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Pak Urdu Media Digest- Dec 22, 2023  

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Pak Urdu Media Digest- Dec 22, 2023  


  1. In view of growing abductions for ransom in Sindh, we demand joint operation of Police and the Rangers to establish better law and order scenario in the run up to polls. Five persons kidnapped from Tangwani and others from rest of Sindh be got immediately freed; let culprits and their facilitators be dealt with as per the law of the land. (Pahenji Akhar Edit, Dec.21)  
  2. Authorities should have some durable policy with regards to power. Whatever power tariff is fixed, it should stay for long so that people can make their long-term domestic budgets. Frequent changes in power tariff disturbs consumers budget resulting in their distress because of additional economic burden. (Awami Awaz Edit, Dec.21)  
  3. The Sindh caretaker CM has written a letter to caretaker PM pointing out the province producing natural resources has first right over resources under the constitution and urging that Sindh requirements be met first from the Sindh gas. It is Sindh that bears economic burden of the country. Look at taxes. Sindh pays the maximum tax amount. Financial gains to country are also the maximum from Sindh and from Sindh’s natural resources. Yet, Sindh’s grievances are ignored. We think the caretaker Sindh CM did well in taking up the gas issue with the Centre. We hope the federal government will respond favourably and put an end to grievances of industrialists and other gas consumers in Sindh”.  (Ibrat Edit)  
  4. R O plants lying non-functional at Thar are a matter of concern.  Reports say hundreds of these R O plants are not functional at present.  The plants were meant to do away with the hardship of locals in fetching drinking water. If Thar people are still to fetch water from long distance sources, then what is the use of installing these R O plants? Hence, whatever R O plants are not working, they must be made functional immediately”. (Sindh Express Edit)
  5. The Attorney General has submitted a report on behalf of the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) to the Islamabad High Court that the government has not allowed any government body or agency, including the ISI, FIA, and IB, to tap anyone’s phone calls. If anyone is doing this, it is illegal. The Court is seized of audio leaks of telephone calls and conversations of various individuals including politicians. Even the phone recordings of the Prime Minister and his Principal Secretary Office were leaked. The former Chief Justice of Pakistan is also hit by audio leaks. In its statement, the Prime Minister’s Office said that the government has declared the secret recording of any individual an illegal act. But the reality is that phones are tapped and audio leaks are taking place. Both the ISI and FBI have not submitted any report to then court though it is stated that they had investigated and found out who is involved in this illegal process. The High Court has directed these institutions to submit their reports once again. The series of audio and video leaks has become endemic in Pakistan which has not yet been investigated to find out as to how much is the original and how much is fake. We hope that the court while deciding the case will suggest practical measures to stop this unethical practice. (Edit Jasarat)
  6. Army Chief General Syed Asim Munir has said that Pakistan wants to develop as a connectivity hub and gateway to Central Asia and beyond.  Speaking at a meeting with prominent American think tanks and members of the media, he made it clear that Pakistan does not believe in block politics. According to the press release issued by ISPR yesterday, the Army Chief said Pakistan is keen to develop strong ties with the US through long-term bilateral relations. He also highlighted Pakistan’s point of view on regional security and international terrorism. Saying that Pakistan’s role in the fight against terrorism is unparalleled, General Munir said Pakistan has stood as a protector against terrorism for decades and has ensured regional stability and global peace and security. Pakistan has made unprecedented sacrifices in the war against terrorism and will continue to fight this war till its logical conclusion. Since its inception, Pakistan has been committed to the principle of peaceful coexistence as laid down in the United Nations Charter and to establishing and strengthening friendly relations with all countries. Unfortunately, a few big countries, especially the United States, which claims to be a superpower, did not adhere to any principle formulated by United Nations, and asserted its right to attack any country to protect its   interests.  Because of this, the fate of the United Nations is also seen to be similar to that of the League of Nations. (Edit Nawaiwaqt)  
