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Pak Urdu Media Digest, Mar 21, 2023

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Pak Urdu Media Digest, Mar 21, 2023


  • Jamaat-e-Islami Chief Siraj-ul-Haq has said that those, who had imposed PTI on the nation, had installed the PDM in office. Now, people know that these two parties are two sides of the same coin. PDM government is holding daily cabinet meetings like the previous rulers, but the problems remain unresolved. These people are blaming each other for inflation and unemployment even though they are responsible for this very misery. Siraj-ul-Haq claimed that solution to the problems of this country lies only with Jamaat-e-Islami which has been serving even without being in power. It also has economic experts and educational experts, above all, Jamaat has a huge team of dedicated workers. (Edit Jasarat)
  • Pakistan is one of the major countries associated with the textile industry. This sector has always been a source of pride for the country whose export volume is more than half of other industries. Its exports reached a record level of 19.3 billion dollars in 2021. The small and medium-sized textile mills exported finished products to Europe and America. But, today, most of them are closed due to a shortage of cotton, and this has resulted in the unemployment of millions of people. (Edit Jang)
  • We are of the view that illegally staying foreigners are not just a burden on Sindh’s economic resources but also are a threat to the survival of Sindhis. They need to be either put in camps or sent back immediately to their countries. MQM also should realize that ancient Sindhi colonies and Karachi villages are no threat to urban Sindhis. It is the illegal colonies of these illegally staying foreigners that have changed the demography of the city. We therefore think it necessary to stress on Sindh authorities that they regularize ancient Sindhi colonies, and villages in Karachi without any delay because Sindh’s interests are above all. Those who are opposing regularization of villages in Karachi must change their attitudes. (Pahenji, Edit, March 20)   
  • Sindh people are suffering on multiple fronts. Where should they go and with whom should they share their grievances? While hearing Sukkur law- and -order case, the Sindh High Court has directed the provincial police chief to look into the matter. Later, we learnt from media reports that the Sindh government would start a big operation against dacoits and criminals across Sindh. But nothing happened. Reports remained reports only and nothing concrete happened on ground. Our highways continue to be unsafe and none is safe anywhere. At police stations across Sindh, common man hardly gets any hearing while influentials and elites are being courted by the police! This is by and large a tale of Sindh’s woes and there is nothing in sight to suggest any relief in near future. The only thing people can do is: shout and scream at authorities. People are doing that. The rulers would do well to realise that the day peoples’ tolerance reaches zero point, it will set in their decline. (Sindh Exp, Edit)   
  • Leaders of the 13-party coalition government have lost a golden chance of conducting a fair and transparent election. Even the worst enemies of General Yahya Khan accept that he had conducted the first transparent election in Pakistan. The future historian will write that the PDM government had failed to gauge the mood of the public after 11 months in power. The election would have diminished the stain of regime change to a certain extent. But the right time has gone now. It is said that the government has adopted the policy of arresting and filing cases at the behest of the establishment. But it does not matter who has suggested it. The government is fighting its battle for survival. (Edit-Intekhab Daily)
  • The Government has decided to cancel 300 Pakistani passports issued by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has traced the employees who had issued forged passports. Nobody knows since how long this fake passport business is going on. Nor is there any data on the fake passports issued so far. (Daily Pakistan)
  • Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s Ramadan relief packages of free flour and cheap petrol is a welcome step. Rather than spending precious foreign exchange on importing petrol, it is better to reduce its usage, and improve public transport services. (Edits- Daily Pakistan, Jehan Pakistan)
  • 10 people died due to flooding after rains in Awaran and Zhob districts of Balochistan. According to the Meteorological Department, 10 mm of rain was recorded in Khuzdar, 9 mm in Quetta, 3 mm in Dalbandin, 5 mm in Barkhan, 4 mm in Panjgur and Pashin in 24 hours. Apart from this, heavy rains also happened in different areas of Sindh. The damage caused by the worst floods in the last monsoon has not yet been assessed and the flood victims are still living under the open sky while hoping for some relief assistance.  Despite forecasts by Meteorological Department, the authorities make no effort to avert flood disaster. Every year this is the same story, and the nation bears the cost to live and property.  If the public is informed in advance, people can move to safe places on their own. Sadly, this is not the case year- after-year.  The least we expect of the  government is pro-active  measures to minimize the damage caused by rain and floods. (Edit, Nawaiwaqt)
