Love Prayer for Bhau Kalchuri

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Love Prayer for Bhau Kalchuri

Bhau Kalchuri is back at his American Meherana abode after an eight-day treatment for an abdominal blockage and irregular heart beat at a hospital in Fresno.   He is still very weak, and yet is managing to have his way with his Zee TV fixation.

‘It is wonderful to see Bhau sitting in his recliner chair watching Zee TV’, according to his caregivers, who are keeping all of us posted with updates.

“We appreciate your patience in not calling or emailing Bhau at this time’, they say and promise to ‘let you know when he is strong enough to see people’.

Till then, let us join Mischa Rutenberg, who has created this video of the Sufis singing Meher Baba’s Name to aid in the healing and recovery of dear Bhau.

Lovely video it is and features ‘very tender’ photos of Bhau and Beloved Baba.  Enjoy and lift up your heart in His Name’s Song of Love and Compassion!