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Pak Urdu Media Digest June 16

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Pak Urdu Media Digest June 16


  1. Amir of Tehreek-e-Labbaik, Allama Saad Hussain Rizvi, has said while speaking with media that if NA-240 by-election was rigged they will protest. The TLP is a religious political party and will continue to struggle in a democratic and parliamentary system. If the PTI has faced 10% of the TLP’s challenges, it would cease to exist. The end of prophethood (Khatm-e-Nabuwat) is their faith, they will stand with all parties who agree on the end of prophethood. TLP has protested against blasphemy in India, French ambassador left Pakistan after the TLP protest. Saad said that there shouldn’t be interference in the politics by the army; every institution should work within the constitutional limits. (Jasarat)
  2. Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) says large gas reserves have been discovered in Ghotki, Sindh.  Preliminary results show that 1.063 million cubic feet of gas per day has been discovered, which will significantly increase the country’s energy reserves. OGDCL said the discovery will lead to significant savings in the country’s foreign exchange. (Jang)
  3. China has requested to set up a security company in Pakistan. According to sources, the Interior Ministry objected to the Chinese proposal. It held the view that no other country can be allowed to open a security company in Pakistan. China had sent the request to the Government of Pakistan through the Ministry of State Security. (Jang)
  4. Due to strict policing at Torkham Border, opportunities of employment have almost ended. Traders are also unhappy; big traders have shifted their business to other borders. Due to visa conditions job opportunities in tribal areas have reduced to a great extent and the sources of jobs also have reduced. Moreover there are difficulties in importing certain items. Earlier sacrificial animals on Eid were imported from Afghanistan without any obstacle and people in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa used to get such animals at lower rates, but for the past four years importing sheep is completely banned. Due to such issues poverty is increasing and children are forced to leave schools and families to starve in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. (Aeen)
  5. Awami National Party (ANP) senior leader, and Member of the National Assembly Ameer Haidar Hoti said that entire Pakistan is suffering due to the mistakes made by former Prime Minister Imran Khan. He blamed Imran Khan for the IMF’s dictating Pakistan. (Aeen)
  6. National Party leader Yasmin Lehri condemned Karachi Police for detention of Baloch women on peaceful protests. She demanded strict action against the police personnel involved in such cruel acts and said that on one side Baloch youth are forcibly lifted and veiled and if their relatives are protesting, they are tortured. She added that Baloch women are also citizens of this nation and have full rights to protest. (Qudrat)
  7. Spokesman of the Pak Army Major General Babar Iftikhar has said that I had not delivered any kind of political statement (yesterday in TV interview). It was not my opinion, but intelligence-based information. Conspiracy word was not used. We don’t have any objection to the formation of a judicial commission. Last week former Home Minister Shaikh Rasheed has said something about us in such a way as if he was representing us. It was my duty as the spokesman of the army to clarify the position of the army and I just did it. I have explained that any proof of a conspiracy for the change of government was not found by the intelligence agencies. (Dunya Daily)
  8. Chief Minister of Balochistan Mir Abdul Quddus Bezenjo has said that power shortage in the province is turning into a grave crisis. He said that this situation cannot be tolerated any longer. QESCO and the federal government have to take steps on war footing to solve the problem of electricity in Balochistan. He was talking with a delegation of the farmers and landlords who had informed him that the long load shedding is destroying their crops and badly affecting their livelihood. “We are regularly paying the electricity bill but not getting regular electricity”, they complained. (Dunya Daily)
  9. Chief of Jamaat e Islami Siraj Ul Haq has said that a shameful drama is going on in the biggest province of the country and people are the sufferers in this war of the rulers. The rulers are not concerned about the plight of the people. Inflation is rising. Education and medical treatment are out of the reach of common man. The only solution to pull the country out of all these crises is an Islamic revolution. We ask the people to come with us. (Dunya Daily)
  10. Chief of Jamaat e Islami Punjab Wasti Mohammed Javed Qasoori has said that 31 percent of educated youth including more than one lakh engineers are jobless in Pakistan. He said that in a country which is rich in natural resources and which has 60 percent youth in its population such a large number of jobless people is akin to a tragedy. He said that both the present and previous governments have neglected the problems of the youth. On average every year 10 thousand educated youths leave the country in pursuance of jobs. It is necessary that the problems of the youths should be solved at the earliest. Jobs should be created for them or they should be paid unemployment allowance.  (Ausaf Daily)
