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Meta verse in Maya world

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Meta verse in Maya world

Rayala Ramachandraiah*

Now meta verse is coming into the maya world. This is a 21st century phenomenon. Before I delve into this seeming mystery, a word about latest scientific developments and innovations like internet, cloud computing, black chain technology, and artificial intelligence will be fair and proper since these have made an impact on our life style.   The concept of Meta verse Internet has gained immense importance and the new generation would witness a new scientific revolution. We are entering into a Virtual world.

 The word “Meta” in Greek means beyond, and the word “verse” indicates Universe. Hence Meta Verse means beyond the Universe or the Infinite Universe – which indirectly represent the virtual world. The Concept of Meta Verse predicted the State of future technology. The new 3D Technology is designed in such a manner, that the Unknown imaginary world becomes an accessible reality The ability of Meta Verse is to bring the imaginary world into reality. This is also termed as Meta Verse physical reality. The technology consists of Augmented Reality  (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

Through the usage of cell phone “Augmented Reality” and through the using of AR Cet, Virtual Reality becomes operational. When we land on the Coast and watch the sky, we feel that Sea and sky are united at one point. It is an optical illusion. Meta verse Technology is also similar to optical illusion. The virtual world and the physical world are different.

 In the VR Technology, we use a gadget and step into a virtual world. We feel as if it is true or real – though it is not real. Usually when we play video games, we play through one Character, which is different from us. But in the case of Meta verse games, we would get a real feeling of playing games really. People can create artificial Characters through virtual Reality Technology, and introduce them in the Digital Technology. At present, we are watching 3D on the Digital Screen whereas in the Meta Verse Technology – the new VR Technology head-sets and Augmented Reality glasses are used to enter the virtual world. Smart phone Apps could be used to get an experience of real feeling. However it might take some more time Because of the onslaught of Covid-19, the whole world has switched to work from home concept. Through video calls, we are communicating with our fellow-workers. In the near future when Meta verse becomes functional, there would not be any need of going to the office; we can work from anywhere and at the same time, we get the feeling of working together with our fellow-workers in the office

The Facebook Company has changed its name as “Meta ” which indicates that it is going to be the leading Company in the use of Meta verse Technology. The CEO of Facebook, Zuckerberg had declared to its Shareholders that Facebook Company would be allotting 84,000 Crores, to launch the new project of introducing Metaverse Technology and by  the end of this decade, the Company would be successful in providing access of Metaverse technology to 100 crores of people

In the year 1992, science fiction, “Snow Crash ” written by Neel Stevenson, foretold that scientific imagination would utilize Virtual Reality in the Digital Technology. He predicted that the existing 2D Computers would be replaced by 3D Computers. In the year 2000. Linden labs had inverted a new game called “second life”. In the Online, we could build our houses, play games, chit-chat, or purchase clothes. However with the advent of smart phones, the importance of the App “Second Life” decreased. The Meta verse provides real life time experience.

For example, you and your friends had planned for a trip to Goa, but you could not join them. It does not matter. By using the Meta verse technology, you could connect with your friends on phone, and a derive real experience of visiting Goa, along with your friends. In the video calling App on Smart phone, you would be seeing the place from your home, but you do not find yourself in Goa, thus the advantage of Meta verse is that it is possible to go anywhere in the World, sitting in your chair at home your Virtual Human form would be present at the siting place, while you are physically present at your home. It provides a feeling similar to the playing of 3D video games.

Real Virtual world is a new innovation.  In Meta Verse some Apps like Snapchat enable us to modify or redesign our physical form. We Can Change our face. Change our clothes. Change the Goods or items as per our wish. We get fascinated by seeing our newly redesigned face and appearance. Many novels-based science fiction became popular using the concept of Real Virtual World. Three decades ago a novel, “Dissociation” became very popular. The novel “Snow crash” written by Neal Stephenson impressed readers with its narration pegged to a virtually redesigned human form. Another Novel “Ready player” had won the best seller award. Another novel of William Gibson, titled Neuromancer had highlighted a new video games called “PUBJEE “ and “Avatars”.

