China: Two more expelled from CPC

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China: Two  more expelled from CPC

In the continuing purge of corrupt elements in the Chinese Communist Party, the axe has fallen on a former railway general manager, Sheng Guangzu, says the Global Times.

He stands accused of abusing his power for personal benefit when he worked in the Customs as well as in the China Railway Corp, the daily said quoting the anti-graft body.  

Disregarding the Party’s frugality code, Sheng accepted banquets, tours, invitations and gifts that may have compromised his impartiality in the performance of his official duties. He also abused his power to seek benefits for others, such as the promotion of officials and the recruitment of working staff, the report said. 

Also expelled from CPC is Li Jiexiang, formerly of the Qinghai Provincial Party Committee. He too is accused of taking bribes, and using state machinery for personal and political gains.  A major charge against him is that he believed in vulgar “wine table culture”.

“Li Jiexiang seriously violated the Party’s political discipline, organizational discipline, integrity discipline, work discipline, and life discipline”, said the anti-graft body in its indictment.###.