  11. PTI Balochistan President Qasim Khan Suri has said that the imported government has ruined the economy of the country. Pakistan had approximately 16.5 billion dollars in foreign exchange reserves when the no-confidence motion was brought against Imran Khan. But Shahbaz Sharif’s faulty policies have rapidly reduced these reserves. Suri, who was formerly NA Deputy Speaker, said the imported government has come to power not to provide any relief to the people but to get NRO for itself.  Transparent and just general election are the only solution to solve all problems. (Intekhab Daily)
  12. Unemployed youth in Kalat announced protests. A road blockade was announced in the first round but so far it is not being implemented. Assistant Commissioner Kalat Jahanzeb Lango DSP Manzoor Ahmad Mengal SHO Abdul Majeed Raisani, Additional Nazir Ahmad Imrani have held talks with the protesters. (Urdu Point)
  13. Ittehad Zamindars and Farmers Board of Pakistan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa staged a protest in front of Peshawar Press Club. Arbab Jameel, Imran Khattaki led the demonstration demanding restoration of the Daudzai Civil Canal Irrigation System, immediate supply of fertilizers at government rates, end to load shedding in villages, and interest free agricultural loans besides subsidy on solar tube wells, and agricultural tube wells. Prices of agricultural cash crops should be fixed while banning the unhealthy jaggery in the market. Otherwise they will be forced to stage a sit in front of the Provincial Assembly. (Urdu Point)
  14. The Contractors Association of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) has set July 1 as the deadline for release of their frozen funds. It asked the Provincial Government to pay premium on new and old works under the 18th amendment so that the contractor community can become self-sufficient. Otherwise, all government tenders will be boycotted and all ongoing development work will be stopped. (Urdu Point)
  15. Peshawar police have arrested 10 more suspects during a crackdown on drug traffickers across the city. A total of 6 kg of heroin, more than 1.5 kg of ice and 3 kg of hashish along with thousands of rupees were recovered from them.  (Urdu Point)  
  16. PML-Q leader and MPA Monis Elahi arrived at the FIA office to surrender after a money laundering case was registered but no officer was present, so he left. Talking to the media, Monis Elahi said that he learned this morning that an FIR has been registered against him. He said that whatever they want to ask me, let them ask, I’m here myself.   (Daily Express)
  17. According to the Balochistan National Party, last night Sardar Akhtar Jan Mengal approached Federal Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah and Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah against the arrest and torture of protesters who staged a sit-in protest of missing persons outside the Sindh Assembly. Sardar Akhtar Mengal strongly condemned the arrests. (Ummat)
  18. Pakistan Medical Association has blamed Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shahbaz for the non-availability of medical facilities in Sargodha Hospital and other government hospitals. The present government has also failed to take care of government hospitals and doctors are being bullied to cover up its failure. Addressing a press conference, the leaders of the Young Doctors Association also announced a strike from today in Lahore, Sargodha, Rawalpindi, Multan, Gujranwala, and Bahawalpur.  (Nawai Waqt, Daily Express, Daily Jinnah, Ummat)  


  1. To say that we are passing through an economic crisis is half-truth. Fact of the matter is that along with the economic crisis, we have also got a political crisis in the country. The irony of the fact is that it is the common man only who is bearing the brunt of both these crises and on other hand, all of others, at higher levels /upper class, be they in ruling or opposition, they are connected with one another, through direct or indirect alliance pursuing their respective interests/gains and keep making merry. And, just as they are connected with one another, directly or indirectly for the sake of their interests, they are also connected with global imperialist forces and their financial bodies.  Peoples’ economic conditions can get better only by getting rid of upper class in politics. Politics and economy are well connected with each other. We should not forget one basic fact: We get type of economy depending on the type of politics we have around. (Pahenji Akhbar, Mumtaz Mungi, June 15)
