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Pak Urdu Media Digest, Mar 20, 2023

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Pak Urdu Media Digest, Mar 20, 2023


  • In order to deal with the many challenges that Pakistan is facing, including economic decline and terrorism, political stability and discipline are essential, but the practical situation is quite the opposite. The worst demonstration of this situation took place yesterday in Lahore and the federal capital, Islamabad. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan, who has been exempted from appearing in courts in various cases for the past several months, was supposed to appear in the district court of Islamabad on Saturday in the Toshakhana disqualification case. Non-bailable warrants were issued as Khan had not appeared earlier. However, yesterday, when Imran Khan left Lahore to attend the court in Islamabad, the police and the anti-encroachment squad conducted a search in Zaman Park, and recovered many prohibited items including 16 rifles. Due to clashes between PTI workers and the police at the judicial complex, the area became a battleground; PTI workers had set fire to the police post, police mobile and several vehicles. 9 police personnel were injured by stone pelting by the protesters. (Edit Jang)
  • According to the home minister, the moment the federal government makes plans about the arrest of Imran Khan, courts give him bail. When crisis after crisis keeps hitting the nation, an impression starts building up that institutions instead of doing their job well are failing somewhere. Now also when politicians seem to be gearing up to settle political differences through bloodbath, all that is bound to trigger law and order and economy-related issues only. It is time ruling and opposition parties take a look around and take a pity on common man’s struggles in day-to-day life. It is also time to take concrete measures for delivery of justice. Also, to uphold supremacy of law and constitution and also. (Kawish, Edit, March 19)     
  • The political parties should not train their cadres in such ways that they gear up and stand up against their own State and police forces or throw petrol bombs on police, damage private and government properties, spread anarchy or become reason enough for some other lawlessness. If police had not exercised restraint at Zaman Park, it could have turned into major confrontation. Word of advice for politicians is that they do their politics without bringing ego in between. Imran Khan and all political leaders should have respect for laws of land. They should show respect for laws of the land and for courts. Also show respect for verdicts given by courts. (Pahenji, Edit, March 19)   
  • As Ramadan is approaching, the shopkeepers have increased the prices of food items.   The soaring dollar and the daily depreciating value of the Pakistani rupee have turned the inflationary storm into a tsunami. Due to rising prices of petrol and diesel, transporters are increasing their fares every day. If the situation continues, the time is not far when the entire middle class will become poor. Along with rising inflation, unemployment is coming to every home. There is almost no employment for the educated youth in our country that is why they try to go abroad through agents by selling the ornaments of their mother and sisters. As far as the health sector is concerned, due to the skyrocketing costs of hospitalization and medicines, we have turned away from treatment. According to the World Bank, rising food prices around the world could push millions of poor deeper into poverty. There is a dire need to adopt a long-term reform strategy for Pakistan’s economic development. We go to the IMF every five years because we have no economic policy. Unless we change the structure of the economy and reduce the deficit, we will continue to grind ourselves in this mill. (Edit, Daily Express)
  • For the distribution of free flour, initially, the eligibility criteria was registration under Benazir Income Sports Program registration, but the Prime Minister relaxed the rule and directed that those who have monthly income up to 60 thousand rupees and not registered in BISP should also get coverage.  Delivery of flour has started but no relevant department has formulated the new registration procedure. So much so, low-income unregistered people are deprived of the benefit.  After the launch of the free flour scheme, Punjab Government has discontinued its subsidized flour scheme This is hurting poor families.  Steps should be taken to extend the free flour distribution to all the needy and deserving.  (Daily Pakistan Edit)
  • Like every government, the current PDM government is doing what the previous governments did. Unfortunately, all institutions that claim independence are acting at the behest of some other force. Only the most powerful entity (the Army) is claiming to remain indifferent to every issue but the fact is that it is linked with all issues. (Edit Jasarat)
  • There is a need for political harmony in the country to save it from complete failure. (Edits – Baad-e-Shimal, Daily K2, Aeen, Jehan Pakistan)
