No fruit is higher pay than this: Hafiz

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No fruit is higher pay than this: Hafiz

To us intoxicated lovers glance our way, more than this;
To Winehouse door show the pathway, more than this.

Thank You for the grace that flows to use form Your lip,
It’s wonderful, but give a little more I say: more than this.

To that One Who simplifies this crazy mixed-up world,
Say: ‘Make explanation in a subtle way, more than this’.

How can I not lay my heart at such beautiful young feet?
Time never birthed beauty on any day, more than this.

The critic said to me: ‘Besides grief, what is from love?’
‘Wise sir,’ I said, ‘it has meaning today, more than this.’

‘Take up the cup’ I say, ‘drink away and kiss the lip;’
For my soul, answer none could say, more than this.

The reed of Hafiz’s pen is a sweet branch of sugarcane;
Take it, in garden no fruit is a higher pay, more than this.