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Pak Urdu Media Digest -Dec 7, 2023

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Pak Urdu Media Digest -Dec 7, 2023

  • College teachers will take out a protest rally on Thursday against the assassination attempt on Professor Agha Zahid and the non-suspension of the Chairman of the college board, according to the Balochistan Professors and Lecturers Association Progressive (BPLA-P). The accused still roaming freely and despite the passage of ten days and registration of an FIR, the police have not yet arrested the accused, nor has the Chairman of the college board been removed.  (Urdu Point)
  • Pashtunkhwa Milli Awami Party (Pk-MAP) District Ziarat Secretary Mirwais Khan Kakar, Senior Assistant Secretary Latif Khan have paid glowing tributes to freedom fighter Khan Shahad Abdul Samad Khan Achakzai on the 50th anniversary of his martyrdom. In a joint statement, they said Pashtuns have been forced to live as third-class citizens in Balochistan and across the country. This situation is a result of government’s failure to ensure equality to Pashtuns.   Due to the lack of control over the resources of their country, they are living as travelers not only here but also all over the world. Today, Pashtuns are subjected to illegal raids, and illegal cases in Quetta, Karachi, Lahore and other cities. The purpose of this harassment is to close the doors of employment, trade and business on Pashtuns and to force them to work only as labor.  (Urdu Point)
  • Awami Committee Ponial has decided to hold a huge protest on 15th December against the Hudor terror incident, inflation, and wheat and flour crises. It was said that people are jolting due to inflation and the government should refrain from targeted subsidy surveys. Otherwise, there would be a strong reaction. (Daily K2) 
  • Educational institutions are increasingly becoming unsafe for girl and boy students in Sindh. Despite spending huge amounts on their security, there is a lack of sense of safety amongst students. The question arises as to why those found guilty for the lack of sense of safety amongst students are not hauled up. questioning and who are the ones helping such elements? Recently, one student by the name of Suniya Keswani died in mysterious circumstances. She was doing final year at Khairpur Medical College. The initial report said she suddenly fell down while studying outside her hostel room.  The medical college has neither a first aid facility nor ambulance services. So, her friends took her in a rickshaw to a hospital and doctors, after checking her, declared her dead. She could have been saved if she were rushed to the hospital immediately. No leniency be shown to anyone and those found guilty of neglect and irresponsibility be made accountable and action too should be taken against them so that we stop getting dead bodies of students from educational institutions. (Awami Awaz Edit, Dec.6)  
  • According to a UN report, discrimination against women in Pakistan is at higher level. In other words, women are considered lowly compared to men in the land of the pure. Women rights keep getting violated though there are laws in the country for gender equality. From parliament to judiciary, representation for women is negligible. Be it in jobs, education, and also in the matter of salaries and other perks and incentives, the dice is loaded against women. They are also   deprived also of the right to successorship. This is a very scary scenario. The societies where almost half of its population is denied equality rights and opportunities, cannot make any progress. Women can get rid of exploitation at the hands of men only when women are self-reliant and this is possible only when women are educated. It is education that can open up several job opportunities for women. All this is possible only when there is equal representation for men and women in policy-making forums, i.e. parliament. (Edit in Sindh Express)  
  • NEPRA has increased tariff per unit of electricity by more than three rupees as part of the October fuel adjustment, which will apply to all consumers except Lifeline and K-Electric consumers. This increase has been made at a time when the overall inflation rate is more than 29% and the prices of all the essential items are touching the sky. The main reason for unsustainable inflation is the daily increase in the prices of electricity, gas, and petroleum products. It has become difficult for even the middle class to decide with their limited income whether to pay the expensive utility bills or meet the monthly ration. The main reason for the high cost of electricity is the revolving debt of the power sector, which is more than Rs.2.5 trillion. Although natural resources are available in the country to generate cheap and environment-friendly electricity from water, sun rays, and wind, they are not being exploited. Expensive electricity is increasing the problems of domestic consumers. At the same time, the industrial and export sector area also hit because the production cost has increased. The government should adopt cheap and renewable energy sources to provide relief to the people and keep the industrial wheels moving. (Edit-Dunya Daily) 
  • The feudal continues to play a role especially in Sindh’s northern parts and Punjab’s southern region. Agriculture is said to be contributing 70% to the country’s economy but there is no improvement in the conditions of farmers. It remains unchanged and it is as it was at the time of the country’s formation. In some respects, farmers’ condition has gone from bad to worse.  As long as there are no social reforms, there will be no relief for farmers. Till such times, we need to keep farmers united, and organized.   The farmers will also have to take lessons from farmers’ movements in neighboring countries and also from such movements in other parts of the world. Surely, farmers cannot do this on their own and this can be done by political parties and others engaged in the welfare of workers.  (Assar Imam in Sindh Express) ###