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Pak Urdu Media Digest, Mar 17, 2023

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Pak Urdu Media Digest, Mar 17, 2023


  • Ruling Pakistan Democratic Movement Chief, Maulana Fazlur Rahman, has criticized Imran Khan and his Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf for their shenanigans at the Zaman Park. If any religious party indulged in such acts, it would have been declared a terrorist and a rebel, and the establishment would have also taken action against it. Imran Khan has an agenda to weaken and destroy Pakistan and his every action is in pursuit of the agenda. (Jang, 16 Mar)
  • Punjab Information Minister Aamir Mir said that there is a terrorist in Zaman Park who has been identified. He is a close associate of Maulana Sufi Mohammad, the head of Tehreek-e-Nafaz Sharia Mohammadi (TNSM).  The said terrorist had served an eight-year-sentence. Whenever our force went towards Zaman Park, they had batons, no weapons. This is because the government has decided that there should be no casualties in the operation. All the details will be revealed, when the Zaman Park operation is completed. (Nawai Waqt)
  • Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah met Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif in Islamabad and discussed issues related to Sindh province and the national political scene. Sharif said the federation and the provinces have to work together for public welfare. The ongoing development projects of the federal government in the Sindh will be completed as soon as possible. He further said that the Thar Coal project will not only meet the country’s energy needs but will also open new avenues for development in the region. (Nawai Waqt, Ummat)
  • Pakistan Army has averted a terrorist attack in Quetta and other civilian areas of Balochistan. The security forces along with CTD recovered rockets, improvised explosive devices and other dangerous items from the suspected hideout of terrorists in Bogra Road, Chaman area, according to ISPR. (Daily Express, Ummat, Roznama Duniya)
  • 12 Corps Commander Lt. Gen. Asif Gafoor has said that by analyzing the situation unwanted check-posts would be removed from Quetta and other parts of Balochistan. He added that people of Balochistan should concentrate on education and trade instead of guns and violence, so that they can be a part in the development of the province and the nation. The Corps Commander said peace has been restored in Balochistan. (Qudrat)
  • The State Bank of Pakistan said that the domestic foreign exchange reserves increased by 92.8 million dollars. According to an announcement, the country’s forex reserves stood at 9.84 billion dollars for the week ending on March 10. The reserves of the State Bank increased by 18.1 million dollars to 4.31 billion dollars.  The deposits of commercial banks have increased by 7.47 million dollars to 5.52 billion dollars. (Ummat, Nawai Waqt, Daily Express)
  • Pashtunkhwa Students Organization (PSO) Zonal Dy. Organizer Sharif Khan Damar said that the group is against privatization of educational institutions. Instead, the number of government schools should be increased, and they should be provided with basic facilities and latest technologies to make them at par with private schools. PSO took out a rally in Sanjawi for the admission drive of children to government schools. (Qudrat)
  • Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Government is mulling over lifting the ban on Khana-e-Kasht (Agriculture Land Unit) of the Revenue Department after 8 years of restriction. It is said that the government is suffering extreme fiscal deficit since no taxes are coming from this unit. A report has been sought from the Revenue Department with regard to computerization of various offices across the province in order to stop misappropriation of funds and to check corruption. (Aeen)
  • Hundreds of people came out on the streets against the arrests of people from different communities in Thatta, Jhampir, Jhirk and Malki Thatta.  A shutter-down strike was observed against the arrest of a Hindu youth in Jhampir; the heirs came out on the streets against the arrest of the Babbar community in Jhirk and the Gandra community in Malki Thatta. (Urdu Point)
  • The municipal workers of Quetta staged a protest against the non-payment of salaries and pensions for three months.  All Balochistan Municipal Workers Association Quetta President Mohammad Rahim Baloch and General Secretary Nadeem Khokhar led the protest rally. (Urdu Point)
  • Iran has started supplying 100 MW electricity to Gwadar from its Phuleen city, officials said. Now Gwadar, Pasni, Jiwani and Ormara will be able to get uninterrupted power. (Urdu Point)
  • Commerce Minister Naveed Qamar has welcomed the decision of the Chinese province of Shandong to move its industry to Pakistan. A Chinese business delegation met the minister in Islamabad. He spoke about the scope of barter trade between the two countries and said that Pak cabinet has approved the framework for the purpose. (Jang)
  • The Immigration authorities have arrested an Afghan national Naseeb Jan at the Karachi Airport. He was flying to Oman on fake Pakistani documents. (Urdu Point, Daily Pakistan)
