japanese side must engage in full, sincere consultations with stakeholders, especially its neighbors, put in place a long-term monitoring arrangement as soon as possible that is carried out in a comprehensive, effective and independent manner and involves all stakeholders, so as to avoid irrevocable consequences stemming from the ocean discharge.

Reuters: Three Chinese navy ships have arrived in Myanmar on a goodwill visit. Are there any updates on the situation in Myanmar? What is China’s assessment of the situation at the current time?

Wang Wenbin: On November 27, the 44th Chinese naval escort taskforce arrived in Yangon, Myanmar, for a four-day friendly visit. This is a normal military exchange between China and Myanmar.

As to China’s position on the conflict in northern Myanmar you mentioned, we’ve shared it with you on multiple occasions. China is closely following the conflict. We call on relevant parties to cease fire as soon as possible, settle disputes in a peaceful manner through dialogue and consultation, avoid escalation of the situation, and take effective measures to ensure the security and stability of China-Myanmar border areas.

Antara: The World Health Organization says it has requested more information on an increase in respiratory illness and pneumonia cluster among children. Although Chinese health authorities have not detected any unusual or novel pathogens, there are increasing concerns among the international public about the safety of traveling to China as well as people who travel from China. What is the ministry’s response?

Wang Wenbin: As for your question, China’s National Health Commission (NHC) has held a press conference in a timely manner. The NHC and the National Administration of Disease Prevention and Control, at the request of the WHO, has arranged for exchanges between experts and the WHO on the recent situation of respiratory infectious diseases. If you are interested in any specifics, I would refer you to the competent authorities. Let me assure you that it is safe to travel and do business here in China and there’s no need to worry.

Reuters: Britain’s investment minister Dominic Johnson said he was working to attract Chinese car manufacturers to build a factory in Britain and that investment from China was crucial for Britain to meet environmental targets. How does China view these remarks? Have there been any ongoing talks? What are the progress on these talks??

Wang Wenbin: China and the UK are both major economies in the world. Cooperation in business, trade and investment between the two sides helps to achieve common development and contributes to global growth and prosperity. China stands ready to work with the UK on the basis of mutual respect and win-win cooperation to leverage respective strengths, expand cooperation in business, trade and investment, and promote green growth. We hope that the UK will work with China in the same direction and make concrete efforts to provide a fair, just and non-discriminatory environment for Chinese businesses to invest and operate in the UK.

China News Service: We noted that construction of the Al Dhafra PV2 Solar Power Plant in the UAE, contracted by a Chinese company, fully completed recently. The UAE side noted that this is of great significance as the country is about to host the 28th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28). Do you have any comment?

Wang Wenbin: The Al Dhafra PV2 Solar Power Plant is the world’s largest single PV project and an important project of Belt and Road cooperation in the area of green energy. According to reports, the plant can supply power for 200,000 households, reduce 2.4 million tonnes of carbon emissions per year, and raise the ratio of clean energy in the UAE’s overall energy structure to over 13 percent. Rows of PV components have formed an “energy oasis” in Abu Dhabi’s desert.

China is a doer in advancing global climate governance. We have not only built the world’s largest clean power generation network, but also provided support and assistance in this regard to other developing countries to the best of our capability. Aside from the UAE’s Al Dhafra PV2 Solar Power Plant, China has undertaken other clean energy projects, such as the Sachal wind power project in Pakistan, the Noor III solar-thermal power plant in Morocco, the Al Kharsaah PV power station in Qatar and the Garissa PV power plant in Kenya. All these are vivid examples of China acting on the vision of green development, supporting the green and low-carbon construction and operation of infrastructure and enhancing international cooperation in climate response.

COP28 will open soon in Dubai. We support the UAE in making the event a success. We will continue to synergize the green Silk Road with the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, deepen practical cooperation in green infrastructure and green energy, and contribute more to the low-carbon and green development in all countries.

Reuters: The New York Times reported that the CIA and other American spy agencies have issued warnings about an Emirati firm G42 working with large Chinese companies including Huawei that US officials consider as security threats. US officials are also worried that the advanced American technology could be siphoned to Chinese companies or the government via this Emirati firm. The report also says that the US has even pointed to the prospect of sanctioning this Emirati firm. Our question is: Has the Emirati firm G42 raised these matters with China? Has any of the Chinese firms also brought this to the government’s attention? How does China respond to this report?

Wang Wenbin: I’m not aware of the specifics you mentioned. I would like to stress that the US has sabotaged cooperation between Chinese companies and other countries on multiple occasions under hypothetical pretexts, which is economic coercion. When asked by relevant countries to provide credible proof for the so-called “security threat”, the US has been stammering around or giving ambiguous answers.??

China always opposes the US overstretching the concept of national security, politicizing and weaponizing economic and trade issues or approaching them from an untenable security angle, and obstructing normal investment activities in the industrial community and private sectors. Such moves by the US undermine international economic order and trade rules and threaten the stability of global industrial and supply chains. Those attempts find little support and will not get anywhere.