  2. The finance minister’s post-budget briefings are frightening; he says “IMF is still not satisfied; we may have to take bold decisions to escape Sri Lanka like the situation in country”. We know what type of decisions the government seeks to take and they would seek to make gas, petrol and power costlier. Also, there can be more tax burden. It is also likely that the IMF wants the government to take some other measures but authorities are reluctant. It is perhaps this reluctance on the part of the government which has made our finance minister comment “IMF is still not satisfied”. It looks there is a deadlock behind the curtain in the talks going on between government and IMF because of these “other measures” which are not yet made public. Government seems to be trying hard to break this impasse. Incidentally, if government has to take any hard and tough decisions, its entire burden be not shifted only to common man, but also affect bureaucrats and others in upper class. (Kaswish, Ali Zahid, June 15)
  3. A Left Alliance has been formed in the Sindh consisting of leaders of Left and other progressive parties. There are nine left-wing parties in this alliance. Sindh Left Alliance comprises Watan Dost Jamhuri Party, Awami Workers’ Party, Sindh Hari (Farmers) Committee, Quami Mahaz Azadi, PPP (Shaheed Bhutto), National Party and other labor-connected parties. Comrade Zia Bhatti and others held a press conference under the banner of Sindh Left Alliance. The sum-up of the press conference is that the alliance is formed in the wake of anti-labor policies. On one hand, the continuing feud between Russia and Ukraine is breeding tough times across the world and on the other hand, two factions of Right-wing politics are busy playing games in Pakistan. Entire Right wing is with the establishment trying to appease the IMF and imperialist countries. No matter who is ruling the country, PTI or PML(N), the end victim/ultimate sufferer is the common man who has to face ever-rising inflation/price-rise. There is no policy, be it for industry or even for agriculture.  Youth is restless. The Right-inclined State is trying to exploit this restlessness in youth in forms like sectarianism and racist /ethnic fundamentalism. Sometimes in the name of religion and at times in the name nationalist politics, the entire Right-wing refuses to accept Pakistan’s multi-cultural identity. As a result, loot of exchequer and oppression are at their peak. Balochistan is facing almost a war-like scenario. Political activists keep going missing or they are getting abducted. PPP is in nexus with the capitalists and thrusts these elites on society through local body elections.  The so-called federal system keeps stealing Sindh water through dams and link canals. It is these conditions in Sindh which have brought different parties in Sindh with Left ideology together. This alliance has come up with the idea of bringing an end to exploitation of human beings at the hands of humans and to continue fighting for true democracy. There will be a big protest rally on August 20 in Hyderabad. (Sindh Express, Rashid Lagari)
  4. If the country has not gone through a change of government at a crucial point its GDP would have crossed the 6 percent limit. The no-confidence motion against Imran Khan was brought at a time when the GDP had started moving upward. All those persons who were involved in the no-confidence campaign were not concerned with the interests or damages of the country. Their sole aim was to remove Imran Khan and take control of the power for their own interests. The step taken against Imran Khan has created a position of uncertainty for the country. Pakistan has lost its reputation among its foreign friends, including China. This is the reason that now our country is in the grip of a political and economic whirlpool. (Dunya-Imtiaz Gul)
  5. Federal Minister Ahsan Iqbal has appealed to the people to reduce the consumption of tea and saying that we import tea on credit. He is right.  According to conservative estimates, in 2020, Pakistan became the largest importer of tea in the world, importing more than 646 million dollars’ worth of tea.  Pakistan imports 495 million dollars from Kenya, 68.3 million dollars from Vietnam, 28.1 million dollars from Rwanda, 14.6 million dollars from Uganda, and 9.78 million dollars from China. These figures are certainly not encouraging. Ahsan Iqbal has advised the nation to reduce tea. It would have been better if a policy had been announced at the government level in this regard first. Then the ruling class personally would become part of the tea quit campaign. We do such things without proper planning. This is what Ahsan Iqbal has done. A tea boycott is not enough to stand on own two feet and get out of the debt swamp. There are many things that are used unnecessarily. Unnecessary use of sugar and many beverages use a lot of sugar. Can’t we stop using such drinks and join the sugar exporting countries? Similarly, there are rice and many other items that we can export for the betterment of the country, but we do not do so because no one wants to set an example, and no one sincerely works on such projects. Neither the rulers are serious nor the people aware of this but in order to get out of the debt trap and fight inflation, we must keep an eye on such matters ourselves. I wish every citizen would play his role in getting the country out of the economic crisis. The government should set an example by taking the initiative.  (Akram Chaudhary – Nawa-i-Waqt)