  • Prime Minister Mohammad Shahbaz Sharif announced a subsidy of 50 rupees per liter  on petrol for motorcycles, three wheeler rickshaws and vehicles with engine capacity of up to 800 cc. He also directed the officials to work modalities for implementing the scheme quickly.  This is a welcome step. The petrol subsidy should reach the really needy. The IMF has urged Pakistan to take care of the poor and tax the rich more as the country seeks funds from the global lender to keep its economy afloat. Two wars are being fought in the country at the moment. One war is a war against inflation and unemployment; people are fighting, but they are not getting even the slightest success in this war. The second war is a war for power by political parties.   Each party is busy attacking the other. Someone is desperate to take back the usurped power and wants an immediate general election. But on the other hand, all the current rulers are trying to somehow avoid going to the polls immediately and they want to hold on to the barely-earned power, even if only for a limited period. Pakistan is an agricultural country but ironically the people who were already facing many problems are now forced to fight for flour. The world’s seventh nuclear power is facing insecurity on its border with Afghanistan. If the war to save power and to come to power are temporarily stopped and the people are supported in the fight against inflation and unemployment and if political differences are kept aside to restore the economy, then not only the politicians will gain popularity and the economic decline will end, but the people can also get relief from problems like poverty, inflation and unemployment. (Edit, Daily Express)


  • PTI leader Ali Amin Gandapur has allegedly attacked the police at the Dajal check post on the border of KPK and Punjab, while on his way to Dera Ismail Khan. Later he fled from the scene. (Jasarat)
  • Sindh High Court heard the woes of families of seven missing persons.  The police submitted a report regarding two missing persons from Karachi, Abdul Malik, and Muhammad Alam. The court posted further hearing to April 20. (Jasarat)
  • PTI leader Atif Khan Jadoon, a policeman and nine others were killed in a rocket attack and firing on their vehicle near Havelian Langra in Havelian Tehsil of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Atif Jadoon was also Tehsil Chairman. Old enmity is said to be responsible for the attack. (Jang, Nawaiwaqt, Ummat, Daily Jinnah, Daily Express)
  • The government has directed a clean-up operation against fake videos and propaganda material against institutions on social media. FIA Cyber Crime Wing has been asked to take action. (Jang)
  • A policy has been drafted to regulate the movement of Afghan citizens in Pakistan, and to maintain a data base. According to Interior Ministry sources, Afghans living in the country will have to register their names at the nearest police station for going from one city to another or for travelling from one province to the other. The Afghan residents must first inform their travel plans to the police station concerned, and provide the purpose of the visit and address at the new place.  Afghan nationals must return when their visa or residence permit expires. (Jang, (Dunya Daily)
  • The IMF has denied that it had tied the staff-level agreement to the nuclear assets of Pakistan. The IMF representative in Pakistan, Esther Perez clarified that Pakistan’s nuclear program was never mentioned in any agreement between Pakistan and the IMF. Only economic policy is being discussed, and the talks are focussed on finding a solution for the balance of payment crisis. The purpose of the talks is to bring economic stability in the country.  (Islam Daily)
  • PTI Chairman Imran Khan has asked overseas Pakistanis to go out and tell the human rights organizations and politicians of the world about how human rights are being violated in Pakistan and how democracy is being killed. Nobody is caring about the constitution. He said that elections are to be held in April but the government is not allowing to create an atmosphere for the elections. It is not allowing us to take out rallies or hold meetings. We will contact the international organizations of human rights through the PTI offices abroad. They are trying to divide us by calling our Pashtun workers as terrorists. They want to prove that we are terrorists and that we are trying to spread anarchy in the country. Actually, the government is spreading anarchy to stop elections.  They know that they can’t win the elections. So, they are trying to wipe out PTI.  They are trying to create a clash between PTI and the army.  (Islam Daily)
  • Tehreek e Labbaik Pakistan, (TLP) chief Hafiz Saad Husain Rizvi has said  what is happening in the country for the last 11 months had never happened in the past 75 years of our existence as a nation. Imran Khan is spreading anarchy with the help of foreign powers. The country has two different laws – one for the weak and the other for the powerful. Giving relief to Imran Khan every time puts a question mark on the judiciary. The performance of the present government is the worst. It has failed to control the economy. The PDM and PTI, both are responsible for the present situation. (Dunya Daily)
  • Jamaat e Islami chief Sirajul Haq has said that the PPP, PDM, and PTI had specialization in corruption. All the persons having cases in NAB had grabbed the power to downsize the NAB and cleaned their cases. A common man has to pay 42 types of different taxes while the rulers live luxuriously. The NAB and courts have failed to punish these robbers. We will do it. Speaking at a convention of workers in Khalilabad he said tyrants and the killers get bail in the courts while the oppressed are put behind the bars. Maulana Hidayat Ur Rahman is jailed because he raised his voice for the oppressed people of Gwadar. He said that the government has increased the prices of flour, ghee, and pulses before Ramadan. The parties in the PDM were crying about inflation before getting power but now they are silent, while inflation is shooting up daily. (Dunya Daily)
