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Pak Urdu Media Digest, July 1, 2022

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Pak Urdu Media Digest, July 1, 2022


  1. . Electricity is an acute need of the hour for people because of the heat wave sweeping the country; power is also needed for big and small business activity alike.  But there are long power cuts everywhere. In cities the load shedding is for about 10-12 hours, while in rural areas, the power cuts are for 20-22 hours at times. We think this power crisis will derail the entire system if the authorities do not take immediate remedial measures. (Pahenji Akhbar Edit, June 30)
  1. PM Shehbaz Sharif said his government would do everything possible to make peoples’ economic conditions better during the 14 months in office. Instead of betterment, common man life has become miserable as the cost of every item has been pushed up with heavy taxation. Government seems to be trying to fight the economic crisis by transferring the entire burden of budgetary deficits to people. What are the government’s economic experts doing? Government should realize that people are fed up with empty assurances. People want results that bring ease day-to- day life. (Kawish Edit, June 30)
  1. Hopefully, all political parties will show maturity and patience in the Punjab assembly today and will prove their democratic inclinations. And allow the court ordered recount of votes cast in Hamza’s no trust motion. (Ibrat Edit)
  1. These days, there is a huge water shortage in Sindh. If there are good rains, it will mean a rise in Indus currents apart from more water in Sindh’s watercourses and canals. But, if the irrigation staff is negligent, more water in canals and water courses can also mean breaches to in canals and inconvenience to people in cities. We are therefore of the view that rain water be not wasted and arrangements be made to take water to areas facing acute shortage so that farmers get water for their crops. The administration must make arrangements to avert inconveniences that can be caused due to heavy rains. No negligence on this front please! (Sindh Express Edit)
  1. K-Electric is the biggest corruption and looting scandal in the history of Pakistan; no government pressure has worked on this institution. There is only one reason for load shedding in Karachi and it is that K Electric has deliberately reduced power generation. The Sui Southern Gas has stopped supplying gas due to non-payment of dues. Load shedding in Karachi is man-made. K-Electric has reduced generation in the name of gas shortage, and expected the government under public pressure, to provide cheap gas to it. There is only one solution and that is return of K Electric back into national ownership. (Edit Jasarat)
  1. The visit of senior Chinese Diplomat Yang Jiechi came at a time Pakistan is standing at a political and economic crossroads. CPEC project is equally important for China and Pakistan. We are aware of its importance but work on it is very slow. We have potential to become a regional center of trade and business but to take advantage of it, we have to complete the CPEC project at the earliest. Recently UAE and Saudi Arabia’s delegations had also come to Pakistan for exploring investment opportunities. Pakistan should focus on bringing in investments instead of taking loans as it will create opportunities for employment. (Edits – Dunya, Nai Baat)
  1. Yang Jiechi, a member of the Politburo of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and director of the Central Commission for Foreign Affairs, is in Pakistan on a two-day visit. On the first day, he met Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa at the General Headquarters.  Army Chief assured him that Pakistan is committed to cooperating with its global partners for peace and stability in the region. Pakistan values China’s role in global and regional affairs and looks forward to expanding its strategic partnership. Yang Jiechi thanked the General for the security cover being provided to Chinese citizens. He promised that diplomatic cooperation with Pakistan would be further expanded at all levels. By supporting Pakistan on many difficult occasions, China proved that it is a true friend. The CPEC project will be a game-changer in the region; it has ushered in a new phase in the Pakistan-China friendship. The government should focus on this project and to strengthen friendship and cooperation with China. (Edit Nawai Waqt)


  1. Jiye Sindh Quami Mahaz (JSQM) took out rallies in parts of Sindh protesting water shortage. The party leaders accused that Punjab is conspiring to dry up Indus. They bemoaned that Punjab has never gone by 1991 water treaty on distribution of water. The protestors also said wadera/elites aligned with PPP continue to get water but it is people without any influence and political connection are suffering by not getting water. (Sindh Express)
  1. Eight-year-old, Adesh Kumar, who was kidnapped four days ago while going for his tuition at Ranipur (Sindh) has not yet been traced. The family members, civil society groups took out protest rallies in Sukkur. The protesters also charged that the area police is protecting the culprit. Riyaz Chandiyo of JSQM said there is a conspiracy behind kidnapping of original natives of Sindh. “Sindhis will have to unite against such conspiracies”. (Sindh Express)