  7. Several parties including Muslim League (N), People’s Party, MQM, and Balochistan Awami Party have demanded an extension of the date for filing nomination papers. According to the election schedule, candidates were given three days for nominations. However, political parties point out that along with the nomination papers, additional documents have to be submitted and for this one has to travel far, especially in Balochistan. So, the time of three days is very short. And should be extended. One suggestion in this regard is that the time for scrutiny of papers can be limited so that the election schedule will not be affected. This demand of political parties seems logical. If there are no legal and constitutional obstacles, then the Election Commission should accept the demand. (Edit-Dunya Daily) 
  8. The participants of the Baloch March were prevented from entering Islamabad by a heavy police force. The participants of the long march staged a dharna on the main highway. They said that we reached here from Turbat, but we are not being allowed to go to the National Press Club in Islamabad. If the right to peaceful protest is taken away, then we will stop looking towards Islamabad. The caretaker government and the state institutions continue to show coercion and constraint. The history of the world is a witness that when the acts of oppression by the state institutions increase, then the people stand up against the state institutions. The current leadership, powerful circles and heads of state institutions are engaged in misleading or deliberately pushing the people towards that situation. Balochs have the highest incidence of disappearances and killings during arrest in the entire country. They are being disenfranchised as well as being prevented from peaceful protest. If force is used heavily on unarmed people, it will send a wrong message. Therefore, the caretaker government and state institutions should not stop the people from peaceful protest. (Edit, Roznama Intekhab)  
  9. The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has issued a code of conduct for the General Elections. In order to advance democracy in a clear and transparent manner, it is essential that everyone is given the freedom to assert himself according to his ability. Other political parties also want PTI people who were not involved in the May 9 incidents to be allowed to participate in the elections. It is the responsibility of the Election Commission to provide a level playing field to all political parties. The Election Commission should take strict measures to resolve all such matters that cast doubt on the provision of equal opportunities. (Daily Pakistan Edit)
  10. Pakistan Army Chief Gen. Asim Munir is visiting America these days, which is being given special importance in the current global and regional situation. His interaction with the American political and military leadership was very positive. In a special meeting with prominent American think tanks and media, Gen. Asim highlighted that Pakistan does not believe in block politics, but aspires to expand strong ties with the United States through long-term relations and believes in maintaining parallel relations with all countries. Pakistan-US relations have fluctuated over time. The need of the hour is that the relations between the two countries should be established on an equal basis to ensure mutual interests. The Army Chief also stated that Pakistan has been fighting terrorism for decades. With support of the people of Pakistan, the war will continue until the end of the last terrorist. (Jang Edit) 


  1. Director of the Economic Statecraft Program at the Wilson Center, a Washington, D.C. think tank, told VOA that the Taliban and Russia are subject to separate Western sanctions, hence there is no ban on trade between them.  Taliban has increased oil imports from Russia. In 2022, it imported 246,000 tons of Russian oil, whereas this year, more than 700,000 tons of Russian oil was imported in the last eleven months. However, it is not clear how the   Taliban government will pay Russia for the oil. Last year, the Taliban signed an agreement with Russia to import 1 million tons of gasoline, 1 million tons of diesel and 500,000 tons of liquefied petroleum gas. Under the Taliban, Afghanistan’s economy has shrunk by 25 percent, while foreign aid has stopped, and according to the World Bank, no progress is expected this year. Despite being isolated globally, the Taliban have established good trade relations with many countries in the region. And despite the recent strain in relations between Islamabad and Kabul over the expulsion of Afghans living illegally in Pakistan, Pakistan remains Afghanistan’s largest trading partner. It should be noted that both Moscow and Beijing have diplomatic and trade ties with Kabul, yet neither country has established formal diplomatic relations with Afghanistan. But Russia has also hosted some anti-Taliban figures who advocate the overthrow of the Taliban regime. (Urdu Voice of America)