  • Pakistan is a country that is not backward due to the shortage of natural resources or manpower, but due to a handful of selfishness of its rulers and military and civil officers. The only aim of these greedy and ruthless persons is to accumulate as much money as possible. Millions of people are living like animals in slums. Even clean drinking water is not available to them. They have to buy substandard water or get it from faraway places. A single dam was not constructed for 50 years. In Balochistan 16 dams were washed away in floods. No one is asking why their construction was so faulty. Who took the commission and how much? The rate of commission is 20 percent in Sindh. How much is it in Balochistan? In the past, it was 80 percent. This all-corruption is due to the unconstitutional interference of establishment in politics, as former Army Chief General Qamar Bajwa had accepted. All the persons who dance to the tunes of the military and civil officers are sitting in National and Provincial assemblies. For the progress, development, and stability of the country, the rulers have to change their attitude.  (Edit-Intekhab Daily)
  • The UK court has rejected MQM chief Altaf Hussain’s claim on the London secretariat of his party and declared MQM Pakistan as entitled to it.  The British court is not naive to know where the money claimed by both, MQM Altaf Hussian and MQM Pakistan came from and how it got to London. Extortions were collected from people in Karachi and Hyderabad, there were cases of kidnapping for ransom and money was collected from building control, registrar office, factories and sent to London. How can MQM London or MQM Pakistan be entitled to this money? This money belongs to those people from whom it was stolen. This money should be returned to the people of Karachi and the direct way is to establish a municipality in Karachi with real public representatives after a fair election and hand over this looted money to the representatives of the people of Karachi. (Edit Jasarat)
  • Apparently, we show a lot of respect for children and women in Sindh, but reality is just the opposite. It is not just issue of one or two incidents here and there, but it has become issue of the entire Sindh society and we still refuse to take it seriously. It is clear by now that as long as women do not get equal representation in every sector, things will not get better for them in Sindh society or even across the country. There are several sectors where women do not even get proper wages for their work. At some places, it is taken for granted that if male member of a family is working somewhere, the female members of that family too are considered in employment there. For example, when one feudal employs a male for farming works at his fields, it is presumed that entire family of that male employee is in service of that particular landlord, be it mother, sister or wife of that farmer who are expected to work in the fields of that particular landlord without getting any wages for their services. We cannot expect any betterment till such atrocity is brought to end in our society. (Sindh Exp. Edit)  
  • Speaking at the opening ceremony of the US-sponsored trade exhibition, US Ambassador Donald Bloom said that promoting inclusive economic growth in Pakistan and increasing bilateral trade and investment are amongst the top priorities of the US government. The objective of the US -Pakistan Innovation Expo is to highlight the success stories of new Pakistani start-ups enabled by US. At the outset, the statement of the American ambassador is welcome, but the fact is that Pakistan and Pakistani people not only sacrificed lives and money for the interests of the United States, but also openly supported and  participated in the war against terrorism launched in the region after 9/11, and are still fulfilling their do more requirements. Currently, Pakistan is going through serious crises. The difficult situation of its economy is also in front of everyone as a result of supporting it in the American war. Now the American ambassador is giving lollipops to Pakistan. Until the US actually supports Pakistan, such statements will be considered mere declarations of intent. If the US is truly sincere with its frontline ally, it should step up and fully support it at this time. They should do whatever role they can play in fixing Pakistan’s economy. Efforts should be made to ease the IMF’s strict conditions and let the deal materialize quickly.  (Edit, Nawaiwaqt)


  • IMF Representative for Pakistan, Esther Perez, has clarified that there is no truth in the news of linking the bailout deal with Pakistan’s nuclear program. She further said that the focus of negotiations with Pakistan is to bring macroeconomic stability and financial stability.  She added that the negotiations are being held for the restoration of economic stability according to the policy of the IMF. (Ummat, Nawaiwaqt, Daily Express)
  • General Michael Corrella, Commander of the US Central Command, says that the US is satisfied with Pakistan’s nuclear programme. Speaking in the House Armed Services Committee, he said that Pakistan is currently facing economic problems and political tensions. Apart from this, Pakistan is also facing the challenge of terrorism with attacks of the outlawed TTP increasing inside Pakistan. He said that he has excellent relations with Pakistan Army Chief General Asim Munir. (Nawaiwaqt, Daily Express, Ummat, Daily Jinnah)
  • A 138 km long transmission line has been laid to supply 100 MWs of electricity to Gwadar from Iran. This project will meet the current and future needs of Gwadar. According to the QESCO spokesperson, the project will ensure uninterrupted supply of electricity to the domestic and industrial consumers of Gwadar. (Urdu Point, Daily Express, Daily Jinnah, Ummat, Nawaiwaqt, Jang)
