China’s state-owned enterprises aiding Russia were caught by the United States

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China’s state-owned enterprises aiding Russia were caught by the United States

During the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia, the US government has evidence of Chinese state-owned enterprises secretly aiding Russia and is currently clarifying whether Beijing authorities are aware of it. The latest issue of TIME magazine quoted anonymous sources as reporting that Chinese state-owned enterprises secretly aided Russia “including non-lethal military and economic assistance” and involved “not completely circumventing the sanctions imposed by the United States and its allies after the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces.”

Russia and China declared their relationship “uncapped” before the start of the war in Ukraine, and U.S. officials believe that China initially intended to provide Russia with lethal weapons, but the Chinese side has backed down and believes that China did not do what it could to assist Russian President Vladimir Putin in his invasion of Ukraine.

China’s aid to Russia shows signs of expansion

People familiar with the matter pointed out that the recent trend of China’s aid to Russia has shown signs of expansion, which has aroused doubts in the United States, and has “confronted” Chinese officials on this matter, in addition to determining whether the Chinese government is aware, but also warned Beijing of the consequences of providing substantial support to Russia. Neither the National Security Council (NSC) nor the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) responded to this, and the Chinese embassy in the United States remained silent.

U.S. State Department spokesman Ned Price said that the United States continues to make clear to China that the consequences of providing substantial assistance to Russia to launch a war in Ukraine “we would be concerned if we saw not only the Chinese government involved, but also Chinese companies.”

Switzerland opens the transit of weapons to third countries

On the other hand, the Security Policy Committee of the Swiss Parliament passed a motion on the 24th with 14 votes in favour and 11 votes against, calling for changes to the regulations on the transfer of war materials and opening the transfer of weapons to third countries to support Ukraine.

In the past, Switzerland did not allow other countries to re-export Swiss-made weapons to Ukraine under the War Materials Act, in line with its principle of military neutrality. In its statement, the Security Policy Committee noted that the motion advocated that the “non-re-export” declaration should be revoked “in cases that violate international prohibitions on the use of force, particularly the war in Ukraine.”

However, the motion also contains a proviso that the Swiss government can still decide to maintain the ban on transhipment if the withdrawal of the non-re-export declaration poses a significant risk to Swiss foreign policy.

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