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Mother of man jailed over posting photo of Xi’s daughter writes to Chinese President: Report

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Mother of man jailed over posting photo of Xi’s daughter writes to Chinese President: Report

The mother of a man jailed for posting a photo of President Xi’s daughter has reportedly written an open letter to the Chinese leader saying that her son was framed.

Niu Tengyu (22) is currently serving a 14-year jail term for allegedly uploading the identity of Xi Jinping’s daughter Xi Mingze on a website, according to Radio Free Asia. 

Local media reports say, mother of Niu is not getting legal help with whomever she hired forced to give up the brief.  Thirteen lawyers gave up her case so far. Now she has hired another.

She also narrated that how the lawyers are not allowed to meet Niu Tengyu and they have tried to make appeals to the Guangdong court several times but the court said they have not received any such request, even after the lawyer mailing the request several times.

Chinese citizens continue to be hauled up and jailed for critical or satirical social media posts.

Blogger Qiu Ziming was sentenced to eight months in June 2021 for “defaming martyrs”. He had questioned official information about military deaths near the border with India.

Internet users face account deletions, job dismissals, arbitrary detention, and police interrogation in response to politically sensitive or simply humorous comments made on social media platforms.

The government’s ability to monitor citizens’ lives and communications has increased dramatically in recent years, inhibiting online and offline conversations, according to the Freedom House.

 Social media applications like WeChat closely monitor user discussions to ensure conformity with government content restrictions.

Surveillance cameras, now frequently augmented with facial-recognition software, cover many urban areas and public transportation, and these networks are expanding into rural regions###