  • Dr. Fawzia Siddiqui, sister of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, met Prime Minister Mohammad Shehbaz Sharif in Islamabad today and requested the government to speed up efforts for Dr. Aafia’s early release. Sharif assured her of full cooperation from the government. (Nawai Waqt, Daily Jinnah, Daily Express)


  • All the hopes of Pakistan’s sinking economy are on the IMF package. But it remains elusive. The government has fulfilled all the external conditions for the loan. This in turn has pushed up inflation and made life miserable for a vast majority of the country. The latest hope in this matter has come from the US ambassador to Pakistan. Speaking to the media on Tuesday, he said Washington fully supports Pakistan in its efforts to resume the stalled $6.5 billion bailout program. He also sounded optimistic that the issues between Pakistan and the international lender would be settled in a few days. (Edit Jasarat)
  • The Shehbaz Sharif government has dropped another petrol bomb. It increased the price of petrol by 5 rupees per liter and the price of high-speed diesel by 13 rupees per liter. Now the petrol costs 272 rupee per liter and high-speed diesel costs reached 293 rupees per liter. This increase has been ordered at a time when the price of crude oil is at a 15- month low in the global market. This POL price hike will have a negative impact on the transport and agriculture sectors in particular. On the one hand, the government has ended the electricity subsidy   provided to the agricultural sector and on the other hand, the price of high-speed diesel continues to increase due to which the agricultural sector will be under severe pressure. The difficult decisions taken in the name of IMF agreement have not yet proved effective. It is necessary that the government should not put more burden on the people and introduce people-friendly policies that can tame inflation. The purchase of crude oil from Russia should be ensured as soon as possible. (Edit, Roznama Duniya)
  • Every citizen today talks about their problems through mass media, particularly social media and holds guilty those responsible for their woes. So, it is necessary to understand that by making the real crises and problems the priority now, the common Pakistanis will not be attracted. If the same attitude continues, which is not completely different from the past, then its results will not be different from the past. (Jehan Pakistan Edit)
  • Political tensions are rising across Pakatan. Lahore and several other cities have witnessed public anger. Yet, some wise commentators consider it their duty to remind people once or twice a week about the possibility of a return to martial law. The powers that be must think a thousand times before imposing martial law. (Daily Intekhab Edit)
  • The nation witnessed two- day long clashes between PTI activists and police forces from Lahore and Islamabad as they went to Zaman Park to arrest Imran Khan as per court orders in the Tosha Khan case against the PTI supremo. The police came under attack from PTI supporters who also damaged private and government properties. Vehicles were set afire. Some PTI activists were taken into custody. The attack by PTI activists is confirmed also by the leak of audio of PTI leader, Dr. Yasmeen Rashid. Surprisingly, instead of discouraging such activities of the PTI cadre, another PTI leader, Fawad Chaudhary is heard congratulating them and it worked like adding fuel to fire. We do not accept such acts of encouraging violence in politics. Imran Khan should not hesitate to appear before courts as and when summoned and prove his respect for judiciary through his acts. (Pahenji Akhbar Edit, Mar. 16)
  • People keep wondering as to where are all foreign loans are being spent. People also ask whether these foreign loans have ever done any good and given any relief to common man? If not, then why are they always being made sacrificial goats? The authorities should note that there is limit to peoples’ tolerance. It is surprising that instead of giving relief, authorities keep raising tariffs and making life more and more of a misery for people. Such insensitivity on the part of authorities will only trigger more anger and resentment amongst people. Hence, in any decision on tariff hikes, peoples’ conditions also should be factored. Also, as long as rupee does not become stable, we will keep suffering from this curse of inflation. So, the government may consider issuing an appeal to the overseas Pakistanis to lend their help in reworking the Pak scrip.  (Ibrat Edit)
  • Sindh government should give priority to address basic issues of people. It should give more importance to issues concerning health and education.  After making announcements and taking decisions on reforms in these sectors, there should be immediate implementation too. Reforms are also needed in police and jail departments. After taking a relook at all issues, it should immediately address those which are directly under its control. (Kawish Edit, March 16)