  2. Hoarding and black marketing of local medicines has increased across the country. There has also been an enormous increase in fake medicines. Mafia have taken advantage of the situation and started reaping profits of crores of rupees. Medicine market sources told ‘Ummat’ that there is a shortage of 262 antibiotics and other essential medicines for various diseases including viral fever, cold, flu, cough, TB and bleeding during operations across the country. Dozens of pharma companies have stopped manufacturing these drugs justifying the increase in their costs. Pharma companies claim that 95% of the raw materials have to be imported and paid for in foreign exchange. While the last official rates were fixed 2 years ago, in which companies are allowed to increase by 10% annually. However, since the value of the dollar has increased by 50% in two years and the interest rate has also increased, it is not possible to order raw materials and prepare medicines and sell them at old prices. According to market sources, these medicines are available in the black market at abnormally high prices, often at 500% more than the original price for these medicines. Because these drugs are being ordered by dealers and suppliers from abroad or taken from smugglers, they are selling them at their arbitrary rates. While Drug Regulatory Authority and the Ministry of Health are dragging feet on a permanent solution to drug shortages, the country is heading for an unwanted human tragedy. (Ummat)
  3. PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has called for an end to politics of hatred. Addressing workers’ convention in Hyderabad, he said that if the intellectuals and youth wake up, no one can stop the progress of the country. How can the country be run by calling each other traitors? Every Pakistani is a patriot. We can have a difference but it should not be turned into personal enmity. We have to face all threats together. (Aeen Daily) 
  4. President of the National Party and former Chief Minister of Balochistan Dr Abdul Malik Baloch had a telephonic talk with Caretaker Prime Minister Anwar ul Haq Kakar and demanded the immediate release of the participants of the Baloch Long March. He expressed the National Party’s concern over the late-night violence and arrests of women and children participating in the peaceful protest. Peaceful protest is a constitutional right of every citizen and by using power against them, the government will further complicate the situation. He said that in the recent past, various political parties have resorted to violent protests in Islamabad and attacked the Supreme Court, Parliament House, and PTV buildings. But the government was lenient to them. Yet, Islamabad is made a No-Go area for the peaceful Balochs and the government resorted to violence, which is incomprehensible. He demanded the unconditional release of all the arrested peace marchers, especially women and children.   The senator of the party Mir Tahir Bizenjo also contacted the Prime Minister and demanded the release of the arrested participants of the long march. (Qudrat Daily) 
  5. Former Premier and PML N supremo, Nawaz Sharif has said that minorities are the valuable asset of the country and without them Pakistan is incomplete. We should encourage the minorities to move forward as well. He expressed these views while addressing the minority leaders at the 15th meeting of the Muslim League (N) Parliamentary Board in Model Town on Thursday. Nawaz Sharif further said that the number of minority communities is increasing day- by- day in the ML-N, which is welcome. We are all citizens of the same country. I am proud of the minority workers of ML-N. I have never made any difference between Muslims and non-Muslims; everyone is equal to me. The companions of the founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam included many Christians and Hindus who stood by his side. (Dunya Daily) 
  6. IG Islamabad appeared before the Islamabad High Court in the case of the arrest of the participants of the Baloch March. Chief Justice Amir Farooq asked why he had arrested the marchers. IG Police said Baloch have been protesting for 25 days, but yesterday more participants came in eight to ten vehicles, some of whom were armed. The protesters blocked the road for six hours, when they tried to move towards the red zone and pelted stones at the police, the police resisted. On this, Chief Justice Amir Farooq said protest is the right of every citizen. The court said that there have been numerous reports that people go missing after being arrested. Addressing the IG, he said that this should not happen in this case. (Roznama Intekhab)  
  1. Political leader Javed Hashmi said that what is happening to Balochs in Islamabad is what he saw happening in Dhaka decades ago. The forces of oppression do not want to learn from history. The people of Balochistan have been abandoned. If the establishment does not give them their right, the real heirs will take away their right. Seeing the condition of mothers and sisters in the cold nights of Islamabad, the scene of Palestine comes to the fore. These are not Palestinian girls, nor are we Israeli soldiers. We are all Pakistanis. (Roznama Intekhab)
  1. The head of Pakistan Sunni Tehreek Shadab Raza Naqshbandi has stated that the incidents of target killing and extortion mafias have started to rise once again. He condemned the killing of a businessman Shehzad Jafarani for not paying extortion. Strict action should be taken against extortion mafia and target killers. (Urdu Point)  