  • Important progress has been made between Pakistan and China regarding the CPEC project, said reliable sources. Both sides agreed on the expansion of the corridor and the inclusion of other countries in the project. This agreement was reached at the Third Consultative Bilateral Dialogue between Pakistan and China in Beijing. Foreign Secretary Asad Majeed Khan led the Pak delegation while the Chinese delegation was led by Vice Foreign Minister Sun Weidong. (Jang)
  • The workers of the Duddar China Project are subject to very cruel and inhuman treatment. They are imprisoned in the premises of the Project, in the name of SOP, for the last three years. According to the details, in the remote hilly area of Las Bela, people are working in Duddar China Project. Three years back, as the Covid -19 spread, the workers were told to remain in the premises and follow the SOP. And they are still not allowed to go out. The workers have lost all contact with their relatives and friends. They have become mentally and physically ill. The workers protested at the main gate of the Project and said that all over the world SOP is discarded. Even in the factories of Pakistan, all restrictions are removed and workers are not observing SOP, but the local and foreign administrative officers of the Project are forcing them to follow SOP and remain in the premises. The Project administration has practically imprisoned them in the name of safety from corona virus. They have appealed to the Chief Minister of Balochistan Mir Abdul Quddus Bezenjo, former Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan, and members of the federal and provincial assemblies to take immediate steps to end their imprisonment. (Intekhab Daily)
  • Khyber Pakhtunkhwa caretaker information minister Feroze Jamal Shah has revealed that the PTI regime had recruited 5,000 social media influencers who are still receiving a monthly salary of 25,000 to 50,000 rupees. They had also been given laptops and their job is to PTI’s projection on social media, and tarnishing the role of opposition political parties. (Jang)
  • Come Ramzan and prices have started zooming affecting severely all kitchen-related necessities and eatables in city markets. People are very angry and say: no check on price rise is seen by authorities anywhere. If government raises Rs.10 on any item, traders raise it by Rs.30 to Rs.40. People have started shouting against authorities demanding action against profiteering elements in business community. (Sindh Exp.)  
  • Pakistan’s textile sector is on the brink of default, APTMA said in a letter to the State Bank. (Jang)
  • The Sukkur-Karachi padayatra under taken by Syed Zen Shah has reached Karachi and culminated in a big dharna in front of Karachi Press Club. The padayatra stated from Sukkur on Feb. 15 led by Sindh United Party’s leader.  Other nationalist leaders and activists and people from different walks of life including women were seen in large numbers in this dharna. (Pahenji, March 19)     
  • Dismiss the PPP government in Sindh was the demand voiced by Syed Jalal Mahmood Shah and other Sindh leaders from Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA) while  addressing the participants in the Sukkur-Karachi padayatra who staged a  massive dharna at Karachi Press club. They demanded an accountability commission under retired judges to look into PPP government’s financial and administrative irregularities. They also demanded immediate polls by biometric and electronic voting machines under court’s monitoring to bring an end to continuing chaos and disorder across country. The speakers hit out against the Sindh government’s poor governance, corruption, un-ending price rise, widespread lawlessness and unemployment in Sindh. They would not accept digital population surveys and would continue with their peaceful protests. Sindh United Party’s chief, Zen Shah  criticized that the Federal authorities are controlling Sindh’s right to autonomy, Sindh’s resources and its existence from day one of formation of Pakistan. He also charged the PPP with playing the role of a foreign agent since 2008 and devouring Sindh interests for the sake of power and pelf. PPP has been taking over government plots using and abusing government machinery.  Sindh’s coastal belt lands are being given away for meagre amounts.  Zen Shah also blamed PPP for premature digital population surveys. GDA leader Safdar Abbasi said: “This is just beginning and people in Sindh will awaken. Sindh people should vote for people-friendly candidates in the next polls”.  All the speakers demanded that the population surveys carried out in 2017 should be accepted and fresh surveys should be undertaken four years later in 2027. (Sindh Exp)  
  • The PTI has filed a case against the attack of police on the house of Imran Khan in Lahore’s Zaman Park. The Vice President of ML-N Mariam Nawaz and Federal Home Minister Rana Sanaullah are named as accused. The caretaker of Imran Khan’s house, Owais Ahmed filed the case at the Race Course Police Station. Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi and IG Punjab Usman Anwar, CCPO Lahore Siddique Kamyana, and many other high-ranking police officers are also named as accused in the case. Owais Ahmed also alleged that the police had seized the licensed guns and grabbed 50 thousand rupees from the servants. (Islam Daily)