  • Under the leadership of Jamaat-e-Islami chief, Siraj-ul-Haq, the caravan of tribal rights movement has started. The 5-day rights movement will pass through Orakzai, and North and South Waziristan and ends in Khyber. The chairman of Tribal Rights Tehreek and other tribal leaders are participating in the campaign. Addressing way-side gatherings, Siraj-ul-Haq demanded that the promises made while integrating tribal belt into the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province should be implemented. Despite the abolition of FCR, tribals have not got the promised relief.  The development projects that were announced have not yet taken off.  The military operation is fueling anger among the tribes. The tribal belt is rich in natural resources but the tribal people are deprived of basic amenities. (Edit Jasarat)
  • Reports say Mai Jindo, who kept running from place to place for justice for her slain sons, has been paralyzed. We learn that her hearing faculty is also impaired. Her family members tell our editorial team that she was admitted into a private hospital. Clearly the Sindh government is not taking care of her. Otherwise, Mai Jindo would not have been deprived of benefits under Benazir Income Support Program. Mai Jindo is fighting for life. She must be helped in whatever way possible with best medical aid here at home or abroad. But no such help is in sight as yet. Because none from the Sindh government, health minister or anyone from the health department has called on her so far. It is our earnest appeal that the Sindh health department’s director pays a visit to her in Hyderabad and provides her with all possible health-related facilities. We are not sure if authorities will heed our appeal because our rulers have turned deaf. This happens when people are not united and have no powerful voice to put pressure on authorities. (Sindh Express Edit)
  • The TTP has claimed responsibility for several recent terrorist attacks inside Pakistan. The outfit is an offshoot of Afghan Taliban and is its ally. If the Afghan Taliban had been successful in taking action against the TTP, it might have given the impression at the global level that the transitional set-up in Kabul is very strong and effective. But so far, the Afghan Taliban have failed to do so.  Well, the Afghan Taliban regime cannot eliminate the militant groups on the Afghan soil on their own.  It should not look for support. If the Taliban government is accountable to the Afghan people, support will come to them, automatically. (Edit, Daily Express)


  • One important whisper that is also coming from PTI leadership says disturbances and showdown between PTI activists and police and rangers was largely aimed at deferring polls in the country. If “actors” and “directors” behind what happened at Zaman Park are now in agreement, in that case polls for Punjab and KPK assemblies are also not likely. It is being whispered that you need to do big “acts” to get “big results”. If all that is being whispered is true then all the injuries and damage sustained in “Zaman Park drama” will go waste and this will also be beginning of new chapter of former PM, Imran Khan’s “reconciliatory politics”. For the success of the “minus one” formula, it is necessary that for once he is given no support and is made to appear before the court in connection with all his bailable and non-bailable cases. For the sake of respect for the constitution, he should face the same charges with which earlier PMs faced cases in courts. But we need to give serious thought to what former American diplomat in Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilzad has said in his social media post: “More scandals will come to light with arrest of former PM Imran Khan and they will be of political, economic nature; they will also be security-related in nature”. (Dr. Ayub Sheikh in Kawish, Mar. 16)
  • It was Javed Hashmi who had perhaps said in 2014 dharna former Chief Justice, Saqib Nissar, had assured Imran Khan of the disqualification of the then Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.   Now that there are reports of hacking of his WhatsApp records, Saqib Nisar has started speaking out. It is fear that is making him speak what he says nowadays.  It is widely known fact that while he was in office, he was in touch with PTI leaders. He was seen talking with PTI leaders, Assad Umar and Shirin Mazari in different meetings and programs. Those days when he was Chief Justice, he was more interested in building dams than delivering justice. He was holding programs on water and population surveys. He used to be strict against all parties except PTI. Before the last election, he inaugurated a hospital along with Sheikh Rashid in Rawalpindi and people saw it as his campaigning for Sheikh Rashid. Now that too much is out in the open against him, he is caught red-handed. A lot is being said about the hacking of his WhatsApp records. One report says he was part of a WhatsApp group, which kept him in touch with people at high places like the establishment who had played key roles in toppling the Nawaz Sharif government and popped up Imran Khan. Other reports say Saqib Nissar is still using his influence on courts for relief to Imran Khan. He was instrumental in appointment of several judges during his tenure as Chief Justice and that is the reason that he continues having good hold and influence on judges even now. It is not just Bajwa, Faiz Hameed or even Saqib Nissar who had been helpful in Project Imran Khan. There were also several others in key positions be it courts, bureaucracy, or civilian offices who were links in this network behind Imran Khan. There are reports that the establishment is out to identify pro-Imran Khan lobbyists in order to get rid of them. Current times are a big testing time for the rulers, no less for the establishment as also judiciary that is pro-Imran Khan these days. If they are truly neutral, then something concrete will have to be done.  And it is action against them to convince people. This is the only way to expose those behind conspiracies and once this is done no one  will dare to raise a finger against the establishment being truly neutral. (Kawish, Ibrahim Kumbhar, Mar. 16)
