Mismanagement of Covid services creates havoc in Tibet: Report

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Mismanagement of Covid services creates havoc in Tibet: Report

President Xi Jinping’s Zero -Covid policy has created havoc in Tibet amidst an upsurge in new cases, says a report from Lhasa. The local authorities and the Chinese Communist Party, CCP, have, however, placed a blanket ban on ‘news’ reaching outside world, the report adds.

The outbreak in Tibet began on August 7, 2022, and the lockdowns started happening right afterwards.

Harsh lockdown conditions and repressive policies have made the situation “frightening”. The suffering locals are struggling to voice their concerns, reports Tibet Press.

Leaked news says the authorities have failed to give timely medical care leading to at least three deaths so far.

When entire China and many parts of the world were reeling under the corona epidemic, Tibet remained more or less untouched except for one case at the beginning of the pandemic. Tibet did not see a Covid-19 case for over 900 days.

“The world is told that China is handling the outbreak in a harmonious way, but the reality is different. The measures being taken are too severe and not in the interest of the public at all” says the report.

Tibetans assert that they did not get proper medical care or sanitation services despite rising incidence of Covid-19. Tibetans also complained that officials were forcing people to go into mandatory quarantine without verifying if they are Covid-10 positive or not.

Tibetans are taken to quarantine facilities or forced to stay at home. This made them lose their livelihood.

In several videos doing the rounds on social media, Tibetans are seen talking about poor quarantine facilities, harsh quarantine rules and crowded testing sites with no social distancing rules.

Videos show unavailability of food and medicines, and barely edible food on account of unplanned lockdowns.###