What can we do in Meta verse?

 Meta verse is an online world concept; we need not be present in one place but can communicate with anyone. We can play games. We can dine together. We can do shopping. We can select the clothes of our choice and check whether they are suitable as per our wish.

In Meta verse virtual world, sale of plots has already started. Recently a Canadian Company has purchased a plot worth 2.5 million dollars, through Meta verse The money was paid through crypto currency. A company named Desentra Land is extending its services in purchase and sale of lands, using the Meta Verse Technology, which is useful for various services related to E-Commerce, Fashion-shows and Advertisements of Fashion Brands.

Sitting at home, we can derive the car of our choice in virtual office; we can meet our fellow-workers and derive a real experience of meeting them. Truly speaking, Virtual Reality is far away from physical reality. Yet it provides a real experience.  Facebook Company has already started selling Ocular VR headsets – costing some $ 300. However the review on headsets did to not meet expected standards. Some research is required for a perfect software – which should be accessible to all.

In 2019, Facebook Horizon was started to create Virtual Reality World. The users should wear Ocular Headset to enter the virtual world. In Aug 2021, Horizon workrooms were launched where, users wearing headsets, conduct meetings with fellow-workers, and they could see 3D version clearly. In Meta verse, a complete economic organization would be functioning. Already people are earning money through digital gaming tokens. The Non-Fungible Tokens are called as assets, which are growing day by day. These assets can only be seen through Digital Technology. The Meta Verse World Stands parallel to the normal physical world. Through Meta Verse World Digital items can be purchased or sold. Just like in social media, here in the Virtual World also people can exchange notes and come closer to the world of reality.

 Virtual world becomes a good source of employment  to the creators and developers of virtual characters alike. It might take at least 10 years more for this sophisticated technology to become functional. After 10 to 15 years the whole world will step into the Meta verse world. Success of this technology depends on the active participation and cooperation of many organizations; video gaming Companies are also coming forward to adopt the virtual reality Technology

Popular Video game developers like “Fortnite (a 2017 game developed by   Epic Games) are planning to organize musical concert in the virtual world,  


In order to protect Data privacy, European Union has decided to implement strict rules and regulations for General Data protection.  Experts are assuring that the personal data of the users would be strictly protected in the future. In order to develop, Meta verse technology Europe has already appointed 10 thousand techniques; Facebook would be providing jobs to lakhs of people in the coming year. Organizations like Microsoft, NVidia, Facebook and EPIC (which is a video game producer) are already making efforts to bring Meta verse Technology into reality. Meta verse can revolutionize the concept of work from home. It enables a person to work along with others in the office environment virtually.


 The popular South Indian movie star, Kamal Hassan has declared that he would be entering the Meta verse world to become accessible to his fans. They can meet and interact with him in the virtual world, Kamal has tied up with an Indian Digital Company, which is developing Meta verse online games. He also decided to have a Digital Museum of his own. He said that he would dedicate all his life to the Meta verse World. Soon after Meta verse Kamal Hassan is created, his Digital Avatars would pop up.

A Startup, named ‘i magnate’ was started in Hyderabad five years ago.  The Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship launched a new project related to virtual reality and augmented reality. Using the platform of Internet, Shamshabad Airport was virtually created and the workers are given training in different skills, without going to Airport physically.

The Mukesh Ambani -led Reliance Oil and Gas company has also tapped the new technology to train its cadres in the virtual world. 

Short point is that Meta Verse Technology is advancing rapidly, creating a virtual world parallel to the Reality World.

Now cut to a discourse on Maya by Avatar Meher Baba.