  • Clashes between PTI activists and police forces for two days at Zaman Park have raised several questions: Should any political leader defy court orders only because he is party head? Should such court orders be protested against instead of abiding by them? If we talk of any civilized society, then answers to both questions will be a big no. One thing is clear though. It is that Imran Khan supporters kept coming in the way of the police who went there to arrest him. He did not advice his party activists to back off.   He used international media and other platforms to create the impression that he was being made a victim of politics of vendetta though the fact remains that police were there to arrest him in fulfillment of court orders. The way Imran Khan and his activists have manipulated the scene, it is not only challenging government writ but has also severely weakened government writ. The resistance put by PTI activists will only encourage action especially when courts give orders stalling police crackdown at such crucial times. For police, it is a state of dilemma; it becomes accountable if it does not implement court orders but when it goes to implement the court orders, it faces resistance and injuries to its forces. A situation may arise sooner or later when the Police will say it will take no more risks. Today, PTI is mustering courage against law-keeping machinery and tomorrow some other party also can do likewise prompted by Zaman Park experience. Whatever has happened in Lahore is not a good omen for rule of law in the country. And social media is abuzz with posts like: “The differences between domiciles of Zulfikar Bhutto and Benazir on one side and Imran Khan on other side is now coming to fore”. I will not go in depth into such posts, but from what happened in Lahore’s Zaman Park, one thing is clear that rule of law is not equal for all and it is used selectively.  Look at the way Azim Swati and Shahbaz Gul got bail so soon. Consider the plight  of Ali Wazir, member of national assembly, who had to spend more than two years in jail for statements against institution; or Asif Ali Zardari who had to remain out of the country for nearly a year for one statement against the establishment. All these incidents only bring out very glaringly and convincingly the discrimination in application of law in the country.. The current scenario is a clear enough message about what kind of political engineering is underway. Right now, Imran Khan is trying to exploit peoples’ anger over steep price rise, and unending inflation.  Ever since Imran Khan had come out of the corridors of power, an impression has spread that the establishment was not happy with Imran Khan and that it is now with the PDM alliance government. If this is true, then how come leaders like Sheikh Rashid and Pervez Elahi who are widely known as establishment- men, continue to stand by Imran Khan? Some theories making rounds in political circles of Islamabad, say, “Displeasure from Saudi and China against Imran Khan played a big role in removing him from power”. Some others say he was removed because “there were no indications in sight for any improvement in the economy under Imran Khan’s government”. Whatever be the actual reason behind his getting dethroned, question that continues to haunt is this: How long will we keep running the government on other’s script? How long will governments be made and destroyed on other’s script?”  It is not who comes and forms the government but who gives blessings to form the government. We are in the worst of our times because of new experiments being done from time to time. The country cannot tolerate them any longer. In fact, such experiments must stop now. If Imran Khan can win peoples’ vote, then let him come back and rule. If any other party comes in power, let him come through transparent ways. The way we have made mockery of the writ of law in Lahore, must stop for good. (M B Soomro in Pahenji Akhbar, March 16)