  1. Milli Ekjahti Council has termed the appeal against the verdict of the Federal Shariah Court on interest-based economy as a rebellion against the Qur’an and Sunnah. Council meeting held under the chairmanship of Secretary General Liaquat Baloch, was attended by the Ulema of all sects. Islamic Shariah forbids taking and giving interest, every form of usury is haram, the Council declared. (Jasarat)
  2. Former Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid says the nation is heading towards wheat crisis. If load shedding and inflation did not end, then people would be on the streets. (Jasarat)
  1. Former Home Minister Shaikh Rasheed Ahmed has said that PDM can’t run the country even if they call Bill Gates instead of Ishaq Dar. The new coalition government is not working.  An immediate general election is necessary to avoid any untoward incident. PPP will never give the leadership of Karachi, Sukkur and Hyderabad to MQM. If load shedding and inflation don’t end, people will come out on the roads.  (Intekhab Daily)
  1. A high-level delegation of Chinese state-owned Norinco company called on the Prime Minister. They expressed keen interest in investing in the renewable energy sector. The company is particularly interested in investing in the Thatta wind corridor under which a 100 MW wind power project was proposed. (Jang)
  2. The Afghan Loya Jirga started in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. More than 3,000 scholars, and political, social and business personalities are participating.  Prime Minister Mohammad Hassan Akhund is chairing the Loya Jirga. He said his government is trying to solve problems in all areas. He said that he was grateful to all the countries which had sent relief goods for the victims earthquake and floods. The Prime Minister also said that the government would ensure the transparent distribution of relief goods. Meanwhile, there were reports that an explosion and gunfire were heard outside the hall during the jirga. According to Taliban officials, two gunmen opened fire from a nearby roof. Security personnel retaliated, killing both attackers. Journalists were not allowed to attend. (Ummat, Daily Jinnah, Daily Khabrain)
  1.  The Balochistan Chief of Jamiat Ulema Islam, Maulana Abdul Wasai, who is also Federal Housing Minister said his party became a part of Shehbaz government for our own agenda. The coalition is working on the issues for which we ran the campaign of PDM for 4 years. He said the banks which had filed a case in favour of the interest-based economy are inviting the wrath of Allah. Our leader Maulana Fazal Ur Rahman met Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif and asked him to direct the banks to take back their appeal from the Supreme Court. We want the stability of the democracy and supremacy of law and constitution in the country. (Intekhab Daily)
  2. The Chief of Jamaat e Islami Siraj Ul Haq has said that the rulers who had sold the self-reliance of the country are national criminals. The 80 -days of the new government are full of stories of failure, deprivation, and disappointment. The interest-based economic system, corruption and incompetent rulers are the cause of the falling economy. Inflation has taken away laughter, happiness and peace of mind from the lives of the people. People are pushed to the point where they have no option but to commit suicide. Load shedding has destroyed business.   For seven decades the nation is being deceived by beautiful but empty slogans and false promises. Only an Islamic system of economy can save the country. (Dunya Daily)
  1. Shahana the mother of Asfandyar, a student who was martyred in APS attack, stated told a press conference Peshawar Press Club that former Prime Minister Imran Khan had started peace talks at the Government level with the banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). We protested and the talks stopped temporarily. However, now the process of negotiations with the TTP has resumed. We the martyred families should be taken into confidence, and our concerns addressed, she said flanked by parents of other APS martyrs. (Urdu Point)
  1. The Awami National Party began considering withdrawal from the coalition government coalition. According to sources, a meeting of the central leadership of the ANP was held under the chairmanship of Aimal Wali Khan in which the promises made for the coalition government and implementation were discussed. ANP leaders have suggested withdrawal from the ruling coalition and Aimal Wali Khan has convened a meeting of the central leadership after Eid for a final decision in this regard. According to sources, ANP leaders have given the party chief the power to secede from the ruling coalition. (Nawai Waqt, Daily Jinnah, Ummat, Daily Express)
  1. Awami National Party, a member of the ruling coalition is angry with the Shehbaz administration. It is considering to part with the government.  A meeting of the central leadership with Aimal Wali Khan, Provincial ANP President, in chair, discussed the promises and implementation of the ruling coalition. According to sources, ANP leaders suggested separation from the Government. Final decision will be taken after the Eid. (Daily Pakistan)
  1. Farmers of Balochistan announced the closure of the Quetta-Karachi highway on the 4th of July in protest against prolonged load shedding. This followed an emergency meeting convened by Zamindar Kisan Ittihad and chaired by Central President Agha Lal Jan Ahmadzai.  Farmer’s leaders termed the load shedding as economic murder of farmers. (Daily Express, Ummat)
