Four More Appartchiks Axed

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Four More Appartchiks Axed

The Xi Jinping regime has packed of some more apparatchiks picked up from Henan, Heilongjiang and Shandong provinces. Like others hauled up under the anti-corruption drive, they are also charged with indiscipline and violating party code.

Two of the latest victims are from the banking sector, which has come under closer scrutiny in the wake of a rural banking scam.

According to the website of the Central Discipline Inspection Commission and the State Supervision Commission, Wang Dongliang, vice chairman of the Zhengzhou Municipal Committee, is suspected of serious violations of discipline and law. He joined the Communist Party of China in April 1989 after graduation, and held several posts in Henan province.

Gu Yuyou, who headed the China Reserve Cotton Management Corporation came under scrutiny with party leadership in Heilongjiang Province accusing him of ‘serious violations of discipline and law’.

From August 1975, he served as accountant, deputy director and director in charge of the Hulin Baodong Grain Depot, deputy director and director of the Hulin Satellite Grain Depot and the deputy director and director of the Grain Bureau of Hulin City.

By February 2017, he became Chairman of China Reserve Cotton Management Corporation, and retired a year in September 2018. The official announcement on his punishment is silent as to when and why he had earned the wrath of his bosses.

Another former official, Hou Shaoze is also music. He resigned in January 2016 as President of China Development Bank Securities. He too stands accused of serious violations of discipline and the law. He once served the International Department of People’s Bank of China, as deputy director.

Another banker facing disciplinary charges, which appears to be a euphemism for bribes is Zhang Long. He is a former investment and wealth management director at China Construction Bank###.