  • Federal Home Minister Rana Sanaullah has indicated that he is initiating a legal procedure for banning the PTI. Addressing a press conference in Lahore he said that the government has collected enough material to file a reference against PTI. Our legal team is working. Only the court can ban a political party. Punjab police, with the help of other law enforcement agencies, took action against a leader who had created an atmosphere of fear. The retaliation against the police action confirmed that it might be a terrorist organization. He said that police arrested 65 people from outside the house, who were not Punjabis. Their character was suspicious. Weapons and petrol-bomb-making material were seized from the house. Rana said that the only aim of this person is to create chaos and anarchy in the country. (Islam Daily)
  • The Pakistan Army has recovered a large cache of arms and ammunition from a terrorist hideout in Chaman. According to ISPR, security forces on Sunday conducted an intelligence-based operation in the Rehman Kahol area to eliminate a suspected hideout of terrorists involved in recent terrorist incidents including planting of improvised explosive devices. (Daily Express)
  •  JSQM leaders Bilawal Sargani, Hemun Bhatti and Zulfiqar Bhatti held a protest rally from Bada Press Club to the town hall against the arrest of Comrade Du Doshi, the central chairman of the Sindh Nationalist Party, Jeay Sindh under false charges. The speakers said that Comrade Doshi was arrested from the premises of the court by slapping a case of treason against him in the ETC Court because he is raising his voice on all the important issues of land and water grabbing of Sindh and settlement of outsiders in Sindh. The arrest of Jeay Sindh leader is a deplorable act and we condemn it in the strongest possible terms. (Jasarat)
  • Section 144 was enforced in the city of Peshawar and the districts of Lakki Marwat, Khyber, and Bannu in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, banning the gathering of more than 5 people for five days. Officials said that the ban will remain in force can be extended in public interest. The district administration imposed this restriction after receiving confirmed reports of plans to stage riots. (Ummat, Nawaiwaqt, Daily Jinnah)
  • In the Civil Hospital of Tehsil Naal, Balochistan, the x-ray machine is lying inactive long years after it was purchased. Even for a normal x-ray, the poor have to go to Khuzdar which is 45 km away. The irony is that staff is recruited for operating this idle machine, and they are getting salary every month. People have requested the MPA of Khuzdar, Mir Younus Aziz, and administrative officers to look into the matter. (Intekhab Daily)
  • The leaders of Jamaat e Islami Senator Mushtaq Ahmed Khan, Hussain Wadela, and others addressed a big rally of women in Gwadar. They said that the ‘ Haq Do’ campaign represents the right of people to constitutional and democratic protest. Maulana Hidayat Ur Rahman is jailed because he raised his voice for the rights of the people. Demanding employment, education, health facilities, and protection of life and property is our constitutional right. We are not against CPEC, but the people of Gwadar have the first right over it and then the rest of Balochistan. Forced disappearance and then killing them and throwing away their bodies is brutality. Demanding the release of Maulana Hidayat Ur Rahman and other leaders, they asked the authorities to drop all the cases filed against Haq Do’   campaigners. (Intekhab Daily, Urdu Point)
  • Pakistan Flour Mills Association Balochistan Region Chairman Syed Nasir Agha has stated that starting the free flour scheme only in Punjab instead of the whole country is an extreme injustice and cruelty to the poor. If the supply of free flour to the people of Balochistan is not ensured, they will exercise their full constitutional and legal right to protest. (Urdu Point)
  • Haji Haroon, President of All Sukkur Small Traders and Cottage Industries, has stated that they stand with media workers in their ongoing struggle for their rights. And they will raise their voice on every platform and also provide financial support to the delegation of Cameramen and Photo-journalists Association. (Urdu Point)


  • If conditions continue to remain as they are with siege around courts, then not just polls in KPK and Punjab will be under thick dark clouds, but even general polls will face big question mark. The system will get totally derailed if emergency is declared. It is for the Supreme Court bar, Pakistan Bar Council or some other such body to come forward and organize all-party meetings to plan a road-map for polls.  All that has come to light after police operation at Zaman Park or all that had happened when Imran Khan was appearing before a Islamabad court, suggests that conditions are very scary. On one hand, the government wants to expose Imran and his aides as being terrorists and says it will tame Imran Khan and his activists and supporters. On the other hand, Imran Khan calls rulers, robbers and thieves. He also claims that all that is happening against him and his partymen is part of London Plan. As per this plan, Imran Khan is to be put behind bars to clear decks for the return for Nawaz Sharif, he says. Imran Khan and his supporters are now attacking the “powerful man” too (Army chief) and say powerful man has been following policies of his predecessor (Bajwa). Imran Khan is forgetting that State does not mean only policemen and if the establishment comes out and starts exercising its power, Imran Khan will become another “Altaf Hussain” and other forces too will be neutralized. Conditions are too bad in the country and whispers have started that the country might have emergency for a year or two. Protests and demonstrations have started in London as well. It is time Imran Khan started taking a look at his fault-lines. Since fingers are being raised against the judiciary, some others should intervene to bring conditions under control.  Country can be run only through democratic ways. Country does not belong to Imran Khan or even to current rulers (PDM).  This country belongs to crores of others who keep struggling in daily lives. It is time we stopped using fascist ways and start setting things right by giving up controversial styles of working. (Allah Bux Rathod in Sindh Exp)  