  1. China will continue to support Pakistan, said Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian in Beijing during a regular news briefing.  He stated that China and Pakistan are everlasting strategic partners. China is ready to work with Pakistan to build closer ties between the two countries.  China will lend a helping hand to Pakistan in its economic development, improving the living standards of its people and maintaining financial stability. (Nawai Waqt)
  1. People in Gilgit took to streets against elongated load shedding, water scarcity and scorching heat for the past four days. (Baad-e-Shimal, Daily K2)
  1. Protests were seen in Mirpur of AJK against elongated load shedding and all businesses observed shutter down strike. (Siasat)
  1. The internally displaced people  (IDPs)  due to Army operation against terrorism in North Waziristan are  protesting for not getting relief items regularly. IDPs are forced to stay under open sky in extreme summer and are not getting proper relief from authorities. (Aeen)


  1. We need to give up big boasts of making Pakistan a stronghold of Islam. We should stop using religious card. On the one hand, we are talking in our national security policy about fighting religious fundamentalists and on other hand we are extending help to jehadis. We need to choose either of these two stands. Now, when Arabs are boldly talking about making a progressive world, how can we ignore the importance of making Pakistan liberal and secular?  We have a lot of internal challenges. We can fight against them only when we have conducive conditions for all parties to sit together where we will have to tell them that making country secular and liberal is imperative for country’s stability and also for economic progress. (Pahenji Akhbar, Dr. Abdul Majeed Chandiyo, June 30)
  1. The Taliban has completed one year in power in Afghanistan. But no country as yet has given it diplomatic recognition. Well, India has quietly reactivated its diplomatic office in Kabul. It has also sent substantial aid to Afghanistan in the aftermath of recent earth quake. Thus, India has tried to improve its ties with Taliban. On its part, the US wants to include India, Israel and UAE in its new block. For two reasons. One to give America an edge in the middle east; two to keep China and Iran away from exerting any influence in middle east. The US has just released as a goodwill gesture one of the two held its jail on terrorism charge. This can be seen as part of paving way for Afghanistan inclusion in the new American block. The scenario in Pakistan on foreign affairs front is complicated because Pakistan has good ties with all countries in region excepting India and Israel. Indian presence in regional blocks is big threat to Pakistani interests as evident from recent BRICS Forum meeting hosted in China. There are reports that Pakistan was ignored because of Indian objections. We need to be very careful and far-sighted when it comes to dealing with diplomatic affairs. We need to take right and timely decisions keeping in view Pakistan’s weak economy. As far as possible, we need to keep away from confrontation in present scenario. (Dr. Ramesh Kumar in Ibrat, June 30)
  1. Current system in the country is of the capitalists and feudal sections who keep working only for their interests. If it were not so, the 26 PMs and four dictators which we have had so far, could have changed the destiny of the country and its people. If the existing anti-people system is strengthened, it will only mean more internal stress and anarchy. We need to change it.  We cannot change the system without peoples’ support. We need to awaken people intellectually; society changes when people start changing. Half of the people who are active on social media are the ones who always care for the interests of ruling sections and are engaged in propaganda just to please us. Will civic polls help change the system? The answer is No. We have no hope from the existing system. It is these parties, by whatever names we might call them, they all keep vitiating the system. (Kawish, Dr. Ayub Sheikh, June 30)
  1. Our rulers must keep in mind that the mood of people has changed. People no longer have any patience left with them. Take the case of people pouring into Karachi streets against power cuts two days ago. People had come out in large numbers without caring for tear gas and firing from police. If such scenes become a regular or a daily phenomenon, then it will be very difficult, indeed almost impossible to control mobs. Imran Khan is also issuing veiled threats asking people to get ready for more confrontation with the powers that be. He is preparing people to keep them mentally ready for a big fight. Authorities should take note of all this. It is time authorities start addressing peoples’ inconveniences. If this is not done, first to leave the government will be their own allies; this will leave the rulers without anything in self-defense; they might lose peoples’ sympathy too.  It is time rulers take a look around to realize changing public mood. (Ibrat, Hamid Ali)
