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Free Baluchistan Movement holds protest outside Chinese embassies in London, Berlin

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Free Baluchistan Movement holds protest outside Chinese embassies in London, Berlin

Free Baluchistan Movement held a protest outside the Chinese Embassy in London and Berlin. Free Baluchistan Movement activists expressed their anger against Iran, China and Pakistan, says Beijing News Net..

The protest outside the Chinese Embassy in Berlin started at 2 pm (local time). Carrying Balochistan flags and banners, Free Balochistan Movement launched its overnight vigil outside the Embassy in Berlin, according to Free Balochistan Movement press release. Outside the Chinese Embassy in Berlin, people carried placards and banners with text that read, “China, Iran, Pakistan hands off Balochistan,” “Free World Should Support Free Balochistan,” “China assisting Pakistan in Balochistan genocide,” “China is co-involved in Baloch genocide.” The UK vigil outside the Chinese Embassy in London concluded with animated protests and spirited chants, Free Balochistan Movement said in a press release. The Baloch activists raised slogans and urged Iran, Pakistan and China to leave Balochistan.

The protest is part of the Free Balochistan Movement’s continuous efforts to highlight the human rights violations in Balochistan and to highlight the collective actions of China, Iran, and Pakistan in Balochistan.

Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, FBM on August 18 stated, “Free Balochistan Movement protest continues at the Chinese embassy in London following a round-the-clock vigil. Baloch activists are chanting slogans, urging the troika Iran, Pakistan and China (Axis of Evil) to leave Balochistan.” The series of vigils announced by Free Balochistan Movement (FBM) President Hyrbyair Marri criticised Troika’s meeting on counter-terrorism and regional stability, calling it the “Axis of evils.” In his statement, Marri said the trilateral meeting among these entities has no real connection with regional security or counter-terrorism. He noted that the focus of the meeting is predominantly on Balochistan, as these nations consider ways to intimidate the Baloch people, suppressing and exploiting them further.

Hyrbyair Marri said, “We perceive this assembly of the ‘axis of evil’ as a direct menace to the Baloch nation and the future of Balochistan,” according to Free Balochistan Movement’s press release. On August 12, Free Balochistan Movement had analogous vigils in Finland. It also organised a vigil outside the Chinese Embassy in the Hague on August 16-17.