  • No matter how popular and powerful person Imran might be, he cannot be accepted as a leader till he does not treat national interests above his personal ambitions and interests. The way he has handled the issue of non-bailable arrest warrants against him, raises several questions on his leadership capabilities. He stands exposed; how much he is a democrat in his dealings is also no longer a secret.  His behavior has also exposed his lack of respect for law; his big talk about independence for judiciary also look absurd in the light of recent developments. He likes the system and laws which are his facilitators. He approves of the legal system and   delivery of justice that agree with his views and opinions. The fact of matter is he is a supporter of fascism wearing garb of democracy. (Ibrat, Ahsaan Aabroo, March 18)     
  • It is reliably learnt that after disturbances at Zaman Park, establishment has intervened and conveyed a message that they would not tolerate any more deterioration of conditions. For the first time Imran Khan is learnt to have heeded advice given to him and agreed to present himself in court. After Lahore high court, he has to appear before Islamabad Courts. There are indications that intervention is being done to pacify both sides government and PTI. But how long scenario will continue like that especially when PDM government seems to have made up mind to tire and exhaust Imran Khan out of politics Basically, Imran Khan is not compromising type person and he is far from being political in his dealings. It is also proved that he does not have much respect for laws of land too. Both sides, the government and PTI, are in a race for power. Fear factor has gone up immensely in the current  chaos in Punjab/Zaman Park. This will give a big dent in Pakistan’s image abroad. There is an urgent need for regaining political stability but there are dim chances of stability. It is also learnt that messages too have been sent to political class including to Imran Khan to set things right or there can be use of baton/stick to set things right in the country. (Sindh Exp. Allah Bux Rathod, March 18)     
  • The way courts keep giving relief to Imran Khan, be it in Lahore or in Islamabad, an impression is building up. Are the courts setting a new trend of judicial diktats as per whims and desires of mobs? Such softness is not seen when it comes to courts giving decisions on Sindh and Sindh’s political leadership. Not just that, decisions given earlier about some issues in Sindh, are not implemented. For example, the Supreme Court issued an order, long ago, on sending  out all foreigners illegally staying  in Sindh. But, that order has not been implemented till day. According to global laws, camps are to be set up to accommodate (illegally staying) foreigners for short periods and then they are to be sent back to their countries. But, such global laws are not implemented in Sindh. According to agencies’ reports submitted to the Supreme Court, about 40 lakh foreigners stay illegally in Karachi though according to Sindh’s intelligentsia, this number could be three or four times more. Thus, this issue is a sort of “life and death” for Sindh. Hence, we need to welcome any exercise, every padayatra or any protest rally or demonstration on this matter. Sindh’s nationalist groups have some ego issues with PPP and hence they go with MQM and not with PPP. Why so and what for? I leave this question for readers to think over. Even on issues like digital populations surveys, Bilawal Bhutto has formally laid down objections and has gone to extent of saying that federal government should set things right vis -a – vis Sindh issues or else PPP can think about giving up federal ministries. Sindh CM had also second meeting with the PM on Thursday seeking redressal on Sindh’s apprehensions. Sindh CM has given detailed information about Sindh’s objections on digital population surveys. (Kawish, Mohammad Khan Aabroo, March 19)    
  • The main reason for the flourishing of insurgent movements within Pakistan is the decayed and outdated administrative and judicial structures of these areas. Instead of extending prevailing judicial and administrative institutions and laws of the state to these areas, local customs are given the status of laws whether it is Balochistan or the erstwhile tribal areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa or the peaceful Malakand Division. The system of headship prevailing in Balochistan for centuries was not in any way compatible with the constitution and laws of Pakistan. Due to this headship system, Balochistan could not develop though there is no lack of resources. Since the arrival of the US in Afghanistan in 2001, Pakistan became a victim of terrorism. Pakistan has been suffering from political instability since 2012 after Imran Khan gained importance in politics. The political instability is now turning into political violence. After security and intelligence agencies, the prestige and credibility of the judiciary is now a problem. The way the PTI workers obstructed a judicial process and administrative process by regularly contesting it means that they were trained and prepared. PTI women are also abusing policemen and calling themselves oppressed. All this can be seen on social media. If this judicial and administrative crisis is not resolved soon, its effects will affect Punjab elections as well as the entire country. It seems that we are now moving from political instability to violence and to anarchy, with   Taliban violence on one side and political violence, chaos, and economic crisis on the other side. Police and administration are paralyzed. What will happen next need not be told. (Jamshed Baghwan, Daily Express)