  1. Imran Khan seems to have started understanding Pakistan politics. He thinks he must wait now. He perhaps seems to have been told that he would lessen chances of return to power if he makes any haste. He will have to wait at least till expiry of the current army chief’s term. We might accept or not the establishment’s interference in Pakistan politics is a reality; it keeps taking place. It might be easy to get into power, but it is more difficult to stay there. Staying in power means saying yes to several terms and conditions and learning to live within the given limits. Any ruler not abiding by the terms and conditions and not wanting to remain within set limits has to live in isolation like Imran Khan these days. (Sindh Express, Aijaz Mungi)
  1. Pakistan is heading for a big economic mess. We just cannot imagine our future if conditions continue to remain this way. Internal disputes are on rise in Asia affecting neighboring countries too. Afghanistan is grappling with several issues these days. China is not satisfied with current rulers in Pakistan. That is the reason China has been calling back its people from Pakistan. Several Chinese megaprojects are also kept pending because of lack of confidence in Pakistani leadership. Pakistan is under pressure to cut down ties with China and Russia. America wants air bases; the US also wants to Pakistan to have diplomatic ties with Israel. Will Pakistan try to please America at the cost of annoying Russia and China? Pakistan can get oil at cheaper rates if it moves closer to Russia. But, sanctions and restrictions are holding back Pakistan and not for India. This is the reason that Pakistan is avoiding better ties with Iran too. (Sindh Express, Javed P)
  1. The animosity between India and Pakistan is not a secret. Some circles on both sides declare the other country as their arch enemy. But the people on both sides have the same political culture and social attitudes. The political turmoil which we are seeing for the last two and a half years in our county and lately in Punjab, can be seen in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The members of the biggest political party of the coalition government Shiv Sena revolted against its party leader and Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray. One Shiv Sena member of the assembly Eknath Shinde is leading the rebel group. To avoid party pressure and actions of state administration he first took the dissidents to Gujrat and from there to Assam where they stayed in a luxury hotel of Guwahati, waiting for a proper time to table a no-confidence motion against the Chief Minister. But Uddhav Thackeray resigned before the floor show. BJP was supporting Shinde. Shiv Sena has control over Maharashtra because it has adopted the philosophy of welfare of the Maratha community but when it joined hands with BJP and adopted the Hindutva philosophy, BJP overshadowed it; now the BJP has more members in the assembly than Shiv Sena. Revolts in provincial parties are common in Indian politics. (By Rashid Ahmed Khan in Dunya)
  1. The 1971 tragedy in East Pakistan was an explosion. Now the country is facing imminent danger of an implosion. The 1970 elections were the most transparent elections in Pakistan’s history, the record of which has not been broken to this day, but neither Sheikh Mujib nor Bhutto nor General Yahya cared about its results. History has shown that General Yahya could have avoided this tragedy if he had wanted to, but he remained quiet. Even today, those who can play a decisive role in the current conflict and save Pakistan from troubles must move forward. (By Lt. Colonel Retired Ghulam Jilani Khan in Daily Pakistan, 30 June)
  1. Pakistan was not invited to the BRICs forum meeting China had hosted. In this forum, if a member vetoes the participation of any country, then that country will not be invited. In the present instance, India exercised the veto on invitation to Pakistan. So, China had no way to forcefully call Pakistan.   Therefore, it is not right to paint in red Pak-China relations.  It is true that China, like the United States and some other countries, does not openly express differences and resentment. They believe in quiet diplomacy and do not create problems for friends. CPEC is currently a key player in Pak-China relations. In order to enhance economic content in Pak-China relations, we have to take CPEC forward. If the pace of CPEC is slow, then Pak-China relations are in cold. If the CPEC pace is fast, then Pak-China relations are also on fast lane. Therefore, it is important to understand CPEC and look at its goals. A system like that in Hong Kong is needed to run Gwadar. Hong Kong is owned by China. Yet, the city state has a separate system. Therefore, to run Gwadar, it should be given the status of a special economic district that is subordinate to the federal government but this is not possible because the Balochistan government wants to keep Gwadar under its control. It is also a fact that the Balochistan government already has resource crunch. And, its focus on Gwadar is even less. The backwardness of Gwadar city is a telling proof of inattention. Gwadar needs special attention and funds. Gwadar master plan has been prepared, but who will implement it. It is written down in the Master Plan that Gwadar be transformed into another Dubai or Hong Kong. When we go to Gwadar, officials proudly tell us about the master plan. But there is no sign of its implementation. There are no funds. There is no infrastructure, that’s what we all hear. Now there is despair even among the locals. People are tired of hearing CPEC’s stories. They were told that CPEC would bring jobs and prosperity. They have not found employment or prosperity. Whose fault, is it? (Muzammil Saharwardi – Daily Express)