  • Imran Khan’s words that he would be more dangerous as and when he is ousted from power, are coming true going by what is happening in Lahore these days in connection with Imran Khan’s arrest. Everyone is scared that we are heading for a state of people versus institutions. This is a matter of big concern because this situation is developing in Punjab. There would have been no such worry if all this had taken place in Sindh, Balochistan or even in KPK. When such developments take place in Punjab, even army is very cautious. Imran Khan is very calculating politician. He knows if he were at his Islamabad residence, police would have picked him up easily. Now he is in the midst of Lahore, amongst people of Punjab and hence even the establishment is upset over the developments. So far only water cannons and tear gas have been used by law keeping forces in the confrontation with PTI activists. There were few occasions of firing in the air too. Lahore people are very arrogant by nature and always stand tall and confident against law keeping forces. A major reason for this is the fact that every second family in Lahore has one or the other family member in the army. For Lahore people, the establishment is a sort of their second family. This time, tensions are high in Lahore and it has caused ripples also at upper level (read in establishment). Situation is turning grim because even women have come out in support of Imran Khan in Lahore; some of them were seen with their children. Any ugly development can have widespread repercussions. Despite outgoing army chief’s statement that henceforth the establishment would have no role in the country’s civilian affairs, Imran Khan keeps pleading for the establishment’s intervention. So far, there is no indication if establishment will intervene, but there is eerie silence around. Once upon time, Lahore was PML(N)’s stronghold. The party was always confident that Lahore will never look at the other side and will always stand by the Sharifs. But whatever we get to see at Lahore’s Zaman Park, is nothing but political defeat for PML(N). Zaman Park is turning into a battlefield where Maryam’s political future seems getting buried here. She is no longer in a position to hold any public meetings in Punjab. Most often it is Imran supporters who throng her public meetings  and they also raise slogans against her at her public meetings. Everybody is now worried because of conditions developed by the PTI and its chief, Imran Khan.  (Sindh Express, Aijaz Mungi)
  • When the partial and selected records of Toshakhana became public, it became clear for the first time that Toshakhana was treated in the same way as Pakistan has been in the last 75 years. In this sense, it will not be wrong to call Pakistan a big Toshakhana. The story that started with Imran Khan’s buying and selling of a watch progressed to the conclusion that valuable items kept disappearing without being recorded from Toshakhana. Valuables received from foreign rulers were deliberately undervalued and gifts were sometimes taken home without paying even a small price. Not only the rulers, but also their relatives and companions kept washing their hands in this flowing river. It is not possible if there is looting going on, the journalists are left behind. Because, the turn of events show that senior anchors who recited the lamentation of a watch and sang the song of its sanctification in the TV studios also kept washing their hands in the Ganges that is Toshakhana. This is because there is no rule of law here in Pakistan. The fear of the law has ended and when the fear of the law ends in nations and societies, the distinction between good and bad ends in that society. (Arif Bahar, Jasarat)
  • Recently, I saw a video clip of a play, which made me cringe. The scenes hit the heart and mind like hammers. Four years ago, the Transgender Act was passed; it was strongly criticized by religious parties. In order to abolish this law, Jamaat-e-Islami, JUI challenged it in the Federal Sharia Court. The Islamic State of Pakistan is the only country on earth that came into existence in the name of Allah and Islam. We promised Allah that we will establish a Sharia system in the land which we have acquired. It is our misfortune and negligence that despite the passage of eight decades, we have not fulfilled the promise we made to Allah. We have lost half of the country and the other half is also mired in crises. Our actions are inviting the anger of Allah. For the survival and stability of Pakistan, Islamic ideology is the first necessity. We are Muslims. Unfortunately, for the past eight decades, a handful of misfits in this country have been trying to alienate us from religious teachings and values. It seems as if the social values of Pakistan are being attacked in a systematic manner. Various characters are acting as hired agents to advance this conspiracy. A few days ago, a professor in Islamabad had put an immoral question in the exam paper. Before that came the issue of screening a film based on homosexuality. Millions of users on social media raised their voices to stop its screening, but the Censor Board hurt the sentiments of millions of Muslims by allowing the screening of the controversial film where it undermined the social traditions of Pakistan. It is a very sad move on the part of the federal government to allow such a film to be screened; however, the group of misfits were happy to screen this film in Pakistan. According to all Islamic jurists, homosexuality is prohibited. Islam considers all such tendencies as unnatural. The rules and limits established by Allah have always been and will always be. At present, the door of homosexuality is being tried to be opened in the name of transgender, the whole nation has to fight it together. (Ashfaqallah Jan Dagewall, Daily Express) ####