  • The presence of foreign trawlers in the sea of Gwadar is very alarming, according to the Chairman of the ‘Haq Do’ campaign Husain Wadela. In a statement he said the situation is very worrisome. How the foreign trawlers entered in the sea of Gwadar? Who permitted them and why? What right do they have to fish in the sea of Gwadar? Who is supporting them? No outside trawler whether national or international has any right to fish in Gwadar.  It is the duty of the government to stop them. He said that the concerned govt  departments are either in league with these robbers or failed to stop them. In either case, we will protest strongly.  (Intekhab Daily)
  • The Kisan Ittehad protested in Quetta against the government failure to provide relief to farmers. Addressing a huge farmers rally, the Ittehad Chairman said that the farmers and landlords are forced to protest because the government is not taking steps to solve our problems. The floods had destroyed us completely. The Prime Minister had promised to give us relief after our protest. He had said that the electricity bill will be waived and seeds and fertilizers will be provided. But nothing has happened. Neither the bills are waived nor   seeds and fertilizers are supplied. If the government did not listen to us, we will spread our protest to the entire country. (Intekhab Daily)
  • With the arrival of the month of Ramadan, the demand for dates increased, the date sellers doubled the rates. (Urdu Point)
  • Before the arrival of Ramadan, the prices of various spices increased by 35 to 40 percent in Quetta. (Urdu Point
  • Sindh Minister for Minority Affairs Gianchand Esrani took notice of an insulting post on Hinduism on social media. He phoned IG Sindh, DIG and SSP Mirpurkhas and asked them to haul the culprits. (Urdu Point)
  • In Wana district of Lower Waziristan, the Olsi Ittehad has cut the main transmission line of electricity to the military and civil administration, including the headquarters Wana, which plunged the  area into darkness. Azam Warsak Olsi Ittehad, Electricity Committee and Jamaat-e-Islam told the media that the government had announced free electricity to Ahmedzai Wazir tribe. The promise remains unfulfilled. The government is giving step-motherly treatment to Ahmedzai Wazir tribe. (Urdu Point)
  • Finance Minister Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar said that his 16th March statement on the floor of the Senate in response to a question regarding the reasons for the delay in the IMF program is being quoted out of context. Responding to a specific question regarding Pakistan’s nuclear program, I emphasized that Pakistan as a sovereign country has every right to develop its own nuclear program in accordance with our national interests without any external dictation or direction. It should not be linked in any way to the ongoing negotiations with the IMF. (Nawaiwaqt, Ummat, Daily Jinnah, Daily Express)
  • KP Assembly Speaker Mushtaq Ghani has filed a contempt of court petition against Governor Ghulam Ali . By not giving the date for Assembly election as directed by Supreme Court, the governor committed a contempt of court. He did not set the date though the poll panel wrote him several letters. So, the Supreme Court should proceed against the Governor. (Daily Express, Ummat, Nawaiwaqt)
  • Speaking in Quetta, Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Umar Atta Bandyal said that the supremacy of law should prevail in all situations. Law and courts should be respected. Continuing his speech, he said that the destiny of nations is not made by judicial decisions, but by leadership. The people of Balochistan have a lot of potential, unfortunately the province could not develop, the responsibility of non-development cannot be put on the state alone. Every person has to play a role for this. (Ummat, Daily Jinnah)
  • Pakistan’s trade deficit has reduced from 26 billion dollars to 18 billion dollars.   According to the State Bank of Pakistan, the current account deficit for February 2023 was 74 million dollars, while for the period from July 2022 to February 2023 it was a staggering 3.86 billion dollars. (Ummat, Nawaiwaqt)


  • Peace between Saudi Arabia and Iran will have positive affect on Pakistan. The coldness in the relations between Iran and Pakistan will end and there will be a positive change in the internal conditions of Pakistan. This development can be benefit us only when a stable political government is established in Pakistan. The current government’s diplomatic incompetence can be gauged from the fact that Pakistan was not fully trusted in such important negotiations. (Pir Farooq Bahaul Haq Shah in the Jang)
  • Decisions like making petrol cheaper by Rs.50 for poor sections will be not be to implement. Such decisions will only bring more headache than relief to people and even to the rulers. Government should have given a thought to this fact that such decisions will only add to corruption. Our people also have the habit of storing things and hence if poor people start storing petrol because they are getting it cheap and if they store it without taking adequate measures for its safe-keeping, it can lead to serious mishaps. Government might be trying to win back peoples’ trust and support but such decisions are like playing with fire. Right now, Pakistan is passing through unprecedented scary times. Poverty and price rise are not mere words in today’s Pakistan. Peoples’ lives are getting affected on every front. We cannot blame only the present government. Price rise is not a sudden development. There might be several reasons for poverty and inflation, but most dominating one is political instability in country. The scenario would have been different if Imran Khan was allowed to complete his term. Removing Imran Khan from power has opened up several pandora boxes, and the worst