  1. PTI also should keep aside its ego for the larger good of the country and should now be part of parliament. Its politics of protests is only triggering instability in the country. This is not only keeping foreign investors away from Pakistan but even our own are now planning to leave. All parties should now sit down to reconcile and thus help save the country from heading towards bankruptcy. Politics will be meaningless if the country is caught in an economic chaos. As a Muslim State, we must not lose hope that today or tomorrow, we will pass through and leave current difficult phase behind us. (Ibrat Edit)
  2. Federal minister, Ahsan Iqbal has said that people should minimize consumption of items like edible oil and tea because of high rate of inflation. The ministers, instead of issuing such homilies, should cut down their own expenditure, and thus set an example. It can make a big difference.   (Sindh Express Edit)
  3. At a time when the country is facing severe economic difficulties and needs the cooperation of friendly countries more than ever, the visit of Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto to Iran is of utmost importance. The agreement reached during the visit to increase cooperation in the energy sector, including the import of electricity from Iran, is an important step that will help ease the country’s energy crisis. Foreign Minister Bilawal said in his two-day visit that Pakistan and Iran want to take the historical relationship between the two countries to new heights. On this occasion, the statement of the Iranian Foreign Minister is also important that despite the US sanctions there is a mechanism for cooperation. (Edit Jang) 
  4. The Senate Standing Committee on Finance has recommended in the budget for the next financial year that various items including crude gold and silver should be exempted from sales tax to curb smuggling. This may be a welcome step but there is a need for immediate and strict legal action to curb smuggling. (Daily Pakistan Edit)
  5. Pakistan Army spokesman Major General Iftikhar Babar’s interview with Dunya TV’s “On the Front” hosted by Kamran Shahid, explained his organization’s position on various issues in great detail. Ever since the overthrow of Imran Khan’s Government through the no-confidence motion, a well-organized campaign has been launched; even to this day, Imran Khan has not acknowledged the fact that the chapter should be closed if the National Security Committee has made it clear that there was no conspiracy. It is the agenda of the enemy to create misunderstandings between the Pakistan Army and the people; sometimes questions are raised due to its defense budget and sometimes it is blamed for political changes. It is to be hoped that baseless comments and rumors will be avoided after a clear position of the Army in every matter has been articulated by the Army Spokesperson so that the sanctity and dignity of this national institution is not tarnished. (Edits – Daily Pakistan, Jehan Pakistan)
  6. ISPR Director General Major General Babar Iftikhar has described the recent visit of the Chief of Army Staff to China as having far-reaching consequences in the interest of national security and said that Bajwa was the first Army Chief to visit Beijing at the invitation of Chinese President Xi Jinping and meet him. In an interview with a private TV channel yesterday, the DG ISPR said the purpose of the Army Chief’s visit was to strengthen all ties, including defense. China has played an important role in enhancing Pakistan’s defense. Several memoranda of understanding have been signed during the commander’s visit to China. The visit is in fact an acknowledgment of the professionalism and God-given capabilities of Pakistan’s Armed Forces for the restoration of regional and global peace. There is no doubt that Pakistan’s defense and security as well as Pakistan’s nuclear technology and facilities are completely safe in the hands of Pakistan’s military and the National Command Authority and in the same way, the joint project of the Pakistan-China Economic Corridor is safe despite all the conspiracies of the enemy. In this regard, all the traitors inside the country were involved in the activities to stop the CPEC and they also made a vicious attempt to create misunderstandings between Pakistan and China. Following the success of the no-confidence motion, the PTI leadership has continued its arrogant propaganda to humiliate the state institutions, especially the Pakistan Army. In this context, the Pakistan Army spokesman rightly made it clear that the conspiracy is being hatched against the institutions while there is no evidence of any external conspiracy against the previous government. Similarly, the US has again and again strongly denied its involvement in any conspiracy against the PTI government; Ambassador to Pakistan Donald Bloom yesterday assured that no US official has been involved in any conspiracy against the former government of Pakistan.  In this context, such propaganda against the institutions needs to be strongly curtailed. This may give the enemy an opportunity to put into practice their war frenzy against the security of the country. No one can be allowed to play openly against the defense and security of the country. Propaganda against the Armed Forces of Pakistan and its leadership is a conspiracy to weaken the defense and security of the country. (Edit Nawai Waqt)