  1. On behalf of all parties, Civil Society and people of different sects of thought, a protest and a sit-in were held against the lathi-charge violence against women and their arrest on the long march of the Baloch Solidarity Committee in Islamabad, in which women, children, old people and other people participated in large numbers. (Urdu Point)
  2. The National Party’s central spokesperson stated that instead of recovering missing persons, torturing families taking part in a peaceful protest is the worst form of dictatorship. (Urdu Point)  
  1. Baloch Yakjehti (unity) Committee has said that the treatment meted out to Baloch mothers and sisters in Islamabad will always be remembered by the Baloch nation. Currently, dozens of women and children, including Dr. Mahrang, Saira, Mahzeb, have been forcibly whisked away from Islamabad and no one knows where they are kept. Raise your voice against the state crackdown, and support the Baloch nation in this difficult hour! (Jang) 
  2. Afzal Butt, President of Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists, has said that journalism in Pakistan has always been a life-threatening job. From the 1950s till today, all the rulers, be they dictators or in the name of democracy, have had one thing in common” how to impose maximum restrictions on the press and how to keep it under their complete control. Speaking at a dinner given in his honor by the Pakistan Press Club in Glasgow, Afzal Butt paid tribute to the Pakistani journalists living abroad and said that whenever Pakistan is in the dark night of dictatorship, they become our ray of hope and they take our voice to the international community. Afzal Butt said that like the rest of the world, the people of Pakistan have a right to know where and how their tax money is spent. He said that civil society and other sections of Pakistan fully support the movement of journalists because we are fighting for the rights of all of them. (Jang) 
  1. In the year 2023, 1785 people were killed across Sindh. 3948 cases of kidnapping and 133 cases of kidnapping for ransom were reported. There were 369 cases of rape/adultery, 29 cases of gang rape, 256 cases of molestation and 145 cases of Karo Kari. In all, 1,09,253 cases were reported. According to Sindh Police records, 1785 cases of murder have been reported in the province till December 15. Of these, 141 cases of murder came from South Zone Karachi, 238 from East Zone, 211 from West Zone, 291 in Hyderabad Range, 59 in Mirpur Khas Range, Shaheed Benazirabad. 241 in Sukkur range and 428 in Larkana range. In 2023, 3948 cases of kidnapping and 133 cases of kidnapping for ransom were registered. 8 cases of kidnapping for ransom in South, 17 in East zone, 15 in West zone, 9 in Hyderabad range. 1 case was reported in Mirpur Khas range, 29 in Sukkur range and 54 cases of kidnapping for ransom in Larkana range. According to Sindh Police records, 369 cases of rape/adultery were reported in the year 2023, 29 of gang rape, 256 of malpractice, 393 of child abduction, 3601 of attacks on police, 764 of attacks on citizens, 18 of attempted suicide, 145 of businessmen, 2593 cases of attempted murder, 3114 cases of riots were reported. In 2023, 2095 cases of vehicle snatching and theft, 14571 of motorcycle snatching and theft, 25274 cases of other vehicle snatching and theft were reported. In 2023, 440 people were killed and 242 injured in traffic accidents across Sindh. In the year 2023, there were 30 robberies on the highway, 3 bank robberies, 30 robberies at petrol pumps, 404 robberies in houses, 435 robberies at shops, and 5009 cases of looting and robbery were reported. In the year 2023, 12413 cases were reported under Prohibition Ordinance, 10505 under Arms Ordinance, 1304 under Gambling Ordinance, 57 under Smuggling Ordinance, 7375 under other local and special laws and 98 cases under blasphemy laws. (Jang) 
  1. Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ), Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors (CPNE) and Association of Electronic Media Editors and News Directors (AEMEND) have said that they will fight for freedom of expression. In a joint statement they said, by taking away the freedom of the media, the government is depriving people of their right to information. This is very worrying.  The Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Faiz Isa and Caretaker Prime Minister Anwar Haq Kakar should take immediate notice of the situation facing the media, and take all possible steps to ensure freedom of expression.  (Jang) 
  1. The police created a new record with 68 encounters in 2023. According to data, so many police encounters have not been reported earlier. (Express Daily) 
  1. Terrorists attacked the workers working in the construction of the police station building at Dara Ghonde, near Wana in Lower South Waziristan. According to initial reports, the terrorists shot and killed 5 workers late at night. The number of workers killed is being said to be more than five. On receiving information, the DPO along with a heavy contingent of police reached the spot. CTD officials have started an investigation by collecting evidence from the spot. (Express Daily)###