amongst them is the price-rise that has triggered a gloomy mood around. The Shehbaz government might have had an eye on elections but decisions like making petrol cheaper will do more harm than any good to the PDM government. Implementing such decisions is a tough task. Because there will henceforth be   more chaos at petrol pumps with two separate queues – one for subsidized petrol and the other for non-subsidy petrol. Rulers could not imagine such problems because none of the rulers would have ever visited any petrol pump for petrol. There are other necessities of life that too need to be catered to by rulers especially when Ramadan is few days away. If authorities are serious about giving relief to people, then government should reactivate its Utility Stores. It will be real relief if people get their day -to -day needs like flour, rice, ghee and other basic needs at reasonable rates. Peoples’ basic issue is feeding themselves and their families. If their bellies are empty, nothing can bring relief in their lives. It is rightly said that a hungry man is very angry man. It is hunger that has played a big role in the evolution of mankind. It is hunger that has bred several revolutions. It is hunger that has changed histories and set new geographies. Rulers might be trying to win peoples’ support through their subsidized schemes, but such attempts have always failed. We will soon get to see how Shehbaz government’s ways of winning back peoples’ support (by reducing petrol prices for a section of people) fails. This kind of generosity on part of the government is set to become one more reason for bringing bad name to the current rulers. (Aijaz Mungi in Sindh Exp) 
  • None of Pakistan’s elite class comprising parties like PPP, PML -N, PTI, Jamaat-e-Islami, MQM, JUI and even BAP has ever kept common man’s concerns as part of their priorities. That is one main reasons why things/items of day -to- day use are increasingly going out of reach. Take for example flour, sugar, vegetables, medicines, ghee, soap, and rice. They are getting costlier with each passing day. Even where rates are brought down, the benefit does not reach people. Nobody, be it a street vendor, or shop-keeper or even transporter, none of them is ready to bring down rates. Laws of land are held hostage by the elite and the influential. Take Imran Khan’s cases. He keeps getting relief in every court case, including ones under serious charges, whereas a common man remains in jail for years even for a petty crime like slapping someone. Where is turning point for social changes?  Are there flaws in our laws or is there something amiss with our system? (Gulam Rasool Barfat in The Sindh Express) 
  • Tension witnessed between PDM government and PTI is the result of mistakes done during PTI government time. Just as there are advisors like Sheikh Rashid and other elements like Ali Amin Gandapur in PTI, the Nawaz party, PML -N also has activists and advisors lacking seriousness or having no ideological base. PML -N too has leaders and ministers like Rana Sanaullah who keep creating new cases against the Opposition to settle old score. Whatever political and democratic parties have come up in the country after it was carved out, have often turned out to be dictatorial against their opponents and people at large. All the democratic regimes have proved to be more of fascist set ups.  Imran Khan is suffering from the same fear psychosis which he himself had flagged vis- a-vis his political opponents. Though he gave call for jail bharo movement sometime back, fear of going behind bars is weakening him within and that is evident from the chaos and disorder at Zaman Park in Lahore and Judicial Complex in Islamabad. How can talks between the government and PTI succeed in such a backdrop? Otherwise too, both sides have their own agenda. PDM government wants to stabilize the economy and wants talks on terrorism, while  PTI is keen to get election dates. In this backdrop, we see a deadlock ahead with grimmer conditions looming large over country. (Latif Jamaal in Kawish, March 20)    
  • Pakistan’s nuclear system is threatened not by external forces but by internal forces and these forces are Pakistan’s political parties.   And political parties are the main cause of instability in the country and when the country is suffering from political instability or there is an increase in political chaos, only such things are heard. Every time the politicians face each other, the economy is weak, the writ of the state is weak and above all, there is a debate   regarding our nuclear assets.  There is no doubt that there are countries that are constantly thinking about Pakistan’s nuclear assets and our arch-nemesis, our neighboring country, India, is at the top of such countries. We and others editorially commented that political instability and political chaos should be reduced, and that politicians should work with reason. But no one is ready to listen; everyone is interested in their own interest; everyone is worried about their future. No one cares about the country. The question arises as to why the situation has reached such a level that there are negative talks regarding nuclear assets, giving the enemies an opportunity to make talks. Not only talk, but Pakistan’s enemies got an opportunity to unite and then the wrong information about this continues to spread in the world.   Imran Khan is breaking the constitution by dragging the institutions and their heads into his dirty politics. Political parties must realise that the army does not belong to any political party but to the country. For those who protect the borders of our country, the country is the most important. Yes, if the politicians will not solve their problems, there is no point in crying after the passage of time. (Mohammed Akram Choudhary in Nawaiwaqt) ###