  • Pakistan must take a few steps for confidence building in the region. The developments during the last one year have brought China and Pakistan closer. For confidence building in the region, Pakistan needs to take lessons from the past. Pakistan will have to win back the trust of friendly countries. Developments like the recent pact with Iran for 100 MW power for Gwadar and talks for oil from Russia cannot be ignored.   Pakistan’s needs and   the need to raise Pakistan’s importance in the region, call for new strategic connections with China. Pakistan has to deliver on several fronts. In the current scenario, we can have effective ties with China only when we get rid of the political crisis within the country. Our important and urgent priority is to address political stability in the country. The constitution is nowhere to be seen even as parties are fighting over the issue of elections. “Where does our democratic system stand in the emerging new global order” is a big question for the country’s well-wishers today. (Ibrat, Asima Shezari, March 18)    
  • At Punjab University the Sindhi students’ organization had organized a program for Holi celebrations. Some activists from Jamaat started countering Sindhi students, preventing them from celebrating Holi. The Sindhi students protested and appealed to the university administration for justice. It was learnt that the University administration stood by Jamaat activists. At Quaid-e-Azam University trouble started over some petty issue between Baloch and Pushto students’ organizations and spread.  Rangers and police were summoned; some students were arrested and put to torture. Notification was issued later expelling several students. The University also remained closed for several days. The issue was given different color and  posts on the social media conveyed the impression that administration was right. The administration’s actual aim was to take advantage of the situation and break students’ organizations so that it could continue with its domination. At the Karachi University, some students from minority community wanted to celebrate Holi and some Jamaat activists attacked them and asked them to stop the celebrations. One more incident, that is fourth incident, was reported at Karachi -based Federal Urdu University. Here trouble started during a felicitation function by Sindhi student organization. The Jamaat and Peoples’ Student Federation activists created a ruckus saying “Azrak” will not be worn on this occasion. Azrak is part of cultural dress of Sindhis worn on special occasions like festivities. Now who will ask as to what the People’s Students’ Federation has to do at such functions? Three major takeaways from these incidents were: Religion, student politics and oppressed sections. These incidents have two sides. students and administration. Who is oppressed between the two? Normally, we feel all students are from the oppressed classes. There are some others behind guiding administration and these “others” are none but powerful forces- establishment. What do these powerful forces want? Why are they doing so much oppression and what for? They want to break student unions and want to assert their control by imposing their system and for this they bring in religion and university administration into picture so that they can pursue their petty interests like oppressing Sindhis, Balochis,  and others in minorities. It is on orders of establishment that university administrations call in police and rangers and students are arrested and also handcuffed and even police cases are registered against students on fake charges so that no voice can be raised (by such students) for rights. On the other hand, pro-establishment elements are given free hand to dominate. These elements not only get a free hand to do what they want but they are also given every kind of help, be it financial or any other, and they are also allowed to do any propaganda to help the establishment’s plan succeed in the universities. Question arises as to why so much fear about student unions? The fact is that student politics is powerful enough to shake any government. Those who are ruling the country from behind the curtain (that is establishment) have started fearing that they might not be exposed before the world community and hence they want to uproot students’ politics. What next now? Everything possible will be done to silence those doing students’ politics and intimidate, frighten and scare them, and a lot of consultations will also be done on how to achieve these goals to break activists of student politics. But, is it possible now? Students today have come to understand and know all that is happening around. They also know their rights too well. They also know global media, and all bodies of global human rights are with them. The establishment might succeed in silencing a handful students; but there are hundreds and thousands amongst students today who are vocal enough for their rights. (Sindh Exp. Kishor Hirani) ###