If a person wants to take the pearl from the bottom of the ocean, then he should not shout at the pearl to come up while he sits on the beach. If he really wants the pearl, he should try his hardest to plunge to the bottom of the ocean to get it. Now, say that the water of the ocean is maya and the pearl is God. According to spiritual law, it is essential that the diver not get wet nor even touch one drop of water while diving. This means it is possible for him to dive and obtain the pearl, but it is impossible for him not to touch even drop of water in the effort. This impossible aspect of spiritual things really makes the diver worthy of the prize.

In order not to touch water, the divers must put on a full diving suit. Only then, will he be able to follow the rule of bringing up the pearl without getting wet.

To compare the above with spirituality, take the water of the ocean as maya, the pearl as God, the diver as the seeker, the diving suit as love, or the willingness to renounce the world, and the man on the beach or boat in-charge of the air compressor as the Sadguru. without the help of the Sadguru to manipulate the air compressor, it is impossible for one to dive down and take the pearls which means to free oneself from the clutches of maya while remaining in maya. A man may discharge his worldly duties and maintain a household with a wife and child. But at the same time, he should remain detached from all this, come what may. This does not mean that he should be neglectful of his duties toward his near and dear ones, but he should have no attachments to it at all. You know that this pen is yours and you use it. But if you lose it, you should not care about it.  You should remain detached.

The meaning of God- realization is emancipation from the bondage of maya. But one has to be in maya to come out of it. So remain in maya but do not get enmeshed in it. Keep away from its tricks and snares. This life, body and death are all maya, and to weep over the death of someone is ignorance. Remember, maya does not mean this world and its affairs. The illusion that this world and everything in it is real and of feeling happy or unhappy over certain conditions, is maya.

See how maya charms and deceives humans and how she entwines herself around them. Daily thousands die. Recently in America many died due to floods.  Ranjoo’s (14) year old son Baggu asked Baba how long the war would go on. Baba spelled on the board that it will not stop, which Baggu understood to mean that humanity was in store for more suffering before it turned towards God. The earthquake in Quetta alone killed 30000 people. But though thousands and thousands perished, you did not feel upset for them – those thousands of men, women and children who were healthy and strong, who were expected to live a long life and had various hopes, plans and ambitions.

 Maya is not illusion; it is the creator of illusion. Maya is not false; it is that which gives false impression. Maya is not unreal; it is that which makes the real appear as unreal and the unreal appear as real. Maya is not duality; it is that which causes duality. During the Avataric period of Meher Baba (1894-1969) two world wars took place in 1914 and 1939 and lakhs of people died. The COVID-19 epidemic in 2021 and 20.22 has resulted in 61.7 crore deaths worldwide.


Once there was a beggar. He used to beg in front of a temple, and as soon as he had collected 100 paisa coins, he would convert them into one pure silver rupee coin. By the time he had collected 25 rupees he was on old man and realized that soon he was going to die. He was in a plight as to what to do with his precious coins. So he thought that as they were his life’s work, he should not part with them. They had become so precious and dear to him he decided that they should be buried with him. But knowing that people would rob the money from his dead body, he thought of a plan to keep the coins inside his body: He piled up the 25 silver coins and tried to swallow them all. There were too many and he had to clench his mouth shut over them. Straining with the effort, he died. Nevertheless, he got his wish. The coins remained tightly shut in his mouth.

Since he was buried at public expense, it was done in a haphazard fashion, and soon his body flesh was eaten away by animals. His bones with the skull with 25 rupees inside were lying on the ground. Some school boys of the village were passing by. Coming across the skull kicked them, and heard the jingling of the coins. All of them kicked the skull as hard as they could to knock out the coins, but it was no use; the teeth’s grip was so tight. They tried to break open the skull with stones, but no avail. So they took the skull to a wise man in the village, who told the skull, “Look here, man, all these people want to take your precious money away, but I want to add to it. Here are five more coins”. Upon hearing this the skull opened at once, and the wise man stuck it from behind and removed the coins. So from this tale you can see how strong maya’s grip is in the past and in today’s Meta world.###

–* The writer is a devotee of Meher Baba; heads the Meher Baba centre